Can I fall in love Episode 2

Thank you such a lot on your fortify guys….. This won’t be an extended ff. I will check out updating often.

Birla space:
Pratima: So this is fastened Sharad. Tomorrow we will be able to meet my can be bahu.
Sharad smiles.
Sh: Mausi I have some paintings…..
All the 3 of them smile.
Yuvi: Don’t lie Sharad, we all know you’ll name Bhavna.
Sh: No guru.
He leaves they usually chuckle on him.
Yuvi: I will inform others.
Sharad calls Suhani.
Suh: Wow bhaiya…… I am so exited, you’re gonna marry di!!!
Sh: I too, I can’t consider a lot of these taking place…Everything looks like a dream…..
Suh: Oh my dreamer…It’s in reality taking place….
They stored speaking. Yuvi and others see him satisfied at the telephone and smiles.

Yuvi: Come on Gauri, I will assist you to together with your challenge.
Gauri: Thank you Viyu. So bhai’s marriage could also be fastened na.
Yuvi: Gauri please, don’t really feel insecure. You know Sharad, you are going to be all the time pricey to him.
Gauri:Nothing like that Viyu. I simply hope he stays the similar.
Yuvi: He will pricey.
He pats on her cheek and smiles. She too smiles they usually headed to her room.

Meanwhile Bhavna used to be looking to name Sharad and used to be indignant to seek out his telephone engaged. She noticed Suhani on telephone and understood why Sharad used to be busy. She dials Yuvi.
Yuvi sees Bhavna’s name.
Yuvi: (at a loss for words)They hung up!! By seeing Sharad I idea their name used to be gonna final somewhat longer. Whatever.
He attends the decision and is going out.
Yuvi: Hi Bhavna
Bh: Yuvi are you able to please inform that silly cousin of yours to spare a while for me. I am his gf!!!
Yuvi: What!!! Where you now not speaking to him, I simply noticed him on telephone.
Bh: (sighs) He is busy speaking to my sis!!!
Yuvi: Are you critical? He is speaking on your sis!! Don’t fear Bhavna, I will communicate to that fool. By the best way Bhavna congrats, I am more than happy for you.
Bh: Thanks Yuvi, I am satisfied and unhappy on the similar time.
Yuvi: Happy and unhappy, what do you imply by that?
Bh: Well you understand why I am satisfied, I am unhappy as a result of I have to go away my space. You know I by no means stayed clear of Suhani. I can have the funds for being clear of Ma and Pappa, as a result of
none of my holidays I spent at house. Always some camp or the opposite. But I attended all the ones with Suhani. I can’t call to mind staying clear of her.
Lata hears Bhavna and get unhappy. She leaves.
Yuvi: Well, Bhavna, I …. I don’t know what to mention or how that will help you.
Bh: Hey, don’t really feel sorry, I know you can’t do anything else….. I used to be simply pronouncing my thoughts out. Now I really feel somewhat at ease.
Yuvi: Thank God, I am of a few lend a hand.
Bh: Yuvi!! But bring to mind it Yuvi, I am doing most of these for that fool and he’s busy speaking to his sis!!
Yuvi: You are proper Bhavna. I will see that silly. Bye.
Bh: bye.
Yuvi: Gauri, I can be again in some time.
Yuvi is going to Sharad.
Yuvi: Sharad, are you insane??? For the final part an hour Bhavna is making an attempt you and you’re busy together with your sis!! Great!!
Sh: (regretfully) did she name you?
Yuvi: What else can she do, you simply overlook her when you’re together with your sister.
Sh: Guru I am sorry.
Yuvi: Now name her you fool.
He leaves.
Suhani hears the entirety and assists in keeping her hand on head regretfully.
Suh: Oops, Bhaiya I assume we will be able to be screwed.
Sh: Will be screwed? We are screwed. Now want me good fortune. I am gonna step right into a volcano.
Suh: You are proper bhaiya. Good good fortune. Bye, see you.
Sh: Bye.
He dials Bhavna.
Sh: (tensely) Hello
Bh: (angrily) Finally you were given time for me?
Sh: I am sorry……
Bh: Wow, nice, now you’re sorry?
Sh: Please chill out.
Bh: I won’t. Neither am I gonna settle for your sorry. You might be punished.
Sh: (relieved) Anything Bhavna.
Bh: Tomorrow you’re gonna hung out with me on my own. We shall be going a for date, simply you and I. You won’t name Suhani the next day to come.
Sh: (smiles) Pakka.
Bhavna too smiles.
Bh: I love you.
Sh: (smiling widely) I love you too…..Good night time.
Bh: Good night time.
Disconnects the decision.
They each smiles seeing each and every other’s photograph.

Lata went to Suhani.
Lata: Beta, you each are taking depart proper?
Suh: Yeah Mummy. I simply mailed our depart programs.
Lata: Good beta.
She leaves.
Suhani dials Kasyap
Kasyap: Hey
Suh: Hi, I am on depart day after today.
Kas: Leave? Why?
Suh: Di’s marriage is nearly fastened, they’re coming to peer her the next day.
Kas: Poor di……. Anyway, I will come in the night to pick out you.
Suh: Yeah, by then the entirety would recover from. Good night time.
Kas: Good night time.
Suhani calls Soumya and tells about Bhavna.

