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Spoilers 22nd October 2018

Internet Wala Love:Jai kidnaps Aadhya. She tries to run way and take help. Jai stops her. He knows she doesn’t love her, and got her kidnapped so that this marriage stops. Jai asks Aadhya to close her eyes and realize whom she loves. Aadhya thinks of just Jai. They both …

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Spoilers 19th October 2018

Ishq SubhanAllah:Ruksar is excited for her wedding night with Kabeer. She dances happily and turns Zara angry. Kabeer asks Zara why is she doing this. Zara asks him why did he agree to Ruksar, it would be better if he gives her Khula. She tells himt hat its a test …

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Spoilers 12th October 2018

Nimki Mukhiya:Nimki gets self encouraged and tries to reform Babbu’s family. She supports Sweety, and also feels that Babbu’s heart is changing towards her. Anaro gets insecure thinking Babbu is also liking Nimki. Nimki asks Anaro not to do more bad deeds. She warns her that her children are bearing …

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Spoilers 7th October 2018

Ishq SubhanAllah:Kabeer takes Zara out on a lovely dovey trip. Kabeer wants to calm down the tensions in his relation. Kabeer and Zara spend some moments of peace and happiness. He tells her that he wants to know more about her likes, so that he can give her more happiness. …

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Spoilers 6th October 2018

Papa By Chance: Yuvaan chases Ullu to cut his long hair. Ullu doesn’t want to lose his hair. He loves his hairstyle. Yuvaan tells him that he is looking like a monkey, he will look civilized if he gets a sober hair style. Ullu asks Bela to save his hair. …

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