Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Zee TV Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 28th February 2017 Written Update Episode

Raja’s guy had dropped the stabber.
Rani seems at the back of to discover a field stuffed with chilies. She stands up and opens the bottle of purple chillies to throw it in all places Vijay, operating out of doors.
In the palace, Laila slaps the inspector. The inspector says Raja introduced criminal papers and he used to be helpless. Laila warns the inspector all her struggles would move in useless if Raja brings Naina again. Nani involves Naina and says in chess the primary participant wins best as a result of he has idea smartly about his subsequent lure. If she fears Naina would go back to this house, she will have to do one thing that Naina isn’t value appearing her face to someone within the town. Naina runs around the village streets whilst Vijay follows her. She watches him hidden from at the back of a door of a hut, when he had moved on she will get again.

struggles to get the stabber from the ground, the bomb cord unwinds. Raja’s chair slip. Raaj Mata shouts his identify as he fell down. Rani used to be operating cautiously, nonetheless stuck through Vijay.
Laila provides the scoop to a papers editor, about illegitimate family members of Naina with Vijay and Raja. She says the entire global comes for the drama when a woman is accused.
Vijay brings Rani to the centre of floor and tears her garments. He says he used to be all the time jealous when he watched her with Raja. He would now wreck her angle and wings each. He holds a metal rod to overcome Rani’s legs. She screams out of ache whilst he continues beating Rani. His palms prevent as Raja got here out shouting Naina’s identify with pink flag in hand. He throws the metal rod over Vijay’s chest as a javelin, and covers Rani with temple’s chunri. He clutches Vijay’s neck and speaks to villagers that a lady is being harm and molested, nobody got here to save lots of her; lately their Devi could also be indignant with them. People round drop their palms. Raja beats Vijay, whilst Naina pushes Raja to overcome him to killing.
Lotus had introduced police, the inspector asks Raja to provide Vijay of their custody, he’s going to certainly be punished. Raja sits beside Naina, he watches Vijay returning with a knife in hand and assaults Raja. He slips with a bucket, a trishol passes by way of his frame. Raja says he had heard, however had noticed the justice of God. Naina used to be not able to stroll so Raja carries her in his hands.
At house, Raja puts Naina over wheelchair whilst the clinical body of workers used to be provide. Naina holds Raja’s hand. Inside, they have been surprised to peer media there. The media individuals ask Naina if she went with Vijay intentionally, whom she made illegitimate family members with to grow to be a movie heroine. Raja beats the editor. The newshounds have been made up our minds to submit Raja’s goonship. Raaj Mata sends Raja inside of.
In the room, Naina cries as her legs gained’t paintings. Raaj Mata involves console Mummy who used to be additionally crying on the door. Laila holds Raja’s hand, Raja tells her to break out from his means else he would put out of your mind his promise by way of her father. Laila questions what else would Raja do to her. Laila says Vijay promised her to marry Naina, she is blameless; would he take her lifestyles now? Raja replies curtly he’s in a position to try this as smartly. Vijay has been punished for what he did, however even dying is a strict punishment for Laila. He pushes Laila to get apart his means, Laila’s used to be harm over brow. Nani involves Laila. Laila tells Nani that these days her damage will have to be burnt, in order that she recalls how deeply she wishes to harm Raja now. Nani tells Laila to get the recent information about Naina. Laila used to be made up our minds to do with Naina what the arena would see.
Raja comes within the room the place the clinical group of workers used to be making an attempt exhausting, telling her to rise up. Naina cried loudly as she used to be not able to try this, she cried that she would by no means have the ability to stroll once more. She watches Raja status there. The physician provides her a sedative injection to calm her down. She then informs Raja Naina had a paralytic assault, she gained’t be capable of stroll once more.

PRECAP: Raja marries Rani, protecting her in his hands. He places the sindoor together with his blood. Laila used to be surprised.


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