Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update

And TV Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th March 2017 Written Update Episode.

The episode begins with tika and malkhan at tea stall and tika says malkhan do one thing and I’ve a headache, its bursting my head. Malkhan says what can I do in that? Tika says therapeutic massage my head please I’m your good friend please. Malkhan says k and begins massaging tika’s head. Happu comes and says wow you’re massaging him? I’ve a headache too and are available therapeutic massage my head too. Malkhan says I haven’t opened a therapeutic massage parlor and tika is my pal so I’m doing it. vibhu comes and its, he says the day prior to this happu I noticed your scooter out of doors gulfam kali’s space. Happua says I went there to research as there used to be a theft. Vibhu says such a lot time? Happu says what have you learnt? Vibhu says I do know so much and will have to I inform? Tika and malkhan giggle. Tiwari comes nervous and says vibhu have you learnt

a therapeutic massage lady? Vibhu says you’ve got such pursuits? Tiwari says now not me and anguri were given sprain in her ankle so I want therapeutic massage lady for her. Vibhu thinks I will be able to be the therapeutic massage lady for anguri, vibhu tells I will be able to ship the lady. Tiwari is going.
At house vibhu comes dressed as therapeutic massage lady and standa on the door. he says I’ve to try this for anguri Bhabhi. He is available in, anguri comes. Vibhu says I’m katori therapeutic massage lady and I used to be informed somebody has ache within the ankle right here so I got here. Anguri says sure I had the ache however now I don’t want the therapeutic massage. Tiwari comes and says oh you could have come. Anguri says I don’t want the therapeutic massage now. Tiwari says now she has come then as an alternative do my again therapeutic massage. Anguri says sure do his. Vibhu says in womans voice no. anguri say why? You can do therapeutic massage and do his again therapeutic massage. Tiwari lies entrance on settee and gets rid of blouse. Vibhu begins doing therapeutic massage and thinks I got here right here for anguri however need to do the therapeutic massage of this bullock. Anita comes and says this therapeutic massage lady? Anguri says sure. Anita says to vibhu that katori after tiwari’s therapeutic massage come to my space too and I are living within the reverse space. Vibhu says k. Happu comes at doorstep and sees vibhu as therapeutic massage lady and is amazed, he smiles after which is available in and says katori come at my house for therapeutic massage I will be able to come up with cash. Anita says happu I booked her first after that she is going to come. Happu says gori mam please let her come at my space first and I’ve horrible headache please. Anita says k.
At tea stall, tika malkhan Tiwari and vibhu are there. Happu comes. Tiwari says so how used to be katori therapeutic massage lady? Happu says she seemed so scorching and lovely and I loved taking therapeutic massage from her. Vibhu feels indignant. Tiwari says what did you do together with her and everybody giggle. Happu blushes and says I loved her. Everyone snicker. Vibhu will get indignant and says simply close up you characterless guy. Happu says what did I do? Vibhu says how are you able to tease a lady like that? Vibhu will get indignant and is going. Happu says I stated it to katori what came about to him?
At night time in bed room anita reads paper and says information has come that the day prior to this police males raided a therapeutic massage parlor the place males have been disguised as lady and doing the therapeutic massage of girls. Vibhu will get scared. Anita says how can males be such characterless and I wont ever move to such therapeutic massage parlors. Vibhu says don’t fear I will be able to do your therapeutic massage child. Anita says no I’m calling that katori therapeutic massage lady. Vibhu will get surprised.
Next day at tea stall, tika malkhan are there. Vibhu come and sits. Tiwari is available in hurry and sits. He says vibhu in reality anguri has a large number of ache in her brow and she or he wishes a therapeutic massage. Vibhu says what form of a person are you? and as an alternative of coming right here you will have long past and finished her therapeutic massage and also you dumb guy in case you don’t pass I will be able to move and do the therapeutic massage. Everyone take a look at him. Vibhu stops and sees after which says I intended pass and do her therapeutic massage. Tiwari says give me the choice of that katori therapeutic massage lady and phone her again. Vibhu thinks k so I will be able to get to do the therapeutic massage. Vibhu says you move and I will be able to name her, Tiwari is going. Tika malkhan say after anguri’s therapeutic massage ship that lady to us or even we’d like a therapeutic massage. Vibhu slaps them and says you each don’t seem to be value it, vibhu is going.
At house anguri is hopping on flooring and enjoying with cube. Vibhu comes dressed as katori and stands on the door, he says anguri seems to be wonderful and she or he had a headache? But she is enjoying with cube right here. Vibhu is going inside of and talks in lady’s voice and says you had a headache? And I used to be referred to as right here to do your therapeutic massage. Anguri says sure I had a minor headache however don’t have now. Tiwari comes and gets rid of blouse and says now that she doesn’t have headache do my again therapeutic massage as I’ve ache.

Precap: out of doors anguri’s space, tika malkhan and happu singh hang vibhu pronouncing katori these days you wil do all our therapeutic massage.

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