Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th March 2017 Written Episode Update

And TV Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th March 2017 Written Update Episode.

The episode begins with anguri and Tiwari discussing that lately is 1st april and its april fools day. Anguri says sure shall we make somebody idiot, Tiwari says how about making vibhu a idiot? Anguri says sure shall we make vibhu and anita april idiot.

After someday, anguri calls at vibhu’s space on telephone and vibhu selections it up. He says what came about? Tiwari wears a masks and has knife, anguri screams on telephone and says please save me, lend a hand me as any person has attacked me. Anguri assists in keeping telephone and laughs. Vibhu will get scared and says wait bhabhiji we’re coming. Vibhu is going there with anita. there he sees anguri scared and says the place is he? Tiwari dressed in masks comes from at the back of and throws vibhu on settee and has knife, he’s going to assault vibhu. He then simply goes to place knife, when vibhu says oh no

I were given stabbed, anita closes her eyes and will get scared and says no!! then anguri begins giggling and Tiwari gets rid of masks. Anita says what is going on and vibhu says what used to be that? Tiwari and anguri say it’s 1st april and april idiot. They each snicker. Anita and vibhu then snigger too after which pass house.

At house anita says how did I develop into a idiot? And I’m so clever lady. Vibhu says yeah however you was a idiot. Anita says its all as a result of you and why did you move there. Vibhu says excuse me, anguri stated she used to be in hassle and who knew they have been fooling us? Vibhu says it’s a curse to be your husband. Anita says what did you assert? Vibhu says I stated it’s a curse to be your husband. Anita says are you carried out now? Vibhu says sure, anita says move make espresso. Vibhu says k and is going.

At tea stall tika is there studying paper and malkhan comes, he says what’s the information? Tika says nowadays’s information says that there’s a guy who is thrashing up police males and operating away. Malkhan says did he beat happu singh? Tika says why? Malkhan says the day before today mangilal’s daughter referred to as me at night time and stated come to satisfy me and I really like you, so I went however happu used to be there and he beat me such a lot that it harm. Tika laughs, malkhan hits him and says then she referred to as me and stated april idiot. Tika says oh k, he says do you wish to have a revenge? Malkhan says sure, tika says see he’s coming so lie down right here and act as lifeless and we will be able to take revenge. Malkhan sleeps and acts lifeless, tika begins crying and says malkhan you’re lifeless. Happu comes and says what came about? Tika says that is as a result of you and he died as a result of you. happu says died? What came about? Tika says the previous day you beat him such a lot that his guts swelled and he died and prior to demise stated he died as a result of you so I’m going to commissioner. Happu says no prevent please I’ve youngsters, tika says give me 50okay rupees then. Happu says such a lot? I don’t have. Tika says give what’s on your pocket, he is taking 2k rupees they usually distribute in each and every different. Malkhan will get up, each say april idiot and move. Happu says so its april fools day and sits down.

At house anita says I nonetheless cant settle for that Tiwari and anguri made us a idiot. Tilu comes and says vibhu, Tiwari fell from stairs, vibhu says great its just right. Tilu says however even anguri fell down saving him. Vibhu says what? She fell too and anita and vibhu pass there. There Tiwari and anguri act subconscious. Vibhu anita and tilu come. Vibhu cries and says oh my god anguri why did you move? And you shoul have let him fall, anita says what to do now? Suddenly tilu laughs and Tiwari and anguri rise up and snigger too and says april idiot!! Anita and vibhu perceive and pass house.

At house anita says I cant consider they made us a idiot 2d time and now I need to lead them to idiot. Vibhu says sure we will be able to do one thing. Vibhu is going to saxena and tells him I’ve some paintings with you. saxena says say what? Saxena provides him rabdi to consume. Vibhu says I need to make anguri and Tiwari april idiot. Vibhu says the rabdi is sweet, saxena says its 1 month previous rabdi and in fact I noticed it these days morning as cockroaches have been roaming round it so I fried the ones cockroaches and ate its toast and now gave this rabdi to you. vibhu slaps saxena four occasions and sits, saxena says I adore it. vibhu says what sort of a person are you saxena? And how are you able to give other folks one thing like this to consume? Saxena says april idiot vibhu and laughs. Saxena says I made you idiot. Vibhu says oh k after which says I’ve a plan to make anguri and Tiwari idiot, he tells saxena plan.

