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Spoilers 19th October 2018

Ishq SubhanAllah:Ruksar is excited for her wedding night with Kabeer. She dances happily and turns Zara angry. Kabeer asks Zara why is she doing this. Zara asks him why did he agree to Ruksar, it would be better if he gives her Khula. She tells himt hat its a test …

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Spoilers 18th October 2018

Jijaji Chath Par Hai:Ilaychi likes Pancham and doesn’t leave a chance to flirt with him. They have a cute romantic moment, on their way to home. When she injected him truth serum, he has confessed love to her. Pancham tells her that he loves her a lot. He learns that …

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Twin troubles IshRa SS Part 12

Twin troubles Part 12 Abhishek Divya got engaged in a grand engagement function.They exchanged rings. They cut cake together and fed each other. They posed romantically for photographs. Raman Ishita on stage:We dedicate our performance to the newly engaged Abhishek and Divya.Abhishek Divya smiled. Tujhko… main rakh loon wahaanJahaan pe …

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Spoilers 15th October 2018

Kaleerein: Meera and Vivaan have a new problem. Paromita’s sister Tulika wants revenge from Vivaan. She meets Meera at the Soni kudi academy and acts innocent. Meera gets concerned for her and agrees to help her. The family welcomes Tulika, unaware of her truth. Tulika wants to kill Vivaan. Tulika …

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