Agnifera 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update

AND TV Agnifera 30th March 2017 Written Update Episode.

Shristi seems at Anurag’s photograph mendacity on mattress. Poonam enters and name callings her. Shristi shyingly asks why did she come at night time, she would have phoned her. Poonam says she has to speak about her alliance.

Vikral speaks to minister over telephone to minister and orders to be aware of mushy, in the event that they get it, they’re going to get a large number of wealth. Ragini enters with cash bag. Vikral returns it to her and asks to stay it for her marriage bills.

A person involves Vidhvan’s space hurriedly and asks Daadi the place is Vidhvan. She says he went to courtroom and asks what came about. He says he had opened a grocery store with Vidhvan’s donation cash and now goons need to take over the land. Daadi says even Birju isn’t at house, so he will have to move to police. Man will get disheartened and says he’s going to wait until Vidhvan

comes. Revati comes out and says Anurag will lend a hand her. Daadi says Anurag does now not know anything else about village regulations. Revati says after such a lot of days anyone got here in search of lend a hand and it’s their responsibility to lend a hand. She sends Anurag with him.

Vikral’s goons look forward to guy to go back together with his lend a hand prior to breaking his store. Parag comes there and orders to damage store quickly as he took cash from land proprietor. Bulldozer heads against store. Anurag enters and forestalls it. Parag sees Anurag and tries to name goon from a distance. Revati calls Birju and informs that Anurag has long past to lend a hand any person and he will have to move and ensure folks reward Anurag. He reaches for lend a hand. Goon choices name and Parag says it’s Anurag, their jija. Goon will get afraid, apologizes Anurag and leaves. Birjju notices the entirety. People reward Anurag and raise him.

Vidhvan returns house and tries to name Birju and Anurag, however they each don’t pick out calls. He will get tensed. People deliver Anurag on their shoulder chanting his identify. Vidhvan asks Birju what’s all this. He explains entire incident and says it’s all as a result of Vikral’s strengthen. Anurag says he does now not need to be related to a goon and they may be able to cancel his marriage even with Shristi. Vidhvan shouts and orders Birju to go back Vikral’s cash.

Shhristi adjustments Anurag’s cellular touch to Jeevan Saathi/lifestyles spouse and thinks once they used to review in class, she didn’t know they might be lifestyles companions quickly. She continues dreaming about Anurag.

Precap: Birju is going to Vikral’s space to go back cash. Ragini comes and says she purchased garments for Anurag and asks to test how they’re. Men dressed in garments and Anurag’s masks are available entrance. Vidvhan asks pandit to seek out Anurag’s marriage date. Pandit says date is after 2 months. Birju returns with 2 luggage of cash. Vidvhan fumes seeing him and asks pandit to seek out previous date. Pandit says muhurath after four days. Vidhvan fixes marriage after four days.

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