Sharad is going to Gauri
Sh: Sorry Gauri, I used to be somewhat busy.
Gauri: It’s good enough bhai, We have been simply doing my challenge.
Sh: I know, I got here that will help you.
They got to work in combination.
Pratima calls out for Guari.
Pratima: Beta, it’s raining, please pass to terrace and get garments.
Gauri: sure Ma.
Gauri used to be about to go away and Yuvi stops her.
Yuvi : (Handing her an umbrella) take this and pass.
Gauri: (assists in keeping her palms on head) Viyu, for heaven’s sake, I am simply going to terrace!!
Yuvi: Still you are going to be rainy and can ruin the ground and the home.
Gauri and Sharad stares at each and every different.
Gauri: Viyu please…
Yuvi: (sternly) take this and move.
Gauri seems at him being annoyed. Sharad laughs seeing Gauri.
Gauri: I in reality pity that unfortunate woman, who’s destined with you, Poor factor, you are going to force her mad.
Sharad laughs even more difficult.
Yuvi: Well, if she seems to be careless such as you, then I will indisputably trade her.
Sharad prays for her.

Meanwhile at Shrivastav space.
Suhani is going to her Papa.
Suh: (excitedly) Papa it’s raining!!!
Punkaj: Wow, hurray, come on now.
They move out and revel in rain as though seeing it for the primary time. Both love rain such a lot that, when it rains, they put out of your mind the whole thing else and revel in rain utterly.
Lata: Punkaj ji, Suhani, come inside of, you are going to fall in poor health.
Punkaj: Lata ji, don’t be a damage spot. (Excitedly) It’s raining.
Bh: Ma, you understand them, they won’t come inside of now.
Lata: (sighs) I am requesting the general time, are you coming inside of?
Suh: Not till we revel in rain to its fullest.
Lata: (annoyed) Do as you would like!!
They giggle. They loved rain for some time after which got here inside of and dried themselves.
Punkaj: Had a laugh beta?
Suh: It used to be so a laugh, Papa
Punkaj: Are you proud of Bhavna’s marriage?
Suh: Of path Papa, they each love each and every different such a lot and also you noticed how satisfied di used to be when Mummy stated that they’re going to come day after today.
Punkaj: You know beta, it’s my handiest dream. After your delivery, I have simply dreamed about your and your sister’s marriage. Your sister is set to marry after which your marriage.
Suhani used to be shaken; she checked out her dad and noticed the depth of this dream of his in his eyes.
Suh: Papa, I am drained, let me move and sleep. Good night time.
Punkaj: Good night time Beta.

At Suhani’s room. Suhani’s pov
Papa, I can’t, I can’t percentage my lifestyles with somebody!! Please I can’t, it’s my lifestyles. But Suhani, you can’t harm your Papa’s emotions. It is his largest dream. Now settle for this reality. You should marry, in your Papa. What is using occupied with this and being unhappy?? No use, do something, pass to di.
At Bhavna’s room.
Suh: Di, you’re nonetheless conscious? What came about?
Bhavna involves Suhani and hugs her.
Suh: (astonished) Di, what came about?
Bh: I will omit you such a lot. We by no means stayed clear of each and every different.
It used to be handiest then Suhani considered this, she used to be surprised however regained temporarily.
Suh: Di, it’s inevitable, anyway you are going to depart in few days, so let’s revel in those golden days.
Bh: Yeah proper, from lately until my marriage, you are going to sleep with me.
Suh: (smiles) Pakka di.
They sleep.

Its morning:
Lata: Suhani, the place is Bhavna?
Suh: Mummy, di is getting in a position.
Lata : (turning in some heavy jewelry) Now move and put on those.
Suh: Mummy, aren’t you uninterested? You know that I won’t put on those.
Lata: But you glance so easy in this beta.
Suh: Mummy this is I. If I put on those, I will really feel that I am in somebody else’s frame. Please prevent it.
Suhani sees Punkaj
Suh: Papa, please give an explanation for Mummy.
Punkaj: Lata ji why are you forcing her?
Lata: Punkaj ji, please don’t all the time aspect her. That’s why she is that this cussed. She by no means listens to me.
Suh: Mummy then say one thing, which is value listening.
She runs.
Lata: See her Punkaj ji.
Punkaj: Lata ji, spare her.
Lata fumes and leaves.

Birla space
Yuvi is going to Sharad.
Yuvi: Looking actually good-looking.
Sharad fakes a grin.
Yuvi: What came about Sharad?
Sh: I am very fearful!!! I am going to satisfy uncle and aunty for the primary time.
Yuvi: (ironically) do something, name Suhani. She will permit you to.
Sh: I can’t. I promised Bhavna that I won’t name Suhani these days.
Yuvi laughs.
Yuvi: This is the most productive promise that you must give Bhavna.
Just then Gauri enters.
Gauri: Bhai, we’re getting past due. Come temporarily.
They depart.

At Shrivastav space
Punkaj, Lata and Suhani won Birlas. They all presented themselves. Lata sees Yuvi and thinks.
Punkaj: Suhani,deliver Bhavna.
Suh: Ji Papa.
Suhani brings Bhavna. She used to be taking a look very stunning. Sharad may just now not take his eyes of her. Anuj teases him. Pratima and dadi likes each Bhavna and Suhani.
Dadi: Now that everyone is proud of this marriage, I will name Pandit ji day after today and fasten the date.
Lata: : Ma ji for those who don’t thoughts me pronouncing, Suhani and Bhavna have by no means stayed clear of each and every different, If you don’t thoughts, are we able to continue Suhani’s alliance with Yuvraj?
Dadi: I don’t thoughts if youngsters are happy with it.
Suhani and Yuvraj are surprised!! They have been about to rebellion. Just then, Bhavna screams luckily and hugged her mom. Seeing Bhavna that satisfied, either one of them may just now not say an immediate no.
Yuvi: Dadi, Ma, we simply met these days. I will neither say a sure nor a no lately. I want time to know Suhani. Then I can come up with a solution.
Dadi: How a lot time do you wish to have?
Yuvi: A month.
Dadi: What about you beta?(Dadi requested Suhani)
Suhani used to be so shaken. She may just now not talk a phrase.

Yuvani meets in the park.

Can I fall in love Episode 2 .

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