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Dil Hi Toh Hai 1st November 2018 Written Episode Update: Mamta asks Palak to leave Ritwik

Dil Hi Toh Hai 1st November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mamta meets Palak and informs that Ritwik is with Rohit. Palak says she tried her best, but he just doesn’t listen to her. She can’t see him like that. It’s her mistake that she didn’t tell him about Gita. She doesn’t know how VP told him about all that. She wants to tell him that Gita is not bad at all. Mamta says yes she is not bad. She made a very big sacrifice for her family. That’s her truth which no one wants to listen, but there is her life’s (Mamta’s) as well. Palak asks what?

Other side, Rohit and Ananya convince Ritwik to talk to Palak. She has done so much for him and their relationship. Ritwik agrees that he overreacted and decides to talk to her again.

Palak seems to be on shock when Ritwik returns home. He says sorry to

her and says they will start over. Palak says she will quit her job and goes out. She calls Setu and tells her not to ask her any questions and do a favor.

Then she comes to Vikrant’s house and sees Vikrant is getting ready to leave. She says he can’t leave easily like that. She shares something with him (not revealed) and leaves decision on him.

Ritwik is with Rohit. Ritwik gets senti as Rohit is leaving for London. Rohit again tells Ritwik that Palak loves him a lot and she has done a lot for their relationship. He should look after her. They decide to meet her and surprise her. Setu comes and says she would be in office.

They come office and find out from staff that they are in some hotel. They reach hotel and find out from front desk that Vikrant and Palak often come there and stay in same room. They reach the room. Vikrant opens door. Ritwik, Rohit, Setu are shocked seeing Palak in a nighty. Rohit asks Palak what’s going on. Setu takes him with her saying it’s their personal matter. Palak tells Ritwik that he caught them and that she was not happy with him. She married because he was the Noon. But after marriage, he lost money, image, everything. She thought VP would accept him one day but that didn’t happen either. Ritwik can’t believe and thinks it’s Vikrant who is forcing her to do this, but Palak says that’s the truth. She is just not happy with him, she has her needs. After marriage, in fact he got dependent on her. She has been seeing Vikrant for a while and that is why she didn’t tell him about Vikrant. She gave so many hints that she doesn’t love him (Ritwik). When Vikrant was getting married, she couldn’t take it and she got his marriage called off because she loves him. Ritwik is still not believing. Palak becomes more harsh and Ritwik starts breaking down. He requests her, begs her. She says he’s a loser, she can’t be with a loser. He is nothing without his dad. She asks him to stop embarrassing himself more and just leave. Ritwik slowly walks out in a shock and disbelief. After he leaves, Vikrant asks Palak why she did that. Palak is crying now. She sends a message to Mamta that Ritwik has left and asks her to take care of him.

Palak cries and recalls Mamta telling her that Ritwik and VP will never believe and understand Gita’s truth. She was supporting her until now, but when it comes to Gita, even she doesn’t have courage to go against her family and support her. VP will never accept her. Palak asks what she can do then. Mamta asks her to leave Ritwik. Palak says she can’t, she loves him a lot. Mamta says some relations have no future and her-Ritwik’s relation is such. Ritwik has completely broken down and Noons family is also demolished. Mamta asks Palak to look at her own self, how she will be able to fulfill her marriage with Ritwik. She knows she loves Ritwik a lot, but sometimes, you have to let your love go for the good.

Ritwik screams and cries sitting on street. Mamta comes and consoles him. Other side, Vikrant asks Palak to sit and he will get water. Palak faints. Vikrant calls Setu and informs that he’s taking Palak to a hospital.

At hospital, doctor tells Vikrant that Palak is pregnant.

Later, Setu comes and asks Palak to call Ritwik and tell him that it was all lie. Palak says no. Setu tells her that she’s pregnant and it’s twins. She listened to her when she said she wants to stay away from Ritwik, but now things are not same. She must call him. She has to think about her babies too now.

Ritwik is back in his room in Noons house. He is recalling his moments with Palak. Palak calls him. He picks up. She says “hello Ritwik” and episode / season 1 ends.

End of the show / Season 1.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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