Hatred is beginning of love – Episode 12

Next morning suh wakes up
Suh is going for tub
Yuv will get up
Yuv stands close to the toilet
Yuv – suhani pop out
Suh – let me get recent
Yuv – am i able to come inside of to get recent with you
Suh – yuvraj plz dont flirt
Yuv – then pop out ( he bangs the door )
Suh – yuvraj plz stay up for five min

Rags passes from the room and and sees YuvAni preventing

Rags thinks – this suh and yuv all the time fights i’ve to devise a travel for them in order that they may be able to give time to one another and prevent preventing

Rags comes out and talks with pratima
Rags calls a trip agent and books 2 tickets for goa and a honeymoon go well with for 7 days .

Suh and yuv comes out of there room
Ragini – suhani pass and do packing
Suhani – packing ?
Rag – sure
Suh – why ?
Rag – bcoz you and yuv are going for goa
Suh – i dont need to move with that sadu
Pratima seems to be at suhani

Suhani pov…
Ohh have been i m caught i cant say no to them . Fine i will be able to say sure to them
End of pov…

Suh – i imply bhabhi i used to be pronouncing i dont need to depart you
Rags – dont fear i will be able to take care of myself
Suh – good enough positive

Suh appears at yuv
Yuv used to be busy in his telephone with headset on his ears

After a while
Yuv enters his room and sees suh packing
Yuv – wow any person is leaving
Suh – sure we each are leaving
Yuv – we each ?
Suh – ragini bhabhi has deliberate a honeymoon for us to goa
Yuv – cant you assert no ? Ohh i forgoted you have an interest in me
Suh – close up yuv i m now not enthusiastic about you you and maa used to be status there so i couldnt say no
Yuv – fantastic
He begin to depart
Suh – aii pack your stuff by your personal
Yuv – yaa i do know you are going to by no means do my issues
Suh – ofcourse
Yuv takes the bag and begins packing his stuff

Precap – goa…

Hatred is beginning of love – Episode 12 .

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