Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th February 2017 Written Update Episode

The episode begins with anita vibhu and Tiwari anguri at house and commissioner comes. Anita says see commissioner those goons were troubling us since our play. Anguri says sure do one thing, they’re very bad and blackmail us. Commissioner says I’m right here so don’t fear and I will be able to see what those goons can do. From out of doors the goons and their boss get started protesting and feature fabric effigy’s to burn. They say they’re going to now not tolerate this insult of historical past. Commissioner comes on the door and sees, then he locks the door and springs operating and hides at the back of the settee. Everyone is surprised and anita says see that guy is scared from them and what’s using being a commissioner? The commissioner will get up and says I will be able to communicate without delay to their boss and organize a gathering between you all

in order that the grievances may also be settled, don’t fear. Everyone say k and anguri says first move and communicate to him.
At house Tiwari is there and he tells anguri that his uncle who’s in lucknow can lend a hand us as he’s on a top submit in police. Anguri says sure name him. Tiwari calls his uncle. He says uncle we’ve got fallen into hassle and a few goons have come at the back of us, they blackmail us and beat us and we’d like your lend a hand. Uncle says he has been posted in dwarka now and so he cant lend a hand. Tiwari says k and assists in keeping the telephone. Anguri says what came about? Tiwari tells her that his uncle has been posted in dwarka so he can not lend a hand. Anguri says what can we do now? The door knocks, Tiwari says wait you pass and open, if its that boss he’s going to beat me. Anguri opens the door and its tilu, he is available in and anguri closes the door. Tiwari says why did you return? Tilu says don’t be scared and I’ve come to come up with a just right information, that bos and his goons are my easiest pals and on a regular basis I take a seat with them within the night and feature a talk. Tiwari says wow that’s great and lend a hand us then. Tilu says clearly Tiwari seth I will be able to can help you and I advised him that Tiwari is my boss so don’t hassle any person and he stated sure tilu when you stated then we wont hassle someone. Tiwari is excited and says this is so great and he hugs tilu. Anguri is excited. Tilu says however he wishes cash and he requested 20okay. Tiwari says what? That is an excessive amount of. Tilu says if we don’t give him cash then he’s going to come again. Tiwari says see now I’ve most effective 2k so arrange in that. Tilu says k and takes it and is going. Tiwari sits and says now we’re loose and tells anguri to convey water. Anguri is going. The door knocks and Tiwari says who’s it now? He opens the door, it’s the boss and his males once more. They pull Tiwari out and put grease on his face and throw him again. Tiwari closes the door and anguri says they got here once more? Tiwari says sure tilu fooled us and he sought after cash.
At anita’s house subsequent day, everyone seems to be at the eating desk and commissioner is there. The boss and his males are there. Boss says so what do you wish to have to speak? Anita says why are you the use of violence? Vibhu says we did what saxena gave us within the script and also you move and beat that saxena why are you troubling us? Boss says since you messed with historical past and who stated anarkali spoke in Bhojpuri? Vibhu says who stated she didn’t? Boss says however she by no means spoke in Bhojpuri and she or he spoke urdu. Boss says even jodha spoke hindi and now not English. Anita says however did any person say she didn’t talk English? And she muts have, what have you learnt? Vibhu says sure she will have to have discovered English. Boss says vibhuti I will be able to punch you within the face and the time we’re talking of is when most effective 2 languages have been spoken in india and that’s hindi and urdu. Commissioner says don’t struggle guys chill out. Boss says what is that this and also you stated the topic can be solved in cash and they’re educating me historical past. Tiwari says to vibhu so this guy did the entirety for cash and now I am getting it. vibhu says sure. Commissioner says how a lot do you wish to have? Boss says five lakhs. Commissioner says five lakh is an excessive amount of and you are going to get 50okay. commissioner tells vibhu and Tiwari to offer 50okay and shut the topic. Tiwari says I don’t have however I’ve 5k and organize in that. Boss thinks after which smiles and says k. Vibhu says he’s so reasonable and tiwari shall we give him 500 and he would have closed the topic.
In the garden, anita says after all we’re loose. Anguri says sure. Tiwari says that too handiest in 5k rupees. Vibhu says sure we have been stored. Anita says anyway name saxena and our London plan is on now. Anguri says sure when do we move to London. Twiari and vibhu say they have got despatched tika and malkhan to convey saxena. Tika and malkhan include saxena and say right here he’s. Anita asks saxena let us know when are we going to London? Saxena is smiling. Happu comes with duckworth and says he’s a fraud and nobody goes to London and this guy isn’t duckworth however he has a kebab stall at jhaparkati and his identify is chuttan. He simply coloured his hair brown and used to be appearing foreigner. Vibhu and Tiwari say why did you do that saxena? Saxena says in fact I had now not were given a beating since an established and I sought after to get a beating and I couldn’t sleep at night time so I considered doing one thing arguable in order that folks beat me with sticks, stones and kicks and punches, however as an alternative they beat you. Tiwari and vibhu slap saxena and he says I adore it. saxena says anyway I’m sorry for what I’ve completed and if somebody used to be harm or took it for my part and harm their emotions I’m very sorry. Anita says its k and anyway making any person snort is an artwork. Vibhu and Tiwari say sure and we will have to make other folks snort. Saxena says I love it.

Precap: anita’s ankle is harm and she or he is on side road. She tells everybody that she used to be coming from the opposite the city and the men there have been enjoying hockey, their ball hit me at the leg and I fell. Anita says we need to play hockey with them and defeat them in order that they get a lesson. Tika and malkhan say sure we will be able to play hockey. At house vibhu is telling on telephone that I used to be this kind of hockey champion in class however now nobody provides me significance for that. Anita hears this.

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