Kaala Teeka 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update

OZee television Kaala Teeka 24th March 2017 Written Update Episode.

Scene 1
Pavitra sees Chutki. Pavitra climbs the ladder. She hugs Chutki. Pavitra says are you positive? Chutki says how is everybody? Pavitra says Naina has misplaced her reminiscence. she doesn’t bear in mind I’m her sister. Naina thinks she is Thakur’s spouse. Chutki says I noticed that during jungle. Naina says shall we pass ahead of somebody comes. They listen Thakur’s thugs coming. Naina says shall we move. Chutki says they gained’t hurt me. If you move with me they are going to hurt NAina. Pavitra says include me please. Chutki says no you move please. The thugs are coming. Pavitra has jumped. The thugs tie Chutki.

Thakur says to Naina you agree with them? Naina says I don’t know who to agree with. She used to be in a position to provide her lifestyles. Bansoi calls thakur. Thakur locks naina. Naina says open the door. Bansi informs Thakur that

he thinks Pavitra noticed Chutki. will have to we kill her? Thakur says are you from your thoughts? Hide Chutki in different places.

Pavitra is in search of Maiu. Thakur throws a knife in her means. Pavitra says you don’t have any disgrace. You are the use of somewhat woman for all this. She says you don’t even love your son whom else are you able to love somebody else. He comes ahead to slap her. She stops his hand and says It’s not that i am terrified of you anymore. Got it? Pavitra involves Krishna and says I wanna inform you one thing. he says I dont’ wanna listen any other tale. Thakur says pass inform mai now. She wont’ consider you both.

Mai si doing arrti for chutki. Pavitra throws water on it. She says chutki is alive. Mai says then why didn’t you convey her? Pavitra says she.. Mai says you don’t have a solution. Why did you allow her? I do know you’re mendacity. It’s not that i am mom for you anymore. tHen why will have to I agree with you? Pavitra says I will be able to’t inform you the rationale however chutki is alive. Mai says sufficient.

Scene 2
Pavitra comes again to where the place chutki is. Thakur is status out of doors with pavitra. He says will have to I kill her? You wanna save chutki? THen pass and inform naina that every one you stated used to be a lie. I’ve animosity towards naina now not you. They take chutki again. Pavitra is crying.
Pavitra comes house and says I don’t know I’m going to do is true or flawed. Naina comes there. Pavitra hugs her. Thakur comes there.
Thakur says Naina you recognize individuals who hug you wish to have to stab you in again. Pavitra inform her your fact. Pavitrra says fact is that the whole thing I stated used to be a lie. Naina slaps her. She says how dare you. Pavitra says forgive me didi. Naina says don’t name me didi.
Thakur says for this reason I requested you to not meet her. Naina says I’m sorry. He says its k. She is going in with thakur.

Precap-Pavitra is praying. Thakur says you do just right appearing. Pavitra says free up chutki now. He says chutki is my ace. Pavitra says I knew you may do one thing like this. So I informed her I will be able to act. He throttles her and says you and chutki each are long past now.

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