Outside vibhu space, happu is status and saxena tells happu that I will be able to are available five minutes wait right here. Vibhu and anita open door and anita says now we will be able to make Tiwari and anguri idiot, anita says I will be able to move to right here, vibhu has blanket and says I will be able to do the paintings. Anita is going. Vibhu is going with blanket and covers happu after which begins beating, he beats steadily , tika malkhan come and say why are you beating happu? Anita anguri and Tiwari come too. They say why is he beating? Anita laughs silently. Saxena comes and vibhu and anita are surprised. Vibhu slowly gets rid of blanet and its if truth be told happu as vibhu used to be anticipating saxena. Vibhu runs and happu runs at the back of him. Anita additionally is going to persuade happu.

Everyone pass pronouncing they didn’t perceive what came about there.

At house anita tells Tiwari and anguri that in reality they have been going to idiot you and vibhu used to be beating saxena however it used to be happu by some means so he ran and now god is aware of the place he’s hiding. Tiwari says name him and I will be able to save him from happu presently. Anita calls vibhu and he’s in jhaparkati within the timber hiding at the back of pipeline the place folks come to poop, vibhu says its smelling so much and save me shape happu as he thinks I’m that man who is thrashing police males. Tiwari takes telephone and says inform me the place you’re and I will be able to come there at this time and prevent as I’ve a plan, vibhu tells location and Tiwari is going.

At the pipeline Tiwari sees vibhu and says what a filthy position and it smells such a lot, vibhu says sure it does. Tiwari stand and says I made you april idiot, happu comes with gun and vibhu will get up. He says Tiwari you cheat, happu says I wont depart you this time and vibhu all at once takes gun and throws it and runs away,

At tea stall tika malkhan are there they usually get slapped whilst teasing lady, tika says in this day and age we each don’t even really feel if a lady slaps us as a result of we now have been crushed such a lot of occasions. Malkhan says sure, abruptly vibhu comes and says lend a hand me and provides me a spot to cover shape happu. Tika says k and says move cover at the back of tea stall and we will be able to inform him you went to the grimy gutter. Vibhu hides and happu comes. He asks in the event that they noticed vibhu? Tika and malkhan ask without spending a dime tea, happu says k after which tika unearths where pronouncing he’s hiding at the back of tea stall. Happu is going and issues gun at vibhu, vibhu comes out and happu says now I will be able to train you. vibhu tells happu see there up, happu sees,vibhu takes gun and throws it and sits at the back of any person on a motorcycle and is going. Tika malkhan move pronouncing april idiot.

At house anita says I didn’t be expecting this from you Tiwari and also you referred to as happu to place vibhu in prison. Anguri says that is fallacious Tiwari, vibhu says sure this needless guy sought after me to head in prison. Tiwari slowly calls happu on telephone, happu listens that vibhu is at his space, he is going there together with his gun. Tiwari says I didn’t do anything else, all of sudden happu comes and says vibhu come this time I will be able to beat you in prison. Happu catches vibhu and takes him out, anita says pay attention happu please vibhu hasn’t finished anything else and he beat you only for april idiot and that guy beating police males is any person else. Commissioner comes with a person and says that is the person who beats up police males and why did you arrest vibhu? Anita says I used to be telling him its somebody else nonetheless he didn’t pay attention. Commissioner says sorry to vibhu, happu says sorry, commissioner says I droop you for this act. Happu says what sir? Please don’t do this. Commissioner laughs and says april idiot, everybody chuckle too and happu laughs.

Precap: Tiwari says at tea stall I want a lady who does therapeutic massage, vibhu say why? You do such issues? Tiwari says anguri were given harm on her ankle so I want a therapeutic massage lady for her. Vibhu thinks I will be able to grow to be the lady and move. There vibhu turns into therapeutic massage lady and enters the home.

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