Chandrakanta 18th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Life OK Chandrakanta 18th March 2017 Written Update Episode.

Virendra sees Harshvardhan’s symbol on wall and thinks it’s his symbol. He touches wall and a door opens. He walks in and door closes. He touches different wall and some other door closes. He angrily bangs partitions. Chandrakanta additionally will get trapped in. She panics and cries. She then sees Virendra in entrance of him, runs and hugs him and says he got here once more to save lots of her. He pushes her and says she unearths tactics to the touch him all the time. Champa and Chapala get nervous for Chandrakanta and talk about they have got to seek out her quickly, despite the fact that Shivdutt and Krur Singh and their groups are looking out her.

Shivdutt and Krur Singh with workforce seek Chandrakanta in Yaksha Mahal. Krur Singh tells Shivdutt that rajkumari Chandrakanta is bizarre, she likes searching, dancing, consuming nonveg, consuming liquor, and so forth. Shivdutt says unbelievable,

he and rajkumari gets alongside smartly. Virendra and Chandrakanta walks alongside. Chandrakanta asks the place is he taking her. He says discovering means out and she or he will have to silently apply him. She shouts he’s so conceited. While strolling with workforce, Shivdutt yells that his forefathers will have to have left him wealth as an alternative of this yaksh Mahal, don’t know what used to be of their thoughts. Krur singh’s puppets talk about shivdutt himself is fearful of this position, don’t know what is going to emerge out all at once.

Champa and Chapala seek Chandrakanta in yaksha Mahal. Shivdutt sees them and asks champa (disguised as Chandrakanta) what’s she doing right here. She says she is looking out her ayyar. Krur singh’s puppets see diamond in a cranium’s finger and pull it. Hand comes out they usually shout. Shivdutt asks what came about to them. He then hers sound from a ditch. Fire begins rising and becomes a large twister of fireside and multi-mouthed snake emerges. Chandrakanta continues following Virendra yelling that males behave so smartly with ladies, however he’s so boastful. Virendra sees fireplace gushing against them and asks her to run, however she does now not. He holds her hand and runs and jumps down. Snake throws fireplace on Shivdutt and his staff, however his pal ayyar Tej Singh reaches on time and spreads a protecting barrier round them and saves all of them. He then takes out his sword and jumps on snake, turns it into ice and jumps again. Shivdutt luckily walks against him calling Tej singh. Krur singh thinks so he’s ayyar Tej Singh. Dev singh apologizes for coming past due. Shivdutt introduces him to Champa as rajkumari Chandrakanta. Champa praises that she heard so much about him in Ayyari’s gurukul, she way by means of her ayyars. Tej singh says this position could be very bad, in order that they will have to depart.

Shivdutt together with his workforce walks and sees Virendra and subconscious Chandrakanta. Champa and Chapala rush towards Chandrakanta and take her alongside. Virendra thinks this woman imposed him to bother once more. Shivdutt asks Virendra what’s he doing right here, he’s positive now not cleansing where even though, through the best way how did he input right here when there is just one method through which he got here thru. He orders squaddies to seize wooden cutter/Virendra. Iced snake shatters and fills the trench hole. Shivdutt walks against it, however Tej singh stops him. Shivdutt says let his wooden cutter stroll on it. Virendra walks on it they usually all practice him and succeed in out of yaksha Mahal. Shivdutt asks him the place is talisman key, the place did he cover it. Virendra does now not answer him. Shivdutt orders gaurds to tie Virendra to a pole. He then lashes Virendra and asks the place is the important thing. Chandrakanta will get involved, however Champa and Chapala prevent her. Badri reaches in hide, however guard stops him. He thinks of hypnotizing everybody round and rescue Virendra, however stops seeing Tej Singh. Shivdutt continues slashing Viren and shouts to get scared of him. Viren reminisces Marich telling to not kill Shivdutt as he’s had to open talisma with key.

Shivdutt order Tej Singh to frighten Virendra. Tej singh will get fireplace after which giant drachula, however Virendra does now not get afraid. Badri thinks Virendra can not break out from Tej Singh. Shivdutt orders Tej Singh to learn Virendra’s thoughts and in finding out who he’s and the place is vital. Tej Singh touches Virendra’s brow and can not learn anything else, is stunned, apologizes Shivdutt that he may just now not learn his thoughts. Chandrakanta comes operating with Champa, Chapala, and Krur Singh. Krur Singh requests Shivdutt to spare wooden cutter as he used to be simply saving rajkumari’s good friend. Shivdutt orders guards to tug ropes tightly. They do and Virendra shouts in ache. Chandrakanta will get extra involved and shouts to prevent. Shivdutt shouts how dare she is to reserve him. She gets rid of her veil and says she is exact rajkumari Chandrakanta. He glances her entire frame with lush and shouts she lied.

Precap: Chandrakantha demanding situations Shivdutt to battle with Virendra. During struggle, Virendra thinks if he will get defeated, it’s if truth be told Chandrakanta’s defeat. Shivdutt overpowers him and blows sword against his neck.

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