Ghulam 22nd February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Ghulaam 22nd February 2017 Written Update Episode

Mamaji will get emotional seeing Shivani. He says he can not ask her how she is and were given her married to thug Rangeela. Shivani says it used to be her destiny, however why her mamaji is being punished. She asks if he’s getting meals. Mamaji says he’s getting meals and medication he had stored in his pant packet. Shivani says she is going to plead Chaudry and Gulguli to loose mamaji. Her and mamaji’s emotional dialogue continues. Rangeela says he gave her five mins, however it’s already 10 mins, he has to take her again to haveli ahead of maalik/Veer wakes up , else maalik will shoot all of them. Guard knocks door and asks who’s it. Rangeela hides Shivani and opens door. Guard walks in. Rangeela slaps him and shouts the place he were, what if previous guy would have escaped. Guard pleads to not tell maalik. Rangeela sends him

out to test if somebody is round and holds Shivani’s hand to take her away, however she resists and says she helped him through saving his pal’s lifestyles, he has to pay off her again through getting mamaji out of right here. Rangeela forecefully lifts her and walks against haveli.

Veer catches Shivangi and Rangeela pink passed and says he purposefully dropped ants close to Shivani and despatched her out to catch her whilst assembly Rangeela. Rangeela took her to mamaji as an alternative. He hit mamaji in langot, however he’s going to hit Rangeela with out langot. He provides gun and asks him to shoot himself. Rangeela takes gun. Shivani pleads to spare rangeela. Rangeela shoots himself and collapses on flooring. Shivani shouts and realizes it used to be her creativeness. Rangeela scolds her that she does reverse to what he says. She says he let her meet mamaji, so she won’t get him in hassle, she is going to pass in from hereon. He asks to watch out and she or he walks again to room and sees Rangeela dozing. She sits on bench shivering. Gulguli comes out of her room and scolds her what’s she doing right here as an alternative of serving her husband, she is going to pressure extra paintings on her else.

Maldawali dances in entrance of kali maa in bengali taste and cries reminiscing Gulguli’s phrases that she didn’t child even after a few years of marriage. She says Gulguli and Bhisma bore a impotent son and are blaming her as an alternative. If Gulguli name callings her once more, she is going to inform entire global that she bore an impotent. She hears door knock and opens it considering Jageer got here, however Gulguli walks in and scolds that she won’t get child by way of praying god, she will have to prevent Jageer from lacking for 7-eight days steadily. If she does now not undergo kid and Shivani bears kid, then she can be only a rubbish on this haveli and now not badi bahu. Gulguli thinks she made Manmeet impotent and can make Shivani infertile and won’t let Chaudhry circle of relatives get a felony inheritor.

Shivani sweeps flooring within the morning, fixes mattress and sleeps. Veer asks what is going on. Shivani says she didn’t sleep entire night time. He drags her up and says she will have to sleep on his mattress if she has to.

Precap: Shivani sees Rangeela snoozing and asks him to get up. Veer kicks Rangeela and shouts he had not to let Shivani sleep, however he himself slept. He asks Gulguli to punish him.


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