Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 20th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 20th February 2017 Written Update Episode

Raja tells Naina to disregard him, she will keep satisfied handiest this manner. Naina runs around the hall, throwing each and every vase and cries in her room. Mummy hugs her and asks her to cry up to she needs to; she says Naina will have to take a look at her damaged dream day by day till they depart right here.
At night time, Raja sat inside of Mandap. Naina brings Laila out of doors, Raja turns to take a look at them. Rani used to be dissatisfied observing them whole the marriage rituals, after gadh bandhan she straightens. Laila unties the material items.
Naina used to be harm occupied with herself and Raja. She walks into the room, writing a letter. She apologizes her mummy as she doesn’t need to put her and Rekha in peril however is taking this step, however she would by no means be capable of transfer on in lifestyles if she remains lately. Raja used to be frightened about Naina and

asks about her. Everyone used to be at a loss for words, mummy, Rekha and Vikrant move to search for her. Raja instructs the waiters to search for Naina. Nani scolds Raja as not anything is essential than wedding ceremony rituals at this time. The Pandit asks the bride and groom to face for wedding ceremony vows. Mummy and Rekha come within the room, and unearths a letter there.
Raja thinks about Naina’s phrases that he used to be hiding his love tale. Mummy and Rekha have been studying the letter upstairs when unexpectedly heavy wind blows and letter fell over Raja. He used to be surprised to learn it and jumps out of level to search for Naina. He unearths Naina status on a street aspect however as he comes out of the automobile Naina had vanished. He seems to be round for her.
At house, Mummy cries for Naina’s whereabouts. Vikrant assures not anything would occur to Naina. Pandit informs Nani that the fitting time has ended. Laila sat at the level, doomed. Raja spots Naina on a bench and holds her hand tightly. Naina questions why he left Laila all through his wedding ceremony. Raja asks if Naina didn’t take care of her mom and Rekha as soon as, its already very difficult. Naina insists to go away, they may be able to’t keep in combination and she or he assures to not deliver her love between their love and his lifestyles. He wishes now not cover the reality anymore, she has noticed her artwork and is mindful he loves her. Raja used to be bowled over. Naina says they can not betray Laila in any respect. Raja says the ones artwork don’t seem to be of Naina, however his spouse Rani who’s lifeless.
Naina used to be now not in a position to consider, as this best occurs in movies. Raja holds her hand and tells her to return house as its actually past due. Naina calls for Raja to seem into her eyes and say if he doesn’t really feel anything else on every occasion she seems to be into his eyes. If he by no means turns to take a look at her each time she is strolling away? Whenever he closes his eyes, he doesn’t see her face? Raja replies with a no. Naina tells him to seem into her eyes, Raja interrupts shouting he has no time for her infantile romance. He clutches her arm and takes her to palace. Rani watches them from the street aspect.
Raja brings Naina again to palace. Laila comes forwards to slap Naina however Raja holds her hand in mid air.

PRECAP: Naina wakes up through Rani’s name. She watches Rani input her room.


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