Bin Kuch Kahe 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Zee TV Bin Kuch Kahe 27th April 2017 Written Update Episode.

Nikhil involves Kohli space and asks Sudha the place is Riya. She says in her same old as same old and she or he continues to be depressed, hope her album do not have been cancelled. Nikhil says he’s going to attempt to cheer up Riya and get her again to commonplace self. He is going to Riya’s room and converses together with her, says she will have to take her medications. She says she does now not want them. He tries to cheer her up.

Sandy is going to Abha’s café and revel in snacks. Abha ignores him and will get busy in paintings. He forcefully suggests her that she wishes to transform on her menu and as an alternative of serving unmarried dishes make a combo and scale back worth slightly, that approach her gross sales will building up or even buyer can be satisfied. Abha silently listens to him.

Back house, Abha tries to organize new menu of her cafeteria. Myra tries to signify. Abha fumes that she does now not want someone’s lend a hand. She leaves angrily. Aryan sees that and unfortunately asks Kabeer if mama will promote their cafeteria.

Akshay involves Sudha and greets her. She asks if he needs to have snacks. He says he simply had breakfast. She says colonel saheb would were satisfied seeing you in military uniform. Akshay lies that when colonel uncle informed that he loves his daughter, however hope he had a son whom he can see in military uniform, so he turned into military guy. Sudha kisses his brow emotionally and blesses him. Once he leaves, Sudha calls her sister-in-law and discusses about Akshay and tells she needs Myra to marry Akshay to proceed military lineage of their circle of relatives. Akshay hears that status close to door and will get satisfied that he used to be looking ahead to this.

Abha makes new menu with 20 cut price on combinations. Myra likes it and asks who instructed this concept. Abha will get engrasped in Sandy’s ideas.

Precap: Sarika tells Nikhil she can not proceed lies anymore. Riya asks what lies. Nikhil tells when Riya broke engagement with him, he lied that he’s marrying Sarika to make Riya jealous in hopes of..Riya says in hopes that she loves him nonetheless.

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