Har Mard Ka Dard 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Life OK Har Mard Ka Dard 28th April 2017 Written Update Episode.

The Episode begins with Vinod giggling studying a ebook. Apsara comes and calls him Mr. Perfect husband 2017. Vinod says e-book is fascinating. Apsara says she has written a ebook and wrote about him. Vinod asks what? Apsara says these days’s Vinod Khanna used to be now not similar as ahead of and says once you have mani you turned into sensible Vinod from silly Vinod. A facebook is proven. Vinod balancing his dating between his spouse and mum. He says he isn’t scared Vinod anymore. Apsara says she goes to inform Rani Apsara about him and asks him to not leave out her. He says he’s going to. She is going to Dev log and calls Rani Apsara. Mallika comes and asks why you’re satisfied? Apsara says she is going to inform to Rani Apsara best. Mallika says she is going to develop into Rani Apsara quickly. Apsara says Rani Apsara can be satisfied together with her fulfillment. Mallika asks

her to inform.

Apsara tells Mallika that she has discovered a person who’s married and satisfied, who assists in keeping his spouse satisfied and so on. Mallika says such guy isn’t there. She says you are attempting to idiot Rani Apsara. She asks her to show the person. Apsara presentations her Vinod’s clipping. Mallika asks her to visit Rani Apsara after 2-Four days and says this highest guy is probably not very best anymore and tells that he’s going to turn into my Diwana. She makes her tiny together with her energy and caged her within the bottle. She says Vinod…I’m coming. Sonu and Vinod romance with each and every different and says I really like you. She asks him to fix her jewelry. He is going.

Mallika comes within the rickshaw and wind is blown. Everyone is mesmerized by her good looks. She asks anyone about Vinod’s cope with. Vinod is making an attempt to start out his scooter. Mallika shaken up pot together with her powers to make it fall. Vinod sees her coming and saves her. She is set to kiss him. He strikes again and says sorry. She thank you him and says she wishes Vinod Khanna’s cope with. He says that is his cope with. She says she is grateful to him. Vinod asks whom you wish to have to satisfy? Mallika says she got here to satisfy Sonu. Sonu comes and asks you didn’t pass until now. She sees Mallika and asks who’s she? Mallika says she is her facebook pal and tells that she took space on hire right here. Sonu asks her to return to her space. Bunno sees Mallika and says I really like you. She shakes hand with him. He thinks he’s my dream woman. Sonu introduces them.

Mishra ji calls Vinod and asks him to return rapid as Taneja is indignant. Vinod says bye and is going. Sonu says Vinod is helping everybody and is aware of the entirety. Mallika thinks to show her jalwa Vinod comes to university and asks Mishra ji about Taneja. Mishra ji says Taneja didn’t come and asks him to inform concerning the woman who used to be in his include. Vinod tests Sonu’s jhumka and thinks the place it’s long past. He will get Sonu’s name. Mallika is on name and asks him to return house quickly as her door bell ring isn’t ringing. Vinod asks what you’re pronouncing. Sonu takes the decision and asks Vinod to return house and service the bell. Vinod asks her to name electrician. Sonu says he didn’t come and asks him to return. She asks about her jhumka. He says he gave to jeweler. Vinod thinks jhumka may well be caught in Mallika’s garments or hairs. He involves Mallika’s space. Mallika asks him to return inside of. He calls her. She says she is right here. He turns and noticed sitting on settee in a contemporary outfit.

Vinod tells mallika that once he stored her, jhumka fell from his hand. Mallika tells him that she is dressed in jhumka in her hairs and asks him to get nearer and take it out. Vinod is surprised.

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