Dil Se Dil Tak 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update

Today Dil Se Dil Tak 22nd March 2017 Written Update Episode.

Teni says to Shorvori that i might have misplaced your child if Parth didnt save me, Shorvori asks if she is alright? Teni says in case your husband didnt save me lately then it might were worse. Shorvori says sorry to Parth and says i perceive your response and anger, we misplaced our child as soon as in tragedy, thank God you didnt let it occur once more, she aspect hugs him, Parth says i do know that ache you felt and that i didnt overlook it, i promise you that i wont will let you undergo that ache once more, on every occasion there’s any drawback soaring over Teni, i will be able to status to stand it, i wont let any drawback succeed in our child, Shorvori hugs him tightly, he hugs her again, Teni smiles and says they’re speaking about us however now not together with, she says i deserve phase on this hug too, Parth calls her, all 3 of them hug, Teni

says to Shorvori that why did you prevent Parth? that lizard Sejal must be slapped. Shorvori says all members of the family have other nature and that is no approach to train them, Teni says that is most effective approach to train them, Parth says Teni is true, what Sejal did with Teni and what i did that once, i dont remorseful about it in any respect. Teni says he’s proper, he and I’ve began tuning well, simply see what is going to occur subsequent proper spouse? she top fives Parth who smiles however Shorvori is tensed seeing all this.

Sejal is crying infront of Baa and dada, Mohini says Parth raised hand on Sejal for that new woman, Indu says Parth wont lift hand for small topic, there will have to be giant explanation why at the back of it, Mohini says he has no proper to boost hand for anything else, baa and dada by no means raised hand on someone on this circle of relatives then how Parth were given that proper? Indu says i will be able to communicate to him, Mohini says Parth will blame Sejal best and can say Teni is blameless, Teni will inform some pretend tale and you are going to will consider her. Mohini cries and says to dada that may you let anything else occur to us? in the future they’re going to throw us out of space too, Sejal doesnt have father so someone can do anything else together with her? no one will listen pleas of a widow and orphan daughter? inform me, Dada will get indignant listening to it, he shouts Parth, Teni, Shorvori come downstairs.
Parth, Teni and Shorvori involves dada and circle of relatives. Dada says is it true that you simply raised hand on Sejal? sure or no? Parth says sure, all are surprised, Mohini says see Indu, Dada asks is Teni explanation why at the back of thatr act of yours? Parth says Sejal.. Dada says sure or no? Parth says sure, Mohini smirks, dada says you didnt even assume that Sejal is your more youthful sister? Teni says this si mistaken, in case you stay taking solutions in sure and no handiest then how can you know complete fact? dada says then inform me what’s entire fact? Teni tells him how Sejal trapped her to put on footwear and when she wore it, Sejal opened their tyres and made them skating footwear which made Teni lose her stability and about to fall from stairs however Parth stored her. Sejal says she is mendacity, she requested footwear from me and that i gave it. Parth says Sejal is mendacity, Sejal pressed button to lead them to skating footwear as a result of she sought after Teni to get harm. Mohini says how you already know who’s mendacity and who isn’t? Parth says as a result of Teni doesnt know the way to make use of skates, she wont take possibility of skating. Indu says any person may also be on mistake however you will have introduced peace between however you raised hand on Sejal? Parth says Teni used to be about to fall from stairs, i might have misplaced my ba.. Shorvori says Parth.. Parth stops ahead of pronouncing child, Mohini says Parth have authorised his mistake, dada take into account when i did mistake, you gave me punishment and that i served Shorvori as a part of it, now Parth have finished mistake and he will have to be punished, Parth says i’m in a position for punishment, i will be able to tak anything else as punishment. Sejal says effective, i would like Parth to ask for forgiveness infront of everybody and if he did it then i will be able to forgive him, Sejal thinks that Parth raised hand on me as a result of Teni and now he should say sorry as a result of her. Parth says i cant settle for any punishment however i wont say sorry to Sejal as a result of she is at mistake and if i make an apology then she is going to get spice up and can do extra errors, Sejal says if he’s cussed then i’m too, i wont consume until Parth doesnt make an apology to me, Teni thinks that she will have to be punished, it is going to be just right if she remains hungry. Parth leaves. Indu says to Shorvori that Parth would by no means decline your request, you ask him to ask for forgiveness, its simply apology, Shorvori is going.
Shorvori involves Parth and says i do know all fault is of Sejal and she or he shouldnt have carried out that however you realize all are a part of circle of relatives and we need to someday forgive and disregard issues, Sejal is your sister. Parth says and Teni? dont you realize her significance in our lives? Shorvori says i do know her significance however are you able to inform it to circle of relatives? its just right that you simply stored her and not anything came about to our daughter but when simply by pronouncing sorry, we will be able to amend family members then why don’t you? if now not for then you say it for me, ask for forgiveness for sake your Shorvori? Parth says i will be able to give lifestyles for you however its now not about you and me, its about Teni, if i make an apology to Sejal then it’s going to be proved that Teni is fallacious and that i cant see Teni confirmed fallacious with none fault, he leaves. Teni has heard entire dialog status close to them.

Scene 2
Shorvori involves circle of relatives, Indu says i knew Parth wont ever deny her, he’s coming to ask for forgiveness proper? Shorvori says he stated no, Indu says he by no means declines you, Sejal begins losing crocodile tears, Mohini says my Sejal began crying once more.
Teni involves Parth and says why you didnt accept as true with Shorvori? she were given unhappy, Parth says Shorvori sought after me to apologize to Sejal and it’s going to turn out that you’re improper and that i cant let it occur, Teni says i in reality favored that you simply took my aspect towards them and stood up for me however i didnt like while you made Shorvori unhappy through now not paying attention to her, see it like this that you simply stored me, you even went to slap Sejal, its all equivalent now, make an apology for Shorvori’s sake, do it, you’re keen on Shorvori maximum proper? cant you ask for forgiveness for her happiness? dont you wish to have to make her really feel that she is maximum essential to you on this global? Parth thinks about it.
Shorvori says to Sejal that you’ve got proper to get miffed together with your brother however dont display anger on meals, Shorvori tries to feed her meals however Sejal ignores her. Mohini says my daughter is gettign weaker, what if anything else occurs to my daughter? he simply need to make an apology. Parth comes there, all flip to him. Parth involves Sejal and sits beside her, He says sorry, Mohini smirks, Parth says i shouldnt have raised hand on you, all smile. Sejal evilly smiles, Parth provides meals to Sejal and asks her to consume, she begins consuming, Parth leaves. Dada appears on. Mohini blesses Sejal and says Parth declined Shorvori then on whose pronouncing he stated sorry? Servant says on Teni’s pronouncing, i heard her pacifying Parth and making him comply with apologize, all are surprised to listen to it, Mohini says its bizarre that the object which complete housewife couldnt do it, his part housegirl did it.

PRECAP- all members of the family come out of doors space and sees Teni enjoying with cow dung, all are digusted. Mohini says how do we have the ability to are living with this illiterate woman? Teni places cow dung chunks on wall to dry them and use them for fireplace, all are disgusted.

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