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Preeran FF ; Realization Part 65

Luthra house  Anu wakes up early than everybody els and goes to kitchen Anu : good morning aunty Rakhi : hello ji good morning you woke up so early today Anu : yea you know my hitler sister she never let me sleep past 7 and today she herself is …

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Preeran FF ; Realization Part 66

Luthra house Preeta comes back to her room at night only to find it decorated and rose petals on floor. “Walk on this petals to start our new life baby doll his voice echoes in room Preeta smiles and walk on roses petal slowly. “Karan where are you she looks …

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Preeran FF ; Realization Part 67

Ground   Karan does his exercise before starting the practice Rohan ; hey captain whats up? after long time I got see your face Karan : why am I so charming? I know thats why girls love me Rohan : why not you are our Krishna Kaniyaa Karan : the …

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Preeran SS : Destined love Part 1

The scene opens with Karan and Preeta’s conversation in room. “Ask your heart why does it matter to you” Karan makes her hand put on heart Preeta closes her eyes recalling his moments with from past, his bantering, care concern, making her laugh when she is sad. Karan : did …

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Preeran SS : Destined Love Part 2

Luthra house Karan introduces Radhika to Arora family “And finally this is Preeta, my bestie” Karan holds her from shoulder but she jerks him off Preeta : sorry he is little crazy, nice to meet you Radhika : hi you are same as Rakhi aunty told me so beautiful (compliments …

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