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Are you enjoying Bepannaah’s current track?

Colors’ Bepannaah is bringing an interesting track. Aditya and Zoya get well clued about their enemy Rajveer. Initially, Rajveer tried to create misunderstandings between them. Aditya and Zoya have made their love vows so strong that nobody can shaken the foundation. They are pretty sure that it would be easy to handle Rajveer. Zoya gets troubled when Rajveer’s plotting hurts Aditya. She falls weak finding Aditya and Hooda family in trouble. Zoya gets strength from Aditya, who believes in her. Aditya wants Zoya to face Rajveer.

Aditya and Zoya hide from the world and secretly romance. They don’t miss a chance to spend time together. The secret romance of newly weds seems to be working right for the show. Aditya’s new side is seen by his mischief. Zoya also presents a bold fighter spirit. She becomes more confident by Aditya’s support. Zoya enters Rajveer’s territory to fail him. Zoya tries to win Rajveer’s trust so that she can know about his revenge motives. She finds this the most difficult part. Aditya and Zoya battle Rajveer while keeping up the fun. Are you enjoying Bepannaah’s current track? Let us know your opinion.

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