Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 17th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Colors TV Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 17th March 2017 Written Update Episode.

Ranveer presents his favourite cricket bat to Veer. Veer excitedly says he’s his very best pal. Suman walks considering Ranveer loves his daadi such a lot, then why didn’t he agree daadi’s want for his marriage. She hears Veer telling Ranveer that he can not settle for bat as mother won’t love it. Ranveer says god likes if anyone makes others satisfied, so he’s going to make him satisfied via accepting bat. Veer accepts it and performs with him. Suman hears that, enters Ranveer’s room and asks Veer to go back bag and pass. Veer is going out unfortunately. Ranveer says Veer used to be so satisfied, why did she prevent him. She asks why is he apprehensive about different’s happiness when he isn’t nervous about Daadi’s happiness. He asks what does she imply. She says she is coming from Daadi’s room, she needs to peer all three grandchildren’s marriage. She has

stopped consuming and taking drugs and he is aware of what it method. Badi maa passes by way of and sees Suman in Ranveer’s room and hears their dialog. She will get inspired with Suman’s phrases and hopes Ranveer consents for marriage. Suman continues her rationalization and asks Ranveer to assume if he needs to peer Daadi satisfied or now not. Ranveer stands considering.

Ranveer is going on terrace and reminisces Suman’s phrases. Nupur and Daadi attempt to feed daadi, however she says no one cares about her, so it’s higher die quickly. Ranveer enters and says everybody cares for her and if she does now not consume, how will she dance in her three grandsons’ marriage after 6 days. Daadi asks to take her oath. He does and daadi eats. Sindoora fumes that her son were given into daadi emotional lure. Nupur says identical to Sindhoora discovered sanskari bahus for her, she is going to discover a bahu for her. Badi maa says she has proper for that. Nupur says if Kalavathi had any other daughter, she would have married her to Ranveer. Sindhoora fumes that Nupur were given an opportunity to take revenge.

At house, Suman prays god to lend a hand her organize Antara and Sanju’s marriage peacefully. Kalavathi joins her. Sanju comes and says she is going to write her buying groceries record. Kalavathi says she is going to information her, else she is going to make an extended record.

Badi maa is going to Ranveer room with milk and says she is excited that he agreed for marriage on Suman’s insistence. Sindhoora hears that and fumes that Suman brainwashed Ranveer together with her center elegance morales. Mittal circle of relatives sits for breakfast subsequent. Nupur serves breakfast and says everybody are satisfied lately as Ranveer agreed for marriage. She asks Akash why didn’t Sindhoora come down for breakfast. He says she is having headache and is resting.

Ranveer calls Suman. She says she is going to name Veer. Ranveer says he needs to talk to her and thank you her. She asks explanation why. He says as a result of her,, entire circle of relatives is excited now or even he’s satisfied. She asks how. He says he’s in a position for marriage as a result of her. She smiles. Ye malang tera ek tara…music…performs within the background. Nupur calls Suman subsequent and asks her to return and meet her within the night. Suman informs Kalavathi. Kalavathi will get tensed.

Suman is going to satisfy Nupur at Mittal Sadan. Nupur thank you her for converting Ranveer’s thoughts and asks her to discover a center elegance woman for Ranveer like Sanju and Antara as center elegance women can stay circle of relatives united. Sindhoora fumes listening to that. She stops Suman and asks if she has any grudge with Ranveer and warns her that she won’t discover a woman for Ranveer, else she is going to wreck Antara and Sanju’s alliance.

Precap: Suman informs Kalavathi about Sindoora’s caution. Sindhoora tells Ranveer that she has fastened his alliance with Niharika. Suman congratulates Ranveer for his alliance with Niharika.

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