Chandra Nandni 22nd February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Chandra Nandni 22nd February 2017 Written Update Episode

Avantika says Nandini nand isn’t doing this as a result of he loves you however is the use of you for magad thrown,Nandini says ma please I will be able to’t right here anything else towards pitahamaharaj,Avantika says Nandini Chandra is a great guy in all sense, even after figuring out we’re his enemies we’re protected right here,his acharya is his the whole thing, even after you being his enemy you’re ruling queen right here and now center of attention for your married lifestyles and now not on political problems.

Chandra feels dangerous about Missbehaving with Nandini. Avantika says Nandini I’m you mom and wish you to feel free on your married lifestyles and my revel in says Chandra is true individual for you ,assume on it an leaves,Nandini says ma is true I will have to assume as spouse first,Chandra is just right guy I will have to communicate to him.chandra says I will have to ask for forgiveness to Nandini,

Nandini says I will have to make an apology to Chandra. Sunanda asks Roopa what did you inform Chaya will she stay this secrete, Roopa says Chaya can be relatively for ever now,Sunanda says what do you imply, Roopa says Chaya wasn’t paying attention to me and so I driven her from stairs and she or he is lifeless mendacity there,Sunanda says silly I shouldn’t have requested you to head and now if Chaya is alive and tells about our fact oh no,rise up let’s move.

Chandra and Nandini strolling to satisfy each and every different and enthusiastic about the time spent all through Pooja,each sprint each and every different,Chandra says Nandini I used to be coming to peer you,Nandini says me first,Chandra says no I will be able to,Nandini says no,Chandra says good enough let’s say in combination, each apologize ,Nandini says this letter is for pitahamaharaj and I’ve asked him to go away Bharti,Chandra says I shouldn’t have mis behaved with you,Nandini says I will have to have stood with you and I’m so apprehensive for Bharti,Chandra asks why is it,Nandini asks that means,dasi informs them Chaya is mendacity subconscious.

Chandra and Nandini pass to Chaya and notice her all coated in blood, Sunanda and Roopa cover,Sunanda says Roopa you return on your room. Chaya talks in subconscious Chandra no Nandini,dadi and mora see Chaya, dadi is going in poor health,Nandini is helping her,dadi says my granddaughter deficient woman what number of hardships she has to head thru,mora says oh god is ache most effective written in her destiny,Helina says how did this occur,Nandini says could also be she slipped,maliketu walks in and says Chaya how did this occur,Vaidya says everybody please depart us on my own child and mom are in critical state.

Sunanda sees Chaya and says oh no she is alive and if she tells the reality it’s now not just right for us, I will have to inform Roopa about it. Sunanda says Roopa Chaya is alive and now Chandra will sentence us to demise, Roopa smoking and says how is that this imaginable,Sunanda says sure and she or he is being handled and we will have to run away now,Roopa says nobody will depart citadel and my Chandra,Sunanda says sufficient Roopa,Roopa say is attempted exhausting to kill her however,Helina mom asks who’re you speaking about,Sunanda says about Nandini as a result of nand has abducted Bharti Chanakyas daughter and so Roopa is indignant,Helina says I used to be simply right here to verify is Roopa nonetheless with us,Roopa says sure I’m,Helina mom leaves,Sunanda says I request you please keep right here till I ask you to return out.

Chaya is being handled, Vaidya says maharaj I’m sorry we couldn’t save the child and mom is critical too she has long past in state of unconsciousness,Chandra says i urge you please save my sister,Vaidya says I’m making an attempt my highest, maliketu says oh no no my child and my Chaya too,why god why.

Durdhara in closed room scared says Chayas child is lifeless oh no, I will be able to now not let my child occur anything else,I will be able to deal with you my kid don’t fear. Chandra walks to his room disenchanted and recalls Chaya pronouncing I’m so proud to have you ever has my brother,Nandini sees Chandra disenchanted and sits beside him and says Chandra don’t unfastened hope,Chandra says I’m magad king has thrown, just right pricey garments however how they lend a hand me see I couldn’t lend a hand my sister how helpless I’m,a kings duty is to care for his circle of relatives and folks and I may just save my sisters child and she or he is mendacity there in mouth of demise , I will be able to give any factor to get her happiness again any struggle anything else however what can I do not anything I’m so helpless king, I don’t need to be such king.

Nandini hugs Chandra, and says cry your ache out Chandra you’re a human too prior to a king, you’re brother take a look at me it’s a brothers emotions and now not Kings and cry this ache out or else this ache will burn you out, Chandra hugs Nandini and cries in ache and says Nandini I don’t need to unfastened Chaya,Nandini is in tears too. Chandra says Nandini you pass close to Chaya she wishes you,Nandini sees Chandras tears in her hand and thinks that is the evidence that you’re a guy with emotions and a center too Chandra and leaves,chandra thinks I cried nowadays what is that this taking place to me is that this that I’ve emotions and a center too.

Pre cap : Durdhara hiding at the back of mora and says Chandra Nandini attempted killing Chaya and can kill my child too and this in her hand isn’t drugs however poison to kill Chaya, Chandra says why are you all so suspicious about Nandini, I agree with her and beverages the poison,Roopa hiding dressed as dasi is surprised,Chandra says I are aware of it’s now not poison and shortly his mouth begins bleeding.


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