Ghulam 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Life Ok Ghulaam 27th March 2017 Written Update Episode.

Veer ties a string on stairs for Shivani to fall. Shivani falls, however Veer holds her on time. Veer is surprised and fume in jealousy. Rangeela says he stored Shivani. Maldawali comes with Gulguli and shouts he threw entire meals, what is going to he feed Shivani now. Rangeela simply appears at Veer.

Rashmi nurses Manmeet’s scorpion chew damage. He says it used to be very exciting getting bitten through scorpion and suggests her additionally to get bitten. He says she used to be conscious entire night time serving him, she will ask anything else from him. She writes on a paper why don’t he prevent drug habit. He laughs and says if she tries, he’s going to. Se walks. He says RQ school scholars gained’t settle for defeat so simply. She is stunned once more as she studied in RQ school. He says he is aware of she is from RQ school and her tongue is burnt and

now not minimize, so if she tries she will talk.

Rangeela passes in entrance of Shivani and nervously thinks he will have to now not prevent even though she tries these days. She smiles at him and holds his muffler. He says he has paintings. She says thanks. He says for saving her. She says no for being so courteous to her and following husband’s tasks. He says he isn’t her husband. Their argument and nok jhok continues.

Gulguli feedback the right way to building up Shivani’s weight. Maldawali brainwashes Bhisma, Gulguli and Veer towards Rangeela and Shivani that Rangeela isn’t making an attempt his absolute best in any respect and is appearing his pati dharm. She reminisces including sour syrup in Shivani’s meals. Rangeela tries to feed Shivani, however she says style is bizarre and she or he can not have meals. She begins vomiting and Rangeela helps her. Out of flashback, Maldawali continues badmouthing about them.

Veer angrily calls Rangeela and asks him to organize a white fabric noose. Rangeela does. Veer then asks him to put in writing 14th April. Bhisma asks what’s with 14th April. Veer says if Rangeela fails to extend Shivani’s weight by way of 14th April, he’s going to hold himself with this noose and die. Rangeela guarantees he’s going to, else he’s going to grasp himself. Veer orders to hold it in entrance of his room door in order that Shivani can also be mindful time limit.

Shivani is going to kitchen and prepares dry fruit and fruit milkshake and gulps it. Gulguli with Maldawali watches it and says trick is operating. Maldawali is surprised and thinks it’s like filmy tale now, heroine is making an attempt her absolute best to save lots of hero. Shivani tells she will do anything else to save lots of her husband.

Shivani tells Rangeela that she is going to building up her weight up to she will until 14th March, else she is going to grasp with him. She hugs him and says she is going to apply her patni dharm.

Precap: Veer tells Shivangi that during some days, this putting noose can be in Rangeela’s neck and as soon as he dies, she might be his widow as she considers, then she will marry him.

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