Gangaa 21st March 2017 Written Episode Update

And TV Gangaa 21st March 2017 Written Update Episode.

Muneem ji says they have got discovered a lifeless frame in Ganga River, it’s distorted however the get dressed is as Sagar described. Sagar is going to take hold of Muneem’s collar shouting how dare he referred to as Ganga as lifeless, he will have to have died had Ganga left the arena. Shiv brings Sagar to awareness. He says its necessary for them to peer the frame as soon as and takes Sagar and Muneem alongside. Ganga prays for Sagar’s spouse. Jhumki hears this and involves Savitri pronouncing Ganga has no fear for Shiv and Pratab; however is most effective frightened for Sagar’s spouse.

Pratab used to be having tea and pushes a magazine from the desk off, the photograph of Sagar, Ganga and Krishna fell off the desk. He used to be surprised to peer this. There used to be a host with cope with at the again of photograph.

Sagar involves the room, the docs display Ganga’s get dressed. Sagar cries observing

the saree and nods against Shiv, spotting Ganga’s get dressed. He wasn’t in a position to simply accept Ganga is lifeless. Shiv asks him to peer the frame for as soon as. Sagar comes to peer the face that were distorted. He cries aloud pronouncing this isn’t his Ganga. Shiv used to be grateful. The physician tries to insist the face is unrecognizable because it’s after a very long time that they discovered the frame. Shiv takes Sagar out of doors.

Pratab tells Savitri they have got discovered Sagar’s spouse. He says Shiv and Sagar’s Ganga is identical? Savitri used to be shocked. Pratab says they will have to now see who wins Ganga, Shiv or Sagar? The day Sagar discovers Shiv’s Ganga is his; he would drop Shiv’s case and depart. They will take villager’s self assurance pronouncing Shiv has stored somebody else’s spouse as his. Savitri additionally cheers their drawback has been solved. Savitri plans an enormous drama about it.

Ganga watches Sagar cry hugging the get dressed of Ganga. Shiv tries to console him. Ganga additionally cry staring at him disenchanted. At night time, Ganga goals concerning the twist of fate, and flashes from her previous. Shiv watches her disturbed and is going to wake her up. Ganga used to be suffering as though in water. She wakes up and hugs Shiv tightly asking him to save lots of her, the water is deep and she or he is drowning. Shiv assures she is at house, he’s in conjunction with her. She will have to open her eyes and notice she is at her house. Ganga used to be badly sweating. Ganga tells Shiv about her goals about drowning, she panics questioning why this is going on about her. Shiv says she may well be dissatisfied as a result of Sagar’s unhappiness. Shiv assures he gained’t let her break out from him ever.

The subsequent morning, Ganga walks out to Tulsi plant. Sagar sat at the stairs misplaced in his ideas. Ganga covers her face with the veil and involves him. Sagar says he wasn’t sleepy. He used to be disenchanted that Shiv has his Ganga, however Sagar misplaced his.

PRECAP: Savitri needs a Pooja for Sagar’s spouse. Sagar gets rid of the veil off his circle of relatives photograph to Shiv and everybody’s surprise.

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