Kaala Teeka 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update

Zee TV Kaala Teeka 23rd March 2017 Written Update Episode.

Scene 1
Naina is available in her room. Thakur sprinkles rose petals on her and springs just about her. Her selections her up and takes her to mattress. Pavitra sees him. She is going operating against Thakur’s room. Thakur’s males prevent Pavitra from going inside of.
Pavitra involves temple and says God please save my sister. Her lifestyles and dignity is on your palms.
Thakur comes just about Naina. She says I do know you’ve gotten carried out so much for me. Can’t we wait? He says wait why? You know the way particular this night time is for is. Naina recollects Pavitra’s phrases. Naina says I made one thing for you. I will be able to convey it. He stops her and says later. Naina recollects Pavitra pronouncing he needs to misuse you. He holds her shut. Naina shoves him and says I will be able to take a seat my wrist when you come as regards to me. He says I’m your husband.

Naina says avoid me. Thakur is going out in anger.
Naina sits there.

Thakur involves Pavitra and grasps her face. He says what did you assert to Naina? I will be able to cover you from global like I concealed your sister Chutki. Krishna comes and shouts depart her at this time. Thakur shoves Pavitra. Thakur says this woman married you by way of deciet and you wish to have to save lots of her? Krishan says she is my spouse? Only I’ve proper to the touch or harm her.
You higher keep for your limits. Thakur says and also you keep in yours. They each convey their swords. A sword struggle begins between them. Pavitra says please prevent you two. Mai comes and says prevent it. They each prevent. Mai says to Pavitra don’t you are feeling ashamed of your self? You made son and father struggle as a result of that woman. You couldn’t do anything else for the villagers no less than don’t damage this space. I informed you on every occasion you two sisters unite there will probably be some destruction. Pavitra says pay attention on just right information too Chutki is alive. Thakur stated that himself. Mai is dazed. Mai says how a lot more will you lie as a result of that town woman? Pavitra leaves.

Scene 2
Pavitra is sitting in temple. She says I am hoping Naina trusts me. I will be able to’t win this fight with out her accept as true with in me. She has her Kali’s photograph in her hand. The photograph falls from her hand and springs close to Naina’s ft. Naina choices the photograph. It has pavitra naina and Kali. Naina is dazed. She says whose photograph is it? Pavitra is in tears. She says that is my mother’s photograph. This is you and me. And thats our mother. Try to recall. Naina says i will be able to’t nonetheless consider it. But I don’t know why my center says that nobody may give lifestyles for you until they in reality love you. And this is why I’ve made up our minds that I will be able to enhance you. Pavitra smiles. Naina says I will be able to come up with an opportunity to turn out what you stated used to be proper. Tell me how can I can help you? Pavitra says can I hug you as soon as. Pavitra says there’s a approach how you’ll be able to lend a hand me.

Naina involves Thakur’s males and says thakur requested me to gave me this paper and requested me to offer it to you. He stated give it to that woman. The thug says which woman? She says I don’t know the identify. He best stated that woman. He wonders did thakur inform her about chutki?
Thakur’s males come the place chutki is stored. Pavitra practice them. She says that is almost certainly where the place Thakur has stored Chutki.
She tries sneaking in. Pavitra sees Chutki status within the window.

Precap-Thakur says the place is that this Bansi? Mai is doing arti in entrance of Chutki’s image. Pavitra comes and says chutki is alive.

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