Agnifera 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update

Today Agnifera 23rd March 2017 Written Update Episode.

Vidhvan tells his mom that Purshotam’s son Sumer is coming with Shagun lately. His spouse hears that and will get tensed that Vikral’s son Parag could also be coming. Anurag arm wrestles together with his brother Vishu and sister cheers them up. Vishu says most effective he’s going to win. Aunt comes and Anurag alerts her. She pushes Vishu’s hand and he wins and cheers that aunt on his aspect, he all the time wins. She even though she isn’t with him, he’s going to win all the time.

Shristi is going to marketplace with Purshotam to get shagun candies and buys maa Saraswaati idol. She asks Purshotom to ship much less candy, however this idol needless to say. He says he’s going to ship extra candies and this idol. They each succeed in house and Purshotam asks his spouse to pack idol sparsely as Shristi needs to ship it with shagun candies. Mother seems to be unhappy.

Vidhvan’s spouse

informs Vikranth that Parag is coming with shagun or even Purshotam is coming, so they have got to prevent them from colliding. He asks her to not fear.

Ragini watches WWF fit on her TV excitedly. Parag enters and says he’s going to Anurag’s space with shagun. She says she is excited as she sought after a lifestyles spouse like Anurag. Parag says he is aware of, however he isn’t satisfied. She asks why. He says she is going to depart this space perpetually and he’s going to get on my own. She says Anurag will turn out to be ghar jamai as an alternative. They stroll out. Vidhvan asks his spouse to pack silver Laxmi maa idol as he promised Anurag’s circle of relatives that his daughter is a laxmi for him and is explanation why at the back of his wealth and reputation. He asks Parag to go away quickly and don’t extend in presenting shagun.

Sume reaches Anurag’s space with shagun and praises Anurag made their Zilla proud. Vidhvan’s spouse tells that they are going to tell him concerning the alliance later as she didn’t even spoke to Anurag but. Sumer says it’s inexperienced sign from their aspect and can watch for their opinion. Daadi asks to convey snacks for Sume. Vidhvan’s spouse thinks she has to feed those deficient other folks now. Sumer says he’s going to look forward to their sure and leaves. Vishu will get excited seeing chocolates and says he needs to distribute it in entire village and wishes Anurag and babuji’s lend a hand. Anurag and Vidvhan accompany him and distribute chocolates amongst villagers.

Parag reaches subsequent. Vikram greets him. Parag asks how does he know his identify. Vikram says he’s from very well-known circle of relatives and greets him in. He introduces Vidvhan’s spouse to him. Parag greets her and provides silver Laxmi idol as shagun and remainder of chocolates. They get started conversing. Anurag’s sister will get snacks for him. He will get mesmerized seeing her good looks and says he felt just right assembly them. He asks when will Anurag come and seeing his percent says he appears very good-looking and clicks percent in his cellular. Vidhvan returns and is surprised seeing a large automotive with armed guards. He sees Parag and asks who’s he. Vikram says he’s Vidhvan’s quickly Parag.

Precap: Vidvhan shouts at his spouse why did she settle for Vikral’s daughter’s shagun. She says they got here themselves, so she can not refuse it. Parag presentations Aurag’s photograph Ragini and she or he will get more than happy that he’s the similar man.

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