Kasam 17th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Kasam 17th February 2017 Written Update Episode

Shekhar scolds Malaika on telephone about calling him time and again. Malaika wonders what’s happening within the birthday celebration, why is Shekhar so indignant. She curses herself for taking Tanuja to Rishi’s house. Tanuja seems for Rishi and doesn’t in finding him round. Arjun used to be telling Tanuja that his spouse left him as a result of his spouse left him for his paintings; he’s now made up our minds to provide a lot of his time to his spouse. He used to be satisfied his divorce came about. Tanuja turns to go away however he holds her hand, she angrily tells him to go away his hand. She clutches her fists considering if there wasn’t this birthday celebration, Rishi’s situation, such a lot of other folks and her liabilities; she will have to have damaged his hand. Shekhar watches Tanuja pass out of doors and issues against his males in waiter’s dress. Tanuja involves the shop room, crying as she recollects Arjun

preserving her hand. She rubs it the use of a tissue, and says she is best made for Rishi. How she will marry any person else, she will’t even take into consideration it.
Shekhar sends his males within the retailer room, and is going to get the automobiles in a position. The goons input with chloroformed handkerchief. Tanuja used to be alert and questions the waiters what they’re doing inside of her room. Ahana comes inside of then and shouts at them for getting into her room. The waiters say Rishi despatched them to name her out of doors. Ahana scolds them to head out of doors, she then turns pronouncing I swear Dee. Tanuja lets in her to name her Dee, it feels satisfied. Ahana says she noticed Tanuja operating off that monkey Arjun, she wanted to damage her face. Tanuja smiles gazing Ahana being the actual her. Ahana takes Tanuja out of doors, turning the lighting fixtures off. Shekhar watches Tanuja and Ahana move out of the room, regretting to lose the risk. Manpreet comes at the back of Shekhar and asks what he’s in search of. Shekhar asks concerning the washroom, Manpreet takes him alongside.
In the birthday celebration, Manpreet brings Shekhar to Rishi and involves mock him. Shekhar tells Rishi Manpreet is his pal now. Rishi sends Shekhar to washroom; and on an aspect he says Shekhar has already loved so much at their position. He warns to undergo Shekhar badly in a different way.
The goons watch Shekhar sign them transfer out of doors. Rishi turns to peer Tanuja stand with Ahana. He asks Tanuja if she favored somebody. Ahana leaves. Tanuja asks if he needs to listen to from her, there are lots of just right males right here and she or he in point of fact needs to marry somebody else. The man he left her with… then leaves curtly. Rishi follows Tanuja and suggests her about assembly anyone else, the lads right here have come to satisfy her. Tanuja denies assembly someone and is going inside of.
Rishi involves search for Tanuja within the retailer room. The goons apply him, beat his head with a rod and ties him inside of a material bag.
In the birthday celebration, Manpreet takes the visitors consideration against slicing the cake. Bee ji used to be excited, Rano says its Rishi’s good fortune birthday party and he will have to minimize the cake. They all name Rishi, Manpreet is going to search for Rishi. Ahana asks Manpreet about bringing Tanuja as smartly.
Outside within the lawn, Tanuja cries chatting with the moon that she loves Rishi dearly. She is handiest made for him and asks the moon about some miracle. She says when she is with Rishi, he’s all the time in hassle; she prays for Rishi in her good fortune. The goons take the again lawn door, Tanuja listen them and wonders who’s there. She follows the lads.
Manpreet involves retailer room the place there used to be no gentle. He unearths a telephone there and wonders whose telephone is that this; after turning the lighting fixtures on he unearths it to be Rishi’s. He comes throughout a metal rod, Rishi’s telephone and glasses as smartly. He used to be distressed and hurries out of doors to tell everybody. Tanuja watches the lads raise a bag, she acknowledges Rishi’s hand from inside of it and runs at the back of the automobile. She hits a stone, and fell down.

PRECAP: Shekhar tells Rishi he would provide Tanuja to return to her. He can be a more sensible choice for her, as Rishi can be left with not anything.

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