Har Mard Ka Dard 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Life OK Har Mard Ka Dard 28th March 2017 Written Update Episode.

The Episode begins with Dadi asking Anju to provide her earrings whilst she is doing make as much as attend marriage serve as. Kanno presentations her earrings to Sonu and says it’s thoughts blowing naa. Sonu says it’s k and asks her to stay her hairs hiding her earrings. Kanno says how I will be able to make other folks jealous then. Sonu hides her earrings. Anju asks Sonu in case you are in a position? Sonu says no and is going to her room. Bunno says don’t know what occurs to girls. Papa ji tells that each and every guy have similar ache and will get in a position. HE says he married to a mistaken woman and will marry once more. Anju name callings him. Dadi asks Sonu to get in a position rapid else chole kulche shall be over. Sonu adjustments her earrings and are available. Dadi asks Sonu to take a seat on Vinod’s scooter and whatsapp the menu after achieving the serve as. Sonu tries to forget about Vinod and tells

that her hair taste might be ruined and that she is feeling vulnerable. She says I will be able to move with you. Dadi asks Bunno to take a seat on Vinod’s scooter. Bunno and Papa ji refuses. They ask each and every different to near the door. Sonu asks Vinod to near the door and is going. Vinod thinks why she has transform indignant hen and thinks he has accomplished simply as she stated.

Khanna circle of relatives succeed in the wedding serve as. Her pals ask her about her new earrings. Sonu tells that Vinod introduced similar to similar earrings identical to of Kanno. Her pals inform that each and every ladies have similar ache and tough to make guy perceive. Other good friend ask her to forgive Vinod as he introduced one thing atleast. Sonu says I will be able to, however now not that simply, smiles.

Vinod comes to satisfy Monty and tells that he couldn’t perceive his spouse. He says ladies don’t seem to be ladies, however bhool bhulaiyya/puzzle. Monty asks him to make an apology to Sonu. Vinod says he apologized, however. He tells that he introduced similar to similar earrings identical to Kanno as she requested. Monty tells him that during lady’s dictionary, similar to similar isn’t similar to similar. Vinod asks what is that this puzzle and why can’t I perceive. Monty says simply since you are Vinod Khanna. Vinod comes house and sees Sonu slumbering. He thinks to test what’s in her center. Apsara comes and says she won’t inform her center emotions. Vinod asks why didn’t you inform me the cause of now not taking the earrings. Sonu coughs. Vinod hides. Apsara says you’re scared of her. Vinod says I really like her and asks her to head. Vinod takes out his locket and hears Sonu’s ideas. He sees Sonu’s good friend’s making a laugh of her in regards to the earrings. Sonu wakes up scared. Vinod asks her to drink water. Sonu asks him to go away.

In the morning, Vinod thinks he can now perceive what’s in Sonu’s center. He tries to head out of space, however Papa informs him that he’s in towel. Vinod adjustments his garments and is going on his scooter. He tells that he has understood what Sonu needs. She needs distinctive earrings. He asks him to take a seat on his motorcycle. Vinod involves the store. Jeweller sees him. Salesman tells him that you simply stated proper that he’s going to come right here. Vinod comes inside of and asks jeweller to take the earring and display him distinctive earrings. Jeweller says I will be able to best give part cash and presentations the unique earrings. He indicators his salesman. Vinod will get perplexed and says I will be able to’t choose amongst them. Jeweller asks him to take all three earrings and provides cost for all as safety. He says while you go back the opposite two earring, I will be able to pay off the cash. Vinod will pay the cash for 3 earrings and tells that he’s going to go back the opposite two. Salesman tells that you are going to now not go back the cash. Jeweller says I will be able to now not go back any person’s curse and tells that Vinod won’t come again.

Sonu likes all 3 earrings and smiles. She says you introduced 3 earrings to ask for forgiveness to me. Vinod is surprised. Sonu says I will be able to make everybody jealous within the birthday party. She says she is going to display earrings to her circle of relatives. She presentations earrings to everybody and says Vinod introduced 3 earrings for her. Papa ji asks Vinod if he looted the financial institution. Vinod says he introduced earrings for Sonu, only one. But she appreciated all 3. Kanno tells that every one earrings are easiest. Dadi tells Vinod that you simply did proper. Anju asks in the event you disregard your mum. Sonu says we will be able to trade earrings and put on one at a time. Anju wears new earrings. Dadi tells that she is going to identify her will on his identify. Vinod will get a decision from bank card corporate asking if he’s going to pay the 1 lakh 50000 in EMI or all in combination. Vinod says EMI.

Sonu asks a lady why her husband is fats. She tells that when her husband used to be lean, however were given plump after consuming a lot meals. Sonu asks Vinod to do workout and eating regimen and imagines him fats.

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