Har Mard Ka Dard 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update

Life OK Har Mard Ka Dard 22nd March 2017 Written Update Episode.

The Episode begins with Vinod telling his circle of relatives that he has written his speech. He begins studying it. Papa ji begins noisily snoring. Dadi asks him to listen to the speech. Vinod reads his speech that he respects ladies and is apologetic to all ladies who’re disrespected via males. He says he don’t need to decrease any person and need to transform VP on his personal capacity. Everyone likes his speech. Sonu asks him to sleep now. In the morning, Sonu thinks Vinod’s blouse is stinking and places it within the washer. Anju tells her that she has some paintings together with her. Sonu says I don’t know the way to make breakfast. Anju asks her to head and says I used to be asking you to remind Vinod that he stored the speech in the previous day’s blouse. Sonu says k and realizes hanging blouse in washer. She takes out his blouse and asks Anju

what to do now. She sees the speech paper all torn and sopping wet.

Sonu tells Vinod that his speech paper is in his blouse. Vinod says k and is going. Sonu tells her circle of relatives that they have got to write down new speech as Vinod have forgotten what he wrote the day past. Papa ji says his thoughts is sharp and he is aware of what Vinod had written asks Bunno to get pen and paper.

Taneja asks Ms. Rastogi to offer her speech. Ms. Rastogi provides speech and talks about lady energy. Vinod thinks he’s going to give just right speech and exams the paper. He unearths it clean and is surprised. Papa ji tries to assume what he wrote and tells a filmy discussion. Dadi says this is a movie discussion. Vinod calls sonu and asks the place is my speech. Sonu says could also be I’ve stored incorrect word for your blouse, and can be coming on your school with proper speech. Ms. Rastogi ends her speech asking the target audience to reinforce her. Taneja says your speech is very good. He says subsequent flip is of Vinod Khanna. Vinod exams the door. Taneja asks him to return. Vinod makes excuses that his foot is paining. Taneja asks Vinod if he’s scared of Ms. Rastogi. Vinod says no, and asks Ishani if she has executed house paintings. Ishani says sure. He then talks to different instructor. Ishani asks him to not waste time and pass on level. Vinod ties his footwear lace and is set to head on level when Papa ji comes with circle of relatives and provides speech to him.

Vinod whispers in Taneja’s ears that he’s afraid to provide speech infront of public. He is set to start his speech. Ms. Rastogi thinks Vinod won’t turn into VP and mixes one thing in water and provides water to him. She thinks he’s going to now not know what he stated now. Vinod beverages water and feels drowsy. Taneja asks him to provide speech. Vinod exams the paper and couldn’t see the phrases correctly. He reads the speech. Everyone is surprised listening to his speech. Vinod tells that even boys can come right here, and he’s going to make garba and dandiya play within the school. Taneja asks him to proceed. Vinod assists in keeping hand on his mouth as he couldn’t regulate on his phrases. Taneja asks in case you are completed and asks him to satisfy in his place of work.

He involves place of work. Ms. Rastogi complains to Taneja that some scholar uploaded Vinod’s speech on social media. Vinod thinks she is a artful lady. Taneja asks what is that this nonsense? Ms. Rastogi says what women may well be considering and says we will kick most of these males from the society and school. She then asks Taneja to not fireplace him from task. Vinod says you stated proper and asks Taneja to offer paper and pen to him. Taneja provides it. Vinod writes his resignation letter and tells that he couldn’t write his resignation, and asks him to put in writing. Taneja asks him to not say anything he’s going to devote suicide. Ms. Rastogi asks what you’re pronouncing?

Taneja asks him to head house and guarantees that his task might be there. Vinod says in case you are forcing me then I will be able to move. He thank you Ms. Rastogi. Sonu thinks why did Vinod inform that speech and thinks to admit to Vinod. She says if Vinod’s video is noticed by way of someone in our locality. Kanno says she has warned everybody. Sonu worries that Jyoti will tease her. Jyoti comes and tells Sonu that she is going to come for the birthday celebration as Vinod invited her. Kanno asks what is going to occur now.

Vinod asks Sonu concerning the birthday party. Sonu says birthday party. Kanno says they have been feeling lonely and that’s why stored birthday celebration. They ask him to peer papa’s birthday party. Vinod sees VP written with ornament and is surprised.

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