Agnifera 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Today Agnifera 28th April 2017 Written Update Episode.

Dulari tells Ragini that she has to return down and get ready one thing in kitchen as according to rituals. Ragini says she does now not know to prepare dinner anything else. Dulari says she has to do prepare dinner one thing to win circle of relatives and Anurag’s center. Ragini says she is going to do anything else to win Anurag’s center. Chutki bahu hears Shristi telling she won’t prepare dinner, enters her room and says she has to prepare dinner for circle of relatives’s sake. Shristi consents. Chutki bahut takes her down whilst Dulari takes Ragini down.

Both bahus stroll right down to front room. Daadi greets them and says their paghphera ritual is done and they have got to do kitchen ritual. She asks what they each know. Ragini says she attempted making ready tea as soon as, however babuji didn’t love it and didn’t let her into kitchen. Shristi says she does now not consider in rituals now, however will

prepare dinner for circle of relatives’s sake. Dulari says Ragini could be very clever and learnt cooking gazing TV. Daadi asks Ragini to organize one thing salty and Shristi to organize one thing candy, Dulari will lend a hand Ragini and Chutki bahu will lend a hand Shristi. Both bahus will input kitchen directly.

Ragini enters kitchen with Dulari and Shristi with Chutki bahu. Shristi wears apron and Ragini taking a look at her additionally wears apron. Dulari asks Ragini if she will minimize greens. Ragini says it is only a dull vegetable. She choices knife and cuts it more or less. Ragini prepares kheer poori with Chutki bahu’s lend a hand. Ragini provides numerous water in dough and Dulari says she added entire village’s water. Drama continues. Ragini provides chilies for tadkha and smokes begins. Whole circle of relatives coughs. Anurag and Vidhvan shout what is going on in kitchen. Anurag thinks Ragini will have to have achieved one thing. Revati tries to stroll into kitchen, however dadi stops her. Shristi manages by spreading lamp smoke. Dulari is helping Ragini get ready pakoras.

Ragini thinks if she had learnt cooking from amma, she will have to now not have noticed at the present time, she is going to be informed cooking quickly and get ready other dish on a daily basis. Her amma coughs and tells Vikral that somebody is remembering her and she or he hopes Ragini has treated kitchen ritual smartly. Surekha reminisces Shristi and hopes she treated ritual smartly. Purshotam says their daughter could be very gifted and she or he would have ready luxurious dinner party.

Daadi calls each bahus out and to serve their particular dishes. Ragini serves pakodas. Revati says they’re very tasty. Daadi asks Shristi to serve her dish. Revati says any one can get ready pooris what’s particular in it. Daadi scolds to let her serve first. Anurag smells pakoras ahead of biting them.

Precap: Ragini says they made her to compete which she has carried out in lifestyles, let Shristi compete in goal apply and win over her.

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