Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update

And TV Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th March 2017 Written Update Episode.

The episode begins with vibhu making anita’s portrait and anita says how is it? vibhu says keep nonetheless and it is going to be clearly the way you glance. Anita will get satisfied and says sure make it temporarily. Vibhu says so its accomplished. Anita says I’m coming and staring at. Vibhu says shut your eyes first, anita says k and closes her eyes. Vibhu presentations portray and tells open your eyes, anita opens her eyes and is surprised, she screams and says what the hell is that this? Vibhu says your portray in fact. Anita is indignant and says do I appear to be a monkey? And such massive lips and eyes, vibhu you spoilt my temper. Vibhu says anu you recognize I used to make cartoons in school so I made that, anita says I advised you to make portray however you made a cool animated film.
Tiwari comes and says hi. Tiwari says perhaps I got here on the mistaken

time, vibhu says you all the time come on the improper time. Tiwari says get misplaced and goes when anita stops him and says wait, I will be able to inform you and I advised vibhu to make my portrait however he made a silly cool animated film. Tiwari says you shouldn’t have informed him and I will have made your portray. Anita says you realize? Tiwari says sure I used to be a qualified painter right through school. Vibhu says he’s mendacity. Tiwari says he’s going to make anitas portray.
In kitchen, anguri is making meals and vibhu comes and says hi. He says did she find out about Tiwari that he’s a painter? Anguri says painter? No, Tiwari isn’t a painter and I by no means knew about that. Vibhu says this guy has been a painter and his spouse doesn’t know that. Vibhu says Tiwari goes to make anita’s portrait the next day to come. Anguri says wow this is great, vibhu says you inform Tiwari to make your portray these days itself. Anguri says sure I will be able to. Vibhu is going.
Outside saxena’s space tika and malkhan are there and Tiwari comes as he listens tika speaking on telephone that he’s going to do the paint process. Tiwari says you paint? Tika says sure. Tika says I paint so smartly that for those who give me contract I will be able to shine your home. Tiwari says rattling you’re employee and now not artist. Saxena comes and says you assume those boys no the best way to paint? Not in any respect. Saxena tells them to head. They pass. Saxena says Tiwari you’re discovering a painter, are available I will be able to show you a vintage painter. Tiwari is going.
Saxena opens the curtains and at the back of there are lots of stunning artwork. Tiwari is stunned and says oh my god they’re so stunning and who made them? Saxena says I made it brother. Tiwari says what? You made it? saxena says sure and I by no means displayed my artwork however I’m the author. Tiwari says if truth be told I want your lend a hand and anita informed me to make her portray, saxena says you will have to have informed you’re a just right painter, Tiwari says sure. Saxena says k I do know what you wish to have and you wish to have me to make her portray. Tiwari says sure. Saxena says what is going to I am getting? Tiwari says I will be able to tie you to are living wires. Saxena says I adore it and says k I will be able to do it. Tiwari explains to saxena.
At house anguri is ready and Tiwari comes. She says you by no means advised me you’re a painter and vibhu informed me. Tiwari says if I say no then she is going to inform anita and create a multitude. Tiwari says sure I’m a painter. Anguri will get satisfied and says this is really nice and make my portray now please. Tiwari says now? No I will be able to make in 2-Three days. Anguri says no I would like it now. Tiwari says no I cant make now. Anguri says I would like it presently, make it. Tiwari scolds her and says are you mad? I stated I wont make it now. Anguri says I will be able to name mother then, Tiwari says k wait I will be able to make it. Tiwari takes the guide and attracts a determine and anguri sees. She says this doesn’t appear to be me. Tiwari says trendy artwork is like that most effective. Anguri says I didn’t perceive, tiwrai says wait I will be able to give an explanation for. He says that is your stunning smile and lovely eyes, that is your little nostril. Anguri blushes and says wow that is like me. I just like the portray, she is going to convey dinner for Tiwari.
Next day at house anita is ready and Tiwari comes with the drawing stuff. He units it. vibhu says that liar got here. Tiwrai says don’t say that. Anita says close up vibhu. She says make my portray and what shall I deliver so that you can consume? Tiwari says no Bhabhi ji I don’t consume whilst portray. Anita says k. Tiwari says inform vibhu to head and he disturbs me. Vibhu says I wont. Anita says vibhu pass and let him make with a loose thoughts. Vibhu says k and is going. Tiwari says anita give the titanic pose, anita says umm I will be able to give any other pose than that. Anita sits with a pose. Tiwari takes the brushes however unexpectedly happu comes. He sits. Happu singh says what are you doing Tiwari? Anita says in fact he’s making my portray. Happu laughs and says this guy will make your portray? Tiwari will get indignant. Anita says he’s going to. Tiwari says inform him to head bhabhiji and he’s worrying me. Anita tells happu to head and happu says whilst going that show me the portray aftr its made. He is going.

Precap: anguri presentations vibhu the portray Tiwari product of her. Vibhu laughs. At house vibhu presentations anita the portray and says see the reality of Tiwari.

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