Badho Bahu 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update

And TV Badho Bahu 22nd March 2017 Written Update Episode.

Everyone recalls how Lucky used to rejoice his birthday. Komal unfortunately says even his telephone isn’t reachable. Raghubir ji advises her towards it. Kareena says I referred to as youngsters over in pleasure to have fun the day. What do we do now? Kamla ji says we wont damage the guts of youngsters. We will have fun. Komal says we will be able to nonetheless rejoice as you could have referred to as the youngsters. I will be able to organize the entirety. We will have fun his birthday even though he isn’t right here. Kareena vows to show her a lesson. She is the person who pressured Bhai to go away and needs to have fun now! Ahlawat ji leaves the duty of creating preps on Komal. She thinks the entirety shall be controlled however how will the youngsters revel in in Lucky’s absence.

Kareena fills Malti ji’s ears towards Komal. She tells her the entirety. Bhai noticed it while you

have been making use of lep on Bhabhi’s ft. He used to be tremendous indignant. I prompt him to not react at this time however he made up our minds to leave for the day. Malti ji says I think like beating lifestyles out of Badho. She pressured my son to go away his house on his birthday! I will be able to display her. Kareena stops her. Leave it on me. I will be able to supervisor her.

Kareena calls Payal. Payal thinks her to be Kareena Kapoor. I dialled the quantity written at the back of cleaning soap’s wrapper. How a lot cash did I win? Kareena provides her advent. Payal says you wont give me any prize. I haven’t heard about you. Kareena stocks that she got here a couple of days in the past from Punjab. I referred to as you to inform that lately is Lucky Bhai’s birthday. Payal will get excited interested by birthday party however Kareena says it’s for youngsters. Payal talks about Lattu. Kareena invitations Lattu over for which Payal readily concurs. What bag will have to I give him? You will have to have were given go back presents. Kareena appears at her telephone in disbelief. Send Lattu. We will ship him and go back presents safely. Payal thank you her. Kareena is irked. Badho’s whole circle of relatives is grasping!

Kareena asks Jitesh, Ajay and Teji in the event that they don’t have anything else to do. Komal asks her if she referred to as her. Kareena suggests doing one thing fascinating for the youngsters. Back at my position, youngsters like zoo. Teji issues out that they are going to handiest in finding 2 animals right here in Sirsa – Ajay and Jitesh. Kids wont get satisfied seeing them. We will call to mind one thing else. Jitesh has the same opinion. We have sufficient farm animals dung although. Teji requests him now not to speak about it. He consents. Kareena advises all three of them to decorate up like animals. Keep youngsters satisfied. Bhabhi and I will be able to plan one thing. Teji refuses to do it. Ajay emotionally blackmails him. Can you now not develop into an animal for Lucky Bhai? Teji declines. Ajay gives to inform the tale then. Teji readily provides in. Komal appreciates Kareena’s concept. Kareena advises her to prepare dinner one thing. I will be able to display them round. You can wonder youngsters then. Kids revel in all that. You need to behave like youngsters with youngsters. Komal has the same opinion. She is going.

Malti ji complains to Kamla ji that Lucky is hiding on his birthday as a result of Badho. Kamla ji says I too perceive this. Malti wonders who forged an evil eye on their happiness. What will have to I do? Kamla ji alerts her to be quiet seeing Badho. Badho has introduced meals for them. Malti ji scolds her for now not working out ever. My son is hiding on his birthday. Don’t know the way he’s and the place he’s. You assume I can consume it? Komal tries to mention one thing however Malti ji refuses to listen to anything else. She begins crying. Every yr, I used to feed him his favorite meals. He is operating away as a result of you these days! Go away. I don’t need to see your face. Take those plates away. Kamla ji is hungry. She gets disappointed if I consume anything else. She too tells Komal to take the plates. How will I consume if Malti isn’t consuming? I will not even take into accounts consuming. I will be able to have later. Malti ji seems to be at her. Kamla ji covers up pronouncing I wont consume ever. Komal says I do know Lucky ji isn’t right here however we need to have fun his birthday. Tai ji could make kheer. I will be able to do the remaining. Kamla ji issues out that there is not any level making kheer for the person who isn’t house. Komal causes that Lucky ji will go back in the future! Kamla ji has the same opinion to make kheer when he’s again. Komal leaves from there.

Lattu asks his Dadi to speed up. I get past due to visit Lucky Hero’s space. Jamuna ji smiles. I comprehend it all. Give those chocolates to them. Payal says he’s going to birthday celebration. She advises Lattu to consume smartly and stay some within the bag too. Don’t give your presents to someone. If someone asks about house then say that there is not any meals at house. Papa has no time to get it. Jamuna ji reprimands her for educating incorrect issues to youngsters. Payal says nobody takes the phrases of a child to their center. Jamuna ji tells her to not train incorrect factor to Payal. Payal tells her to stick out of her and her son however Jamuna ji says he’s my grandson too. He advises Lattu to not inform that what his mom simply stated. He has the same opinion and runs out.

Raghubir ji paces unfortunately in his room. Komal provides him tea. I used to be considering to turn the youngsters Akhada and inform them about its historical past. They would possibly get unhappy as Lucky isn’t right here. It shall be a good suggestion. Raghubir ji nods. I think unhappy. Lucky left unexpectedly. It is his birthday however he dint inform anything else. I’m harm by way of this. I’m pleased with him however I’m positive there will have to be a explanation why as to why Lucky left. Maybe I made a mistake. Komal tells him to not say so. Lucky loves and respects you and Ma ji so much. He would possibly not say it however he handiest loves you each. Raghubir ji takes a sip after which returns tea to him. I don’t really feel like. Ask Rana to turn Akhada to youngsters. She has the same opinion. Don’t be unhappy. I don’t really feel just right seeing you prefer this. He smiles for his sake.

Komal could also be unhappy that Lucky isn’t right here on his birthday. I wont let someone else get unhappy. In his absence, I will be able to have fun his birthday like nobody has prior to. Kareena says countdown starts. Badho Bhabhi might be leaving the home and Bhai’s lifestyles very quickly!

Precap: Komal laughs seeing the lads dressed as animals. Kareena thinks Badho can snicker up to she needs however she has to cry afterwards. Kareena tells youngsters Lucky left as a result of any person. That individual is provide right here in the home! They ask for identify. Kids assault Badho and the lads dressed as animals.

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