Badho Bahu 20th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Badho Bahu 20th February 2017 Written Update Episode

Prem loves the decor and preps executed by way of Lucky and Komal. He hugs Lucky fortunately. You take care of the mike additionally now. Lucky says I advised you to not worry when. Komal provides when Lucky and Komal is right here.

Pragya asks Teji to bop with him (couple dance). He says dance with out song. She performs a track on his telephone they usually dance romantically with each and every different. Bharpayi calls Pragya. You dint succeed in house but. Pragya asks her what it’s. Bharpayi asks for her English reproduction. Pragya suggests her to name Vardaan. You would possibly have given it to him.

Bharpayi calls Vardaan. Is my English pocket book with you? He says it isn’t with me at this time. take it after elegance the next day to come. she says I want it nowadays. I want to learn about. He suggests her to return to elegance. It’s not that i am too some distance. I will be able to come up with now. She consents.

All visitors

succeed in for birthday party. Rana and Pinki come dressed in trendy get dressed. Lucky and Komal praise them. Komal places a kala teeka at the back of her ear. Pinki requests her to stay this topic between us most effective. Don’t inform Ma ji. Komal consents.

The birthday celebration begins. Lucky and Komal get started the birthday party. First recreation is paper dance.

Teji holds Pragya’s hand. You celebrated the day. Wont you give me present? He pulls her nearer for a kiss however they listen any person knocking on the door simply then and are startled. It is Vardaan and Bharpayi.

Prem explains the principles of the sport to everybody. All couples dance on Main Agar Kahoon. Komal is set to place her hand on Lucky’s shoulder however he panics slightly. He seems round at all of the different couples. Rana gestures Lucky to bop. Komal extends her loose hand and in spite of everything assists in keeping it on his shoulder. They each are very a lot mindful. Music stops. Everyone folds the paper. Komal assists in keeping her hand once more however Lucky takes it down. So much many couples get out. Komal is in a cheerful temper which worries Lucky. He makes a decision to place an finish to paper dance and makes her step out of the paper. Komal understands what he did however does now not say anything else. Lucky tells his brother to win. Only one individual can stand at the folded paper now. Komal advises Rana to raise Pinki in his hands. She is just too gentle. He lifts her in his palms and dances together with her however sooner or later loses within the recreation. Pinki appears at him disappointed however he cutely holds his ears.

Vardaan says whoever is inside of please open the door. pragya opens the door pronouncing wonder. Vardaan asks her what she is doing right here. Teji additionally greets them in a equivalent way. Both Bharpayi and Vardaan are perplexed. Pragya asks them how are the preps. Bharpayi says it’s just right however why did you wonder us like this. pragya says all of us are easiest pals. We idea to have fun it with you. Bharpayi says we dint know anything else. I best got here right here to take pocket book. Pragya says I handiest advised you to name Master ji. He would mechanically come to get it for you. She apologizes to Vardaan. I had to try this which is why I took out the important thing out of your bag. He nods. Teji takes Bharpayi with him whilst Pragya takes Vardaan inside of to chop cake in combination.

Everyone asks Prem to play song. He tries the track participant nevertheless it isn’t running. Lucky is going to him. what came about? Prem says it isn’t running. Lucky says I informed you to do something. You couldn’t care for this too! Prem provides the mike to him. You take care of it now. Lucky is reluctant however Prem leaves him no different choice. Lucky blames Komal for bringing one drawback after any other all the time. People call for to listen to some just right song. Lucky sings Humma Song. Everyone begins dancing round them fortuitously. Lucky and Komal do their best possible to stay the handcuff out of everybody’s sight. Everyone thank you / hugs Lucky and Komal as soon as the music ends.

Bharpayi, Teji hang the knife. Pragya holds Vardaan’s hand they usually all reduce cake in combination. Pragya feeds cake to everybody. She asks Vardaan to make her consume too. He complies. Teji asks Bharpayi if she stored the roses. She nods. he apologizes to her for shouting at her previous and feeds her cake. He subsequent feeds cake to Pragya and Vardaan. Vardaan tells Pragya that that is the primary time this present day were given celebrated so well. Thank you Pragya ji and Teji ji. Bharpayi says I actually had a good time. Let’s move. Teji too compliments Pragya. We in point of fact had a good time these days. he holds Bharpayi’s hand when nobody is taking a look. Pragya turns in his path and he right away shall we pass of Bharpayi’s hand. let’s move house.

Prem provides an award to the couple dance winner adopted via probably the most trendy and trendy couple to Sirsa – Rana and Pinki. Pinki fortuitously presentations her trophy to Komal who’s all praises for her. Prem provides ultimate award to the couple who’re made for each and every different. They have helped me so much. I will be able to all the time be indebted to them. It is going to Iron Man of Haryana i.e. Lucky and Komal. Komal excitedly claps her palms. Her handcuff will get published. Everyone is surprised to peer the similar. They start to gossip about it.

Precap: Komal thank you Prem for the award. They flip to head when Inspector comes there. Kamla ji reads the newspaper. She calls out to everybody and presentations the scoop article to Malti ji. Malti ji thinks they each went to prison!

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