Badho Bahu 22nd February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Badho Bahu 22nd February 2017 Written Update Episode

Kamla ji tells everybody to consume. We need to make preps for Mahashivratri day after today.

Vikram is available in elegance. Teji is going out unfortunately. He stands out of doors to listen to their convo despite the fact that. vardaan asks him about his interview. Vikram says I knew solution to each and every query however I couldn’t utter even a phrase. Teji will get an concept. He takes Vardaan apart. Vikram is missing self assurance. I’ve a strategy to this. Only two types of folks can communicate with complete self assurance – politicians and actors. We all can do an English play. It can be in English. It will spice up everybody’s self assurance. Vardaan tells Vikram to take his seat. What has came about with Vikram nowadays can occur with someone. I’ve considered one thing for everybody. Owner comes there. He asks Vardaan why Teji continues to be right here. Vardaan requests him to permit him to

arrange an English play with everybody. Vikram and everybody loves the theory. Vardaan tells proprietor to assume as soon as. Owner says this is a just right concept however who will train them. Vardaan proposes Teji’s identify. Owner tells Vardaan to regulate his training finances. I will not have enough money two academics. Teji gives to show with out taking any cash in go back. Owner fortuitously has the same opinion. You are the appearing instructor of the category from now onwards. Teji thank you him. pragya smiles at him.

Komal does puja. I used to be looking ahead to these days since yr. I will not inform you how satisfied I’m to head pray for you in yellow temple. That is the place I stored Lucky ji’s lifestyles and our alliance used to be finalised. Thank you for giving me a husband like him; for making me adopt wrestling and motivating me for a similar. I’m going for practise now. Don’t fear I’ve stored rapid too. I will be able to are available night. She sits right down to put on her footwear. Kamla ji and Malti ji come there. They are stunned to peer her getting in a position for practise. Kamla ji reminds her it’s Mahashivratri. Wont you stay rapid these days? You would possibly or would possibly not strive against however stay the quick. Komal stocks that she has stored rapid. I will be able to additionally do practise. She leaves. Kamla ji asks Malti ji from the place she were given this woman. she modifies colors each and every minute. Malti ji tells her to attend and watch. I will be able to put an finish to her each and every tantrum from lately! I’ve had sufficient.

Everyone is jogging. It is getting tricky for Komal to run. I will not run anymore however I don’t have any different choice. I’ve to battle subsequent week for the primary time. She falls asleep.

Pinki is hungry however the bins are empty. Badho doesn’t prepare dinner on time. She seems at a potato. I think like consuming aloo parathe. I will be able to ask Badho to lead them to as soon as she comes. She boils them. Kamla ji and Malti ji come there. Malti ji asks her what she is boiling. Pinki tells her that she idea to make aloo parathe for breakfast. Malti ji nods. everybody likes them. Kamla ji reminds her of Mahashivratri. Who will consume them nowadays then? Pinki says I comprehend it already. I too dint consume anything else since morning. Kamla ji advises her to not consume anything else sooner than the next day morning. Pinki nods hesitantly. I’m involved for you. I will be able to make khichdi for you best. Kamla ji tells her to relaxation as she is doing such a lot since morning. Malti ji as an alternative tells her to do all family chores. Don’t look forward to Badho. Kamla ji asks her why her DIL will do the entirety. You are going towards me? Malti ji holds her hand. It’s not that i am going towards you. there’s a explanation why for me to mention this. Kamla ji concurs together with her. Both women inform Pinki to complete the entirety. Pinki will get tensed. I’ve by no means achieved anything else until date. How will I do the whole thing on my own nowadays?

Bharpayi asks Pragya in the event that they will have to move to elegance. pragya scolds her. she is dissatisfied as this is a vacation nowadays. who assists in keeping a category on vacation? BHarpayi says he works in reality exhausting for us. Pragya continues to be irked. He stored a check on vacation. His identify is Vardaan however he appears to be a curse. Bharpayi asks her if she dint learn about for the check. Pragya denies. I am hoping this elegance will get cancelled by hook or by crook!

Everyone returns from the practise excluding Komal. Raghubir ji is going to search for her.

Kamla ji asks Malti ji what recreation she is enjoying. You reduce my phrases and are making my DIL paintings. I don’t know what you’re as much as. You by no means cover anything else from me previous. You don’t seem to be telling me anything else now. Malti ji says I think like I will be able to explode like a volcano. I’m keeping again my anger by some means. Kamla ji tells her to chill out and give an explanation for properly. Malti ji says we did such a lot for Badho and her circle of relatives however the whole thing failed. It is time to punish her! Kamla ji asks her if she is going to tire Badho by way of making her do the whole thing at house. Malti ji says that is all too simple for her. I’m considering of one thing else. Just wait and notice how I punish her this time. Forget about wrestling, she wont even take into accounts it. Today is Mahashivratri. It shall be ancient day for her. She wont disregard all of it her lifestyles.

Raghubir ji unearths Komal dozing on a cot. Lot many women are accumulated round her. He thinks how she is going to get ready for her fit subsequent week this manner. He takes water from the woman and sprinkles it on Komal. She thinks it to through Lucky however he tells her to open her eyes. It’s not that i am your Lucky ji. I’m your Guru ji. She wakes up startled. Raghubir ji thank you the women. He says everyone seems to be looking ahead to you when you are snoozing right here. You threw water on my onerous paintings. People used to name you lazy. I noticed it myself lately. I will be able to punish her following the principles of Akhada now! She consents to do no matter he says. He tells her to start out operating now. She complies.

Everyone stands in a line. Raghubir ji says I discovered Komal dozing all through coaching. As in keeping with the principles of Akhada, she shall be for sure punished. Rules are regulations for everybody. He provides her 3 duties. One, fill the drum stored some distance with the water in different drum. Two, shift those sacks of grains from there to right here. Three, transfer the tractor’s tyre to the appointed position. You have handiest 10 mins to complete those duties. Shock registers on Komal’s face. Only 10 mins? Raghubir ji nods. he tells Lucky to start out timer. He does as informed. Komal will get right down to paintings whilst everybody seems to be on. She rolls the tyre however Raghubir ji tells her to raise it after which throw it after which repeat the method. She tries doing it however fails. She makes a decision to fill the drum first. The males are maintaining a tally of the watch. Komal folds her palms to make an apology however Raghubir ji does now not relent. Komal takes a sack together with her each and every time she tries moving water to the opposite drum. She sits down drained.

Precap: Malti ji tells Komal to not step within the kitchen or pray or do any paintings associated with house. I loose you out of your each and every paintings from these days onwards. Komal tries to do puja however Malti ji stops her. She forces Komal to face in a nook on one leg. Komal complies. Lucky asks her mom how it’s going to prevent Komal from wrestling. Malti ji tells him to not talk between her and Komal.

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