Har Mard Ka Dard 22nd February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Har Mard Ka Dard 22nd February 2017 Written Update Episode

The Episode begins with Vinod inlaws dancing at the music oh child dhol………Vinod comes wearing a standard get dressed like them. Sonu indicators him to return and hugs him. Sonu is excited seeing her oldsters dancing. Dadi and others dance too. Dadi says she has a laugh dancing on gujrati track. Vinod asks how are you in gujrati. Mummy and Papa get satisfied. Sonu says Vinod has executed all preparations for you. Sonu says I will be able to convey butter milk for you. Sonu’s mummy asks how did they put on all this issues and asks if they have got gained lottery. Papa name callings her courteously. Sonu’s mummy compliments Anju. Anju thank you her. Papa ji compliments Sonu’s mummy. Announcement is made that Vinod and Sonu might be going to do dandiya dance. Sonu thank you Vinod for gratifying her dream. Vinod says I will be able to do anything else for you. They

are about to bop. Lady Inspector comes there and asks who stored the birthday celebration and disturbed the neighbors. She arrests Vinod. They ask who complained to you. Nikke comes and says he has complained towards them and says he’s Mohalla’s dada. They get indignant on him. Nikke is going.

Papa asks woman inspector to loose his son. Sonu’s papa gives to pay bribe. She asks them to close up and take him to police station. Punno tells Anju that Vinod will probably be again after 2-three days. Blame recreation begins between the 2 households. Sonu blames himself. Sonu’s mummy says we all know that we want to take permission for birthday celebration. Vinod’s pal Monty guarantee him that he’s going to communicate to Inspector. He compliments her stunning eyes, and will get kicked out of police station. Sonu’s papa tells that he has many connections and can get Vinod out of Police station. Vinod’s papa tells that he informed Vinod that issues will destroy, however he didn’t pay attention. Sonu’s mummy says they’re having top profile contacts. Sonu says she wishes Vinod again.

Apsara comes there and says you’re beneath arrest. Vinod asks her to loose him out. Apsara indicators him against woman inspector. Vinod says she isn’t a lady, however gabbar. Apsara says gabbar had basti, however you had extra tough factor and presentations locket. Vinod thank you her. He touches his locket and hears her emotions. Lady inspector feels that the person is blameless and were given arrested as a result of his spouse, and thinks if her husband would were like him. Lady Inspector asks Vinod what he’s considering. Vinod says center’s hidden ache is mirrored by way of the eyes and says you seems exhausting, however you’re cushy like a coconut. Inspector says you does poetry too. Vinod says I’m a easy professor and says my spouse will have to be crying badly. He says I will be able to keep right here even for a yr to stay her satisfied, and says even your husband would have finished the similar. Lady Inspector says he can’t do anything else. Vinod says you’re an instance for womanhood, and says all Indian salutes you. Lady Inspector melts down and says I’m leaving you as you probably did this in your spouse. Vinod asks her to take ruin. She shall we him loose. Sonu thinks Vinod is blameless and will have to be crushed via the prisoners. Anju says she is going to make him have churan to eliminate evil eyes.

Vinod comes again house and hugs Sonu. Sonu will get satisfied and says you could have taken permission for birthday celebration. Vinod says I do know and says he’s going to dance together with her on a track. Sonu is going to convey dandiya. Lady Inspector comes there and says you used to be giving gyan . She additionally dances with them. Vinod’s papa dances together with her. Anju is surprised. Lady Inspector asks him if digital camera is fastened in his center to understand her emotions. Vinod says it used to be only a idea. She takes him to bop together with her. Sonu will get dissatisfied. Apsara comes and asks him to proceed dancing. Vinod says when he’s dancing on Punjabi track…then gujrati individuals are disenchanted. Apsara asks him to bop on combo music. He tells his brother to remix Punjabi and gujrati, and asks everybody to bop. Ponnu sings track. Vinod says now no one can prevent us from dancing on romantic music. They dance at the remix track…….

Sonu’s mummy tells that they may be able to’t keep right here for lengthy and will’t have water, however now as they’re playing right here, they have got made up our minds to stick for every week. Everyone says sure, stated proper. Vinod will get tensed.

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