Ghulam 17th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Life OK Ghulam 17th March 2017 Written Update Episode.

Ardhnareshwar maharaj verdicts that Shivan won’t ever turn out to be a mom. Gulguli holds his legs and pleads to bless a boy for Shivani, else Berahampur will damage. Veer stops her and says he’s going to get her a grandson, if now not from Shivani, from another lady, he’s going to get some other lady kidnap and undergo a kid. Bhisma says Rangeela is true. Veer says Shivani is like injured animal and will have to be completed. He orders Rangeela to drown Shivan in water and kill her. Rangeela thinks until now he didn’t kill blameless individual, however he has to obey malik’s order. He walks against Shivani and holds her hand. Rashmi tries to prevent Rangeela, however Maldwali drags Rashmi and warns to stands silently if she needs to be alive. Gulguli pleads Ardhnareshwar to prevent Rangeela as Shivani has a just right religion for Berahampur.

Rangeela choices Shivani and walks against water bath when Ardhnareshwar stops him and orders Bhisma that his bahu wishes milk tub and to get a large weigher and milk. He orders Shivani to take a seat on weigher an upload equivalent quantity of milk on different aspect. Manmeet comes and says he’s going to now not let this flawed ritual occur, Bhisma has long past blind in energy. Bhisma orders to get him medicine. Manmeet says he does now not want it. Ardhnareshwar provides him bhang milk and he beverages it silently.

Veer provides milk at the different aspect of weighing system. Ardhnareshwar tells they want to building up Shivani’s weight through 10 kg. Bhisma says they are going to. Ardhnareshwar says in 20 days. Gulguli consents.

Rangeela returns house and sees amma with colours. He asks if she didn’t pass out to play holi. She says she needs to play holi together with her bahu, provides him 200 rs and asks to get bahu quickly. He asks if she stole it from his pant and tickles her. She throws holi on mamaji and runs. Mamaji tries to throw holi on her, however stops and will get unhappy. He tells Rangeela that annually, he used to play holi with Shivani. Amma comes again and Rangeela performs holi together with her.

Bhisma scolds Gulguli how will she building up Shivani’s weight in 20 days. She says she is going to at any value and orders maldwali to prepares ghee wealthy meals for Shivani

Precap: Gulguli asks Shivani to write down listing of dry culmination and different calorie wealthy meals and says she has to consume all. Shivani says she can not. Gulguli says she is going to pressure her at gun level.

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