Chandra Nandni 21st February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Chandra Nandni 21st February 2017 Written Update Episode

Chandra joins his good friend,Chandra says I’m good friend right here and now not king come let’s have meals,one pal says I will be able to simply have culmination, I need to make some frame it draws ladies, and magad has such a lot of just right ladies and Chandra has three queens and we will be able to see he has fallen in love too,Chandra says I really like nobody, his pal says liar your face presentations the whole thing,Chandra says no matter,pals says we don’t know who it’s however you’re in love, and we will be able to in finding it as a result of quickly you are going to stay speaking about your beloved and get started being awkward and scared in presence of the liked one and you recognize when you’re in love, your beloved contact provides you with surprise and song performs everywhere and you’ll get dressed as your beloved loves to peer you.

Chandra says I will be able to by no means trade, now you two relaxation and leaves

. Nandini sees Chandra stroll in and each really feel the vibe,as each contact each and every different they really feel the surprise,and song performs in chandras minds, Chandra says the place is that this song enjoying,Nandini says no track is enjoying Chandra and thank you for the water, Chandra recalls his pals telling him indicators of being in love,Nandini thinks what’s mistaken with Chandra, Chandra appears at reflect and sees he’s sweating, Nandini says Chandra your crown is right here, Chandra says sure however it’s so scorching right here. Nandini says no it’s so cool right here, Chandra says you already know not anything, Nandini says give the kum Kum right here and applies it on Chandras brow , Chandra hears track as she touches him and strikes apart and Kum Kum spreads.

Roopa satisfied and Is dressing for Chandra and says Chandra appreciated my music and he’s going to be all mine now. Nandini says Chandra you heard song once more ,Chandra says not anything,Nandini serving to him blank,Chandra says I will be able to organize, Nandini Says true monkey and is going will get him crown,Chandra says I will be able to do it alone you move,Nandini begins giggling and says that is how you are going to put on, Chandra says why how you wish to have me to put on and recalls the signal record and says Nandini I imply,Nandini says Chandra your hair is messed and get dressed smartly and move in Sabha or you’ll be a question of comic story and leaves.

Chandra clothes smartly and says I’m doing it as a result of I adore it this manner and now not Nandini. In Sabha,Chanakya says for the kid schooling we will have to take takshila lend a hand,Chandra says I agree, few other folks come to satisfy Chandra. Chandra says that is your circle of relatives acharya, Chanakya says why are you in tears yashomati and the place is Bharti,yashomati begins crying and provides Chanakya a letter, Chanakya will get indignant studying it.

( padmanand kidnaps Bharti and take her away,yashomati begs to go away Bharti however padmanand says Chanakya spouse yashumati greetings , I’m king of magad the mighty padmanand and your husbands enemy , give this letter to him,he attempted exhausting to cover you however nobody can disguise from maha padmanand and leaves.)

Chandra reads the letter which says when you don’t go back my daughter Nandini I will be able to kill Bharti,Chanakya refuses to accept as true with nands waning letter,Chandra says why however acharya,we want to save Bharti,Chanakya says Nandini is magads ruling queen and we will be able to’t deal on her and I will be able to by no means surrender on nand, Chandra says I’m king and as a king if I agree and move the order then, Chanakya says I gained’t agree as it’s private and now not in good thing about magad and leaves.

Roopa making a song Chandras favorite music and says Chandra nowadays you’ll fall for Roopa. Chandra walks within the room,Nandini says Chandra seems like you actually became to monkey you right here track and really feel scorching when it’s so cool,Chandra holds her tight and says Nandini your father, do you in point of fact assume he’s all the time proper as a result of these days he has abducted acharyas daughter asking in go back for you,Nandini says I will be able to do the important however will save acharyas daughter,Chandra says so is what I sought after however you’re ruling queen and that is towards the principles and you realize once I see you I see the evil nand get out I don’t want to see you and closes the door.

Roopa hears all this and says as a result of this nand I will be able to’t meet Chandra and shatters the entire room,sunanada tries to prevent her ,Roopa says Don’t ma and assaults her and says that silly nand, he abducted acharyas daughter and now Chandra I cant see him,Chaya passing by way of hears the noise and thinks why is Nandini speaking this manner, Sunanda says why however why you feel so dangerous about now not seeing Chandra,Roopa says as a result of I really like him now Chandra is best mine and now not that helinas or Nandini,what all did I do to insult and create dangerous symbol of nandini,acted as though in lust of Maliektu and drank alcohol however now not now it has all acted towards me shit,now I shall kill Nandini.

Chaya says oh god it used to be her and now not Nandini i’ve to Chandra,Sunanda says regulate,Chaya walks in,Roopa says oh chaya are available inform me what it’s,Chaya says I do know your fact and can tell Chandra too,I used to be so dangerous with Nandini and all as a result of you and leaves,Sunanda says Roopa move prevent her or else we will be able to be sentenced to demise,Roopa follows her and says Chaya it’s just right so that you can stay mum or else Roopa won’t spare you,Chaya says on one can prevent me,Roopa pushes Chaya from Stair case and begins giggling and says I will be able to break any person who comes my method.

Pre cap : mora and Chandra with Chaya, Vaidya treating Chaya,mora says why has God written most effective ache in my youngsters lifestyles.
Nandini says Chandra don’t let ache over come you, cry and let it pass,you’ll be able to cry in entrance of me and hugs him,Chandra hugs her and cries in ache.


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