Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update

And TV Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd March 2017 Written Update Episode.

The episode begins with commissioner scolding happu pronouncing you’re licking the ft of an underworld don In this photograph? How dare you? and you’re a police guy and you’re serving for crime? Tiwari says he isn’t value being an Inspector. Commissioner says sure happu you don’t need to be an inspector and I will be able to take away your uniform now an take away your badges and stars presently, prior to that you simply take away them your self and move. Happu says no sir please don’t do this and I’ve youngsters, commissioner says I don’t care and you are taking bribe and now you are going to pass and a brand new deserving inspector will come for this the city. Tika and malkhan are status there and snicker at happu singh. Commissioner seems at tika and malkhan then at Tiwari. Happu says you are going to make tika and malkhan inspector? Commissioner says

no, now Tiwari would be the inspector. Tiwari will get satisfied and says sure sir I will be able to do my highest and prevent that don. Happu says what? And says Tiwari you don’t seem to be value being police guy and get misplaced on your store. Tiwari says close up I’m now the inspector. Commissioner rips off the uniform from happu’s frame as happu could be very indignant and has tears in his eyes. Happu is going and Tiwari says do one thing for this tika and malkhan too sir. Commissioner says k and makes tika and malkhan constables of Tiwari. They each are satisfied.
At house anguri brings kheer for vibhu and saxena says I’ve to style it first in order that poison isn’t there. Anguri says why will I put poison? Saxena says I consider you however Tiwari can put. Saxena takes the bowl and in tasting he eats all kheer. Anguri says what did you do? I introduced it for the don and also you ate it. anita and vibhu come and anita says what came about? Anguri tells what saxena did. Anita says why did you do this and she or he introduced kheer for vibhu. They all take a seat. Saxena says I wantd to test if poison used to be there. Vibhu says that’s proper Tiwari can do this. Tiwari is available in with tika and malkhan at the back of him. Tiwari says It’s not that i am a coward and I will be able to kill my enemy in entrance and now not from at the back of. Anita says this dress of police is sweet? Tiwari says its now not a fancy dress and I’ve been made the inspector of this the city and happu has been got rid of so this can be a observe to the folk doing crime and I’m going to kill them. Everyone is surprised and vibhu is surprised too. Vibhu says there is not any bullet that may kill me. Tiwari says that most effective time will inform. Tiwari is going and anguri is going with him.
Anita says what nonsense is that this vibhu and why are you doing this crime paintings? I will be able to inform the commissioner himself and whinge towards you. vibhu says child you wish to have me to head in prison? Okay then do it. vibhu is going. Anita says what the hell is going on right here?
At night time Tiwari is able to opt for responsibility and anguri stops him and says this time is for love. Tiwari says no I’ve paintings. She tries preventing him via making a song daroga track. Tiwari dances together with her after which is going. Anguri is gloomy and says I am hoping not anything occurs to Tiwari.
There anita tries preventing vibhu and cries so much and says Tiwari will kill you vibhu please don’t move. Vibhu says It’s not that i am scared and a don all the time dangers his lifestyles so I’ve to head. Anita cries and says please Tiwari is taken with rubbing my sindoor and don’t do that vibhu. Vibhu says I’m sorry child and he is going. Anita cries.
At the stables, vibhu and saxena take the cow dung and milk guy says you got here right here once more and are taking the cow dung. Saxena says don’t query the don in a different way he’s going to kill you with bullets. Vibhu is going together with his males with the cow dung. Tiwari comes with tika and malkhan and says good day pay attention I heard anyone is coming and taking cow dung from right here since 2 days. Milk guy says Tiwari? You? and what the hell is going on? Vibhu turned into don and also you inspector. Tika says name him sir. Man says sure sir they usually took all cow dung since 2 days. Tiwari says have you learnt his identify? milk guy’s spouse stops him, he says no sir. Twiari says subsequent time if you recognize name me. Tiwari is going with tika and malkhan.
There anita and anguri are available garden and anita says I am hoping not anything occurs to vibhu. Anguri says even I am hoping Tiwari can be protected in a different way they’re going to shoot each and every different. Vibhu comes with saxena and says anita there is not any bullet on this global which will kill me and don’t fear. Vibhu says I will be able to now not depart Tiwari. Anguri says don’t say that. Tiwari comes with tika and malkhan and says anguri don’t fear I will be able to now not let crime move forward and I will be able to strangle crime to dying. Some voice says vibhu you glance cool on this don go well with. Vibhu says thank bhabhiji, anguri says the place did I say anything else? Some voice once more says Tiwari I feel you are going to blank crime. Twiari says thank you Bhabhi ji such as you stated I will be able to. Anita says I didn’t say anything else. They glance right here and there as who stated? Suddenly fog comes and actress anushka sharma comes.

Precap: anushka says vibhu I do know what you smuggle and what sort of don you’re and will have to I inform them? Tiwari says sure inform everybody. Anushka says I find out about you too Tiwari so don’t fear. Everybody dance.

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