Chandrakanta 19th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Life OK Chandrakanta 19th March 2017 Written Update Episode.

Chandrakanta orders Shivdutt to go away Viru/Virendra at this time. Shivdutt shouts how dare she is to reserve him being a servant. Chandrakanta gets rid of her veil and says she is rajkumari Chandrakanta. He lustfully glances her and asks who’s the opposite woman then. Chandrakanta says she is her ayyara Chapala. Shivdutt angrily lifts Chapala maintaining her neck and shouts she dared to trick her, now she is going to die. Chandrakanta pleads to go away Chapala. Shivdutt drops Chapala down and yells he has now not forgiven her but.

In Chunargarh, Marich fumes how can Virendra divert from his objective, why didn’t he get talisman key but, what’s preventing him. Virendra thinks why he will get interested in the woman many times, what is going on to him. Chandrakanta takes Chapala to her room. Krur singh comes and asks how

is Chapala now. She says Chapala is ok. He asks why she saves wooden cutter frequently. She says she does now not know why she will get interested in him regularly. Virendra angrily breaks log and shouts he’s going to now not get interested in the woman once more. Badri comes. Virendra shouts he’s going to get talisma key at any value quickly. Chandrakanta tells Krur Singh that she can’t be the cause of a conflict between Shivgarh and Vijaygarh, so she is going to move and call Shivdutt.

Shivdutt fumes reminiscing Chandrakanta revealing she is the actual Chandrakanta and now not maid. Tej Singh asks him to chill out and says Virendra isn’t wooden cutter and will have to be ayyar like him, so he may just now not learn his thoughts. Chandrakanta is a rajkumari and it’s her pastime to play with emotions, they have got to stay an in depth watch on Viru. Chandrakanta enters and apologizes him. She says she were given a large number of alliance sooner than, everybody sought after to marry as she is probably the most stunning lady on earth or because of her kingdom, however by no means for her inside feeling. She needs to marry anyone if who will love her center and now not frame. Shivdutt says then they’re going to get alongside smartly. He glances her lustfully throughout. She turns and says that suggests he forgave her. He says he needs to have dinner together with her. She says sure.

Sayali involves Virendra and asks to seem into her eyes for a second. He says he does now not have time for that. She says she is going to display him secret rooms of yaksha Mahal which best she is aware of. He asks to turn then.

Chandrakanta reaches Shivdutt’s room again with all her workforce for dnner. Shivdutt says he invited handiest her and now not her servants. Chandrakanta says she referred to as them to serve her. He says he does now not want them She asks in the event that they each will serve each and every different. He says he has organized any person and orders Damru to convey Virendra. Damru is going and tells Virendra that rajkumari Chandrakanta is looking him. He says he does now not have time. Damru says she ordered him and now not asked, so he has to return. Virendra walks alongside. Sayali fumes that once more she overlooked her goal as a result of Chandrakanta, she has to kill Chandrakanta now.

Virendra walks into Shivdutt’s room with Badri. Shivdutt orders him to return and serve. Badri tells Virednra that no matter he’s going to do is for his father. Virendra silently walks close to Shivdutt. Shivdutt selections kiwi and says he ordered those distinctive culmination and dishes from all over the global for her. He throws kiwi and orders Virendra to pick out it. Virendra selections reminiscing Badri’s phrases. Shivdutt asks to consume it. Virendra says this is a thrown fruit. Damru asks to consume because it Shivdutt’s fruit. Virendra eats. Shivutt orders to press his ft subsequent. Virendra does it. Shivdutt orders to press tightly. Virendra grips tightly. Shivutt shouts he does now not know to press legs and orders to wash his ft. Virendra washes his ft. Shivdutt orders to drink water. Chandrakanta will get involved and says Shivdutt he’s boasting about himself as he’s yuvraj and Virendra is a not unusual guy. Shivdutt says despite the fact that he used to be a not unusual guy, he’s awesome to any person. Chandrakanta demanding situations him to battle with Virendra then. Virendra thinks she is trapping him once more and says he isn’t in a position to battle. Shivdutt laughs that he were given afraid and orders to kneel down and settle for his defeat. Virendra says he’s going to battle then. Krur singh says killing cheetah is other than preventing with Shivdutt. Chandrakanta asks Shivdutt if he were given fearful of Viru. Shivdutt demanding situations if he wins will she do no matter he says. Chandrakanta says sure.

Back in room, Chandrakanta tells Chapala that Viru isn’t a not unusual wooden cutter, she has noticed his energy and bravado, he’s going to win needless to say. Either tactics, she got here right here to know the way courageous Shivdutt is. Virendra tells Badri that he’s going to now not kill Shivdutt, however will settle for defeat, most effective then Chandrakanta’s consideration gets clear of him and he can move on the lookout for talisman key.

Precap: Chandrakanta says she is certain Veeru will win. Virendra fights and thinks Chandrakanta made a mistake by way of counting on him tries to lose fit. Shivdutt overpower him and blows sword against him.

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