Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th March 2017 Written Episode Update

And TV Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th March 2017 Written Update Episode.

Anita says commissioner ,Dogs like Vibhu so could also be they’re following him,commissioner says I doubt Rdx is in your home let’s test ,happu Singh says no Anita bhabhi can’t be terrorist,Vibhuti runs clear of window, Saxena at the back of a bichoo to get bitten,Vibhuti hides bag within reach and leaves,Saxena sees him .

Commissioner doesn’t in finding bag and says sorry this error used to be as a result of
Of happu canine,he by no means fails however used to be for first time ,Tiwari says could also be happu is mad take him to psychological medical institution,happu Singh says what do you imply,Tiwari says I intended happu canine,commissioner says let’s move and leaves,Anita says god we’re stored the place’s vibhu,Vibhuti walks to them and says don’t fear I’ve dumped the bag,Anita says god task,Tiwari says sure for the primary

time,Vibhuti says shutup,Saxena comes and says bhaiya your bag you forgot it,Vibhuti slaps him and says why did you get it again,Saxena asks what does it include,Anita says it has some previous garments depart it again the place it used to be,Saxena says don’t throw donate them and leaves.

Anita Vibhuti Tiwari and anguri considering what to do with bag,Anita asks the place did you sell off,Vibhuti says in reality I cover it close by,Tiwari says just right for not anything,Vibhuti says why dont you check out then, there are police and canine at the back of,anguri says let’s burn it right here,all give right here chilly glance and forget about,Tiwari says stay such needless concepts with you,Anita says she is so blameless,vibhuti says sure she is,Anita says don’t interrupt anyhow assume what to do with this rdx.

Prem walks to vibhutis space with a lovable pet,Vibhuti walks to him out and asks did you get it,Prem says precisely what you sought after I purchased her from a dancer and happu canine shall be her fan when he sees her,Vibhuti says happu canine is let loose he will have to be within reach,happu canine sees pet and is interested in her,Prem says revel in and takes them each away,happu canine follows the pet.vibhuti says happu has appeal for pet that’s just right. Vibhuti is going close to door and says meow and says the best way is obvious come ,Tiwari comes with rdx bag and leaves.vibhuti is going inside of the home.

Anguri asks the place is Tiwari ,Vibhuti says I assume he were given bursted with rdx, anguri says please don’t,Anita says Vibhuti be just right,Tiwari walks in and says I’m all just right,anguri says did you burst, I Mean all just right,Tiwari says sure,Anita says bag,Tiwari says don’t fear even a black crow can’t in finding it,Malkhan and tikka stroll in with bag and say we noticed this bag with you and later discovered it in jungle right here it’s,Tiwari slaps them,malkhan says we helped you however you,Tiwari slaps them once more,they each depart making a song,Vibhuti says those two are so sure.

Anita says sufficient now we’re going police with this bag,anguri says she is true , Anita says and also you two are cowards so we each shall pass anguri says sure let’s move,Vibhuti says we’re going prison.

Commissioner says happu Singh as a result of you we have now terrorist on the town and with Rdx however you’re with Gulfamkali,happu Singh says no no,anguri and Anita stroll to them and says we now have some information however on one situation you gained’t come with we and our husbands,we have now the rdx you’re on the lookout for,anguri says don’t get scared,the terrorist visited us as consumer,Anita says we have been being cheated.

Vibhuti and Tiwari looking ahead to women,Tiwari says they could also be jailed,Vibhuti says don’t communicate Ill,Anita and anguri stroll in and says we didn’t devote any crime so we weren’t arrested,anguri says as an alternative we have now worth,Vibhuti says so it is going to be 60-40,60 our and different yours,Anita says first see what’s the cost,Tiwari says good enough and takes the envelope and sees 5000 is the volume.

Anguri in mattress room and is in romantic temper,walks to Tiwari and asks why are you dissatisfied,Tiwari says my order 20 lakhs and notice what I’ve 1500 and additionally until took 15000, anguri says cash isn’t true wealth,Tiwari says what’s it then,anger plays on a romantic music for him,pulls him shut,Tiwari sings again and dances together with her,each get beneath blanket,

Pre cap : Vibhuti says baba you’ll be able to flip any person to anything else,baba says sure I will be able to,Vibhuti says I’ve a rat in my kitchen,flip him to crow,baba says use this and your paintings can be finished.
Vibhuti in kitchen looking ahead to rat to turn out to be crow,however hears Tiwari voice coming from a plant pronouncing your baba chant became incorrect I’m was a plant now.

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