Badho Bahu 21st February 2017 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 21st February 2017 Written Update Episode

Prem provides remaining award to the couple who’re made for each and every different. They have helped me so much. I will be able to all the time be indebted to them. It is going to Iron Man of Haryana i.e. Lucky and Komal. Komal excitedly claps her palms. Her handcuff will get published. Everyone is surprised to peer the similar. They start to gossip about it. Lucky asks Komal if she doesn’t have brains. She apologizes to him. I went with the float. She nonetheless takes the award from Prem as a result of which Lucky will get pulled together with her. Komal tells Prem she in point of fact loved the birthday celebration. They flip to head when Inspector comes there. Everyone seems at them worriedly. Inspector says they don’t seem to be criminals. Haryana police sought after the Iron guy of Haryana to spend some high quality time together with his spouse. There is not anything else. Another Inspector says we got here right here without delay after

figuring out you’re right here. Did you get into any hassle? Lucky ironically asks him if there will have to be any drawback together with her (Komal). Komal says it used to be minor. Inspector apologizes for the prolong. He frees them. Komal makes a tragic face. Inspector drops the important thing. Komal says even Dinkar (Constable) isn’t right here. Lucky tells him to watch out or somebody gets in hassle once more. Komal says or in love. Lucky insists. Inspector leaves.

Prem asks Rana concerning the handcuff incident. Rana relates the entirety. Prem says that is why I questioned why they have been dressed in dupatta in palms and are strolling so shut. They deserve applause. Everyone claps for them.

Vardaan isn’t sleepy. He smiles excited about Pragya. He writes her a textual content however then deletes it.

Komal thinks to name her mom however it’s too past due. I will be able to name her the next day. she seems to be on the award. Lucky tells her to stay it apart. You are taking a look at it because you got here again. She nods. he tells her to sleep as they’re going to be leaving early morning. I don’t need any drawback. Leave this trophy right here best. Don’t take it with you. she nods however then seems to be at him during the trophy.

Next morning, Teji is headed out when Raghubir ji calls out to him. Teji greets him. Raghubir ji asks him why he’s in one of these rush. Teji says Mata ji advised me to drop Pragya and Bharpayi to elegance. Raghubir ji says I nonetheless don’t know the place you keep. Teji says I keep right here most effective. Raghubir ji asks him if he thinks him to be a idiot. I’ve taken a choice. You will paintings with me from nowadays. you are going to accompany me anywhere I’m going and can practice no matter I do. You wont say anything else. You will most effective pay attention. Teji concurs. Shall I drop Bharpayi and Pragya? I will be able to be again quickly. I will be able to then do no matter you assert. Raghubir ji lets in him. Teji thinks to do one thing.

Lucky and Rana thank the organizer for calling them right here. He thank you them again as they’re the foundation of youngsters. Lucky says they’re very gifted at this kind of younger age. Kids aspire to be like Rana and Lucky. Rana says you’re already robust. You will beat us. They take their depart. Rana and Lucky assume to visit marketplace.

Teji asks Vardaan if he can attend his elegance these days. I used to be ready out of doors. There isn’t any restrict to schooling. Vardaan lets in him. Bharpayi and Pragya smile. Vardaan’s senior (proprietor of the schooling elegance) asks about Teji. Vardaan says he’s my pal. The proprietor says he can not take a seat right here like this. Vardaan says he’s going to depart after the category. he wont come again. Owner says he dint pay the charges. Pragya speaks in Teji’s favour. It is simply the topic of nowadays. Owner remains put. I began this training elegance to become profitable. I’m going out for some paintings. He shouldn’t be right here once I go back. Teji wonders what to do now. I’m caught from each and every nook.

Kamla ji appears on the newspaper and is surprised (she does now not know the way to learn it even though). She calls out to everybody and presentations them the scoop article. Ahlawat ji seems to be on the article.

Payal reads out the thing to Jamuna ji. Jamuna ji is overjoyed.

Ahlawat ji laughs studying the thing. Kamla ji asks him to give an explanation for the thing. I need to know what’s in it. He tells her concerning the Valentine’s Day Party in Hisar. We were given two awards that got in birthday party. Lucky and Komal gained an award for best possible couple within the birthday celebration. Rana and Pinki were given the most productive dressed couple award. Malti ji seems to be disappointed. Kamla ji notices her thus.

Payal and Jamuna ji talk about the object. Payal is going to make kheer to have fun the day. Jamuna ji could be very happy to peer the object. She prays to God to stay Lucky and Komal in combination like this handiest. Thank you very a lot.

Kamla ji excitedly welcomes Pinki. I’m so satisfied to understand you carried your self so smartly and gained the award. Pinki will get tensed however Ahlawat ji says we came upon from the thing. Kamla ji notices the brand new bangles in Pinki’s palms. When did you purchase those? Pinki stocks that she purchased them with the cash Babu ji gave for his or her go back and forth. Kamla ji notices luggage in Komal’s arms. You too did some looking for your self. Komal denies. I introduced present for everybody. They don’t seem to be for me. Ahlawat ji says I gave you cash to shop for one thing for your self. She nods. I assumed to shop for one thing for everybody so everybody is excited. Ahlawat ji praises her on her considering. She thinks about everybody. Pinki tells her MIL that she purchased those bangles for her most effective. Wear them. Kamla ji tells her to put on them. They glance just right on you. She asks Komal to provide her presents to everybody. They see the presents. Komal provides a packet to Malti ji as smartly who accepts it unwillingly. Ahlawat ji thank you Komal for the present. It will go well with me in reality smartly. Kamla ji nods. It is lovely. Right Malti? Malti nods unhappily. Ahlawat ji tells Lucky he did just right via taking their better halves with them. Entire Haryana now is aware of there can’t be a greater couplet than you. Pinki makes faces whilst Komal smiles.

Precap: Komal is getting in a position for wrestling. Ladies remind her that it’s Mahashivratri. Wont you stay rapid nowadays? She says she is going to do each the issues. She leaves for the practise. Everyone returns from the practise excluding Komal. Raghubir ji is going to search for her. He unearths her sound asleep and says I will be able to punish her following the principles of Akhada now!

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