Jamai Raja 22nd February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Jamai Raja 22nd February 2017 Written Update Episode

The Episode begins with Anupama and Mitul liberating themselves and hit the goon who see them. They disguise him and run clear of there. They succeed in medical institution indisguise of nurses the place Satya is admitted. Kareena’s goon asks them to turn ID card. Anupama slaps him and says she goes to offer anema to affected person. They get inside of and really feel dangerous for Satya seeing his situation. They fear for Mahi, Payal and Raj. Satya opens his eyes and tells that he’s wonderful. He did appearing to idiot her. He says he had Raj’s low BP pill in order that Kareena really feel he’s in poor health. He says now it’s our flip to maintain her. Kareena asks Doctor about Satya’s situation. Doctor asks her to have endurance and presentations the document. He says his situation is delicate as he were given a center assault. Doctor thinks don’t know what’s Satya’s plan.

Kareena is coming against Satya’s ward. Mitul asks Satya what they shall do. Satya tells them that Kareena got here there. Anupama and Mitul hides. Satya acts to be subconscious. Kareena asks him to rise up for his circle of relatives and asks if he isn’t stricken about them. He says your circle of relatives’s lifestyles is in my hand now. Just then her telephone rings……..goon informs her that Payal’s bomb will explode at any time. Kareena says k, let the bomb explode….she has betrayed me and acted to be my good friend. Satya hears her and closes her eyes. Kareena is going and asks goons to regulate Satya. Satya tells Anupama and Mitul that if Kareena comes to understand that they’re eloped then she shall be alert. He takes Anupama’s telephone and escapes from window.

Kareena sits in automotive. Satya secretly places Anupama’s telephone in Kareena’s automotive decky and springs again to his ward. He tells Mitul that he has stored the telephone in Kareena’s automotive and tells that he has hooked up telephones thru GPS. He asks wardboy to lie down on his mattress in order that goons don’t doubt him. Kareena involves where the place Anupama and Mitul are stored. She sees them tied up there and soliciting for water. She asks her goons to stay eye on them. The goons move out and sees Anupama and Mitul lacking. Mitul, Anupama and Satya lead them to subconscious.

Satya, Anupama and Mitul practice Kareena. Anupama says we will be able to make her chutney right here. They see her going inside of. Kareena sees Payal subconscious and says you attempted to make me idiot and says just right bye dost, don’t come again to me. Anupama says I will be able to hit her with stick and asks Mitul what she is going to do. Satya says Kareena is popping out. Kareena asks goon to stay eye on Payal and depart. Goon is going inside of. Satya, Mitul and Anupama get inside of and notice Payal subconscious with bomb tied to her.

Satya is set to diffuse the bomb. Mitul asks him to chop yellow cord. Anupama asks him to chop purple cord. Satya cuts a cord. They shut their eyes.


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