Bin Kuch Kahe 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update

OZEE TV Bin Kuch Kahe 29th March 2017 Written Update Episode.

Abha rushes house in auto to prevent Sudha from assembly Nikhil’s mom. Sudha travels in auto after buying groceries. Auto motive force stops 2 blocks sooner than her space and says he can not move additional. She provides him 30 rs. He says aunty it’s 50. She says he seems like grandpa and calling her aunty. He says behanji. She argues and provides him 40 rs. Abha reaches and will pay final 10 rs. Sudha asks why did she come house so early. Abha says she has to lend a hand Aryan in his faculty challenge and says Nikhil referred to as her and knowledgeable his mother isn’t at house, so to not move to his space. Sudha asks why she seems to be frightened. Abha says allow us to pass house and talk.

Kabeer mountaineering on commode tries to damage window with flush gun. Abha and Sudha input house and listen to sound from Myra and Riya’s rest room and thinks this is a thief.

Aryan reaches from faculty they usually inform him a thief has entered. He angrily rushes against room shouting how dare a thief is to go into is space. They all three barge into rest room and are surprised to peer Myra and Kabeer. Kabeer and Myra additionally shout in a surprise. Aryan asks what are they doing right here.

Kabeer and Myra tell them what came about. Riya additionally joins them and reminisces Kabeer telling his rest room does now not have water and he has to wait the most important assembly. She asks him to make use of her rest room. He asks what about Myra, she does now not adore it. She insists and sends him. Whole circle of relatives laughs. Sudha says even she and her husband were given caught in teach washroom as soon as. Abha alerts that Aryan is right here and asks him to head and end his homework. Sudha asks about his faculty venture. He says which undertaking, he finishes his tasks himself. Kabeer discusses about cookies. Riya shouts she had ready them for herself. Family drama continues.

Shekhawat calls florist and asks if he delivered bouquet Mrs. Sudha Kohli. Florist says sure. He asks who won it. Florist says he does now not know. He scolds why don’t they take signature all through supply and thinks what if his card fell down and Mrs. Kohli will have to be perplexed who despatched her bouquet. Myra calls her and says she may just now not come to place of business early because of emergency at house. He asks if her mom is ok. She says sure, she had some private factor. He insists to inform what. She says she can not inform and can succeed in workplace in 30 min. He says k and leaves administrative center in a rush.

Aryan involves Kabeer and requests him to show karate. Kabeer consents and begins educating. Myra will get in a position for administrative center and hears sounds from Kabeer’s room. She walks against his room and sees him educating karate to Aryan and giving him ethical gyaan about self-worth and self protection. Aryan leaves greeting Myra. Kabeer asks if she all the time needs to be informed karate, she will shield herself when she will get locked in rest room once more. She says she does now not want and says she mailed article and he can test.

Precap: Myra argues with Kabeer and shouts to get out of her space. Sudha hears that and fumes at Myra.

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