Bin Kuch Kahe 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update

OZEE TV Bin Kuch Kahe 28th March 2017 Written Update Episode.

Myra tests her day by day mails on pc after which is going to her room to get in a position for administrative center. She opens rest room door and is surprised to peer Kabeerin. She shouts what’s he doing in her rest room, if he can not shower in his rest room. He says he does now not water in his rest room, so Riya asks to have tub in her rest room. Myra shouts even she makes use of this loo. She slips and he holds. Door will get locked.

Riya and Sudha store at lot and are noticed on Jaipur’s busy markets. They succeed in Abha’s eating place and display their buying groceries luggage. Abha scolds when there’s such a lot money drawback, why did they store. Riya and Sudha blame each and every different. Abha asks to reserve lunch and feature it. They end lunch and Sudha says it used to be yummy. Abha says it’s all the time yummy. Sudha says she could be very drained and can and sleep now.

Abha asks Riya to lend a hand her in eating place. Riya says she is drained. Abha insists her and pampers that she is taking a look scorching these days.

Nikhil calls Abha and informs that consumer can pay catering invoice in 2-Three days and says he’s going out of Jaipur and shall be again by way of night. Abha tells Sudha goes to his space to congratulate his mom for his engagement with Sarika. Nikhil panics and asks to prevent Sudha at this time. She asks what came about and calls Sudha and Myra and their telephone isn’t reachable. Nikhil informs that Sarika isn’t his fiance and it used to be Myra’s plan to reunite him and Riya. Abha leaves for house and asks worker to not let Riya pass house.

Kabeer and Myra’s nok jhok continues. Mrya continues yelling at Kabeer as same old. Kabeer enjoys frustrating her. He selections hair pin and tries to open door. She yells it’s four hours he didn’t open door. He asks to prevent frustrating him. Pin breaks. She selections cookies and munches them. He asks to percentage some. She says no. He requests. She stocks and says it used to be Riya’s as she likes cookies so much. She sees window and asks him to lend a hand her get out by the use of it. He lifts her. She shouts to go away her. He says with out preserving her how will he lend a hand. She says allow us to destroy window and move out. He says he can not as he’s dressed in handiest towel. She asks to bend, she is going to climb his again and get out by means of window.

Precap: Sudha and Abha listen sound from Myra and Riya’s room and assume a thief has entered. They each and Aryan input retaining utensils to hit thief and are surprised to peer Kabeer and Myra. Kabeer and Myra shout. Aryan asks what are they doing right here.

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