1st Epi – Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 21st March 2017 Written Episode Update

Sony TV Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 21st March 2017 Written Update Episode.

There used to be preparations for engagement of Mukhi’s sister. An previous guy boastfully hangs a fulfillment poster of Mukhi acquired 5 years in the past. Tipu (a kid) attends a decision about arrival of aeroplane with 3 hours prolong. Tipu runs to tell at Mukhi’s space. A woman stops Tipu pronouncing any information input this space after prior permission of Mukhi’s sister Rami. Tipu informs her concerning the prolong in aircraft. Rami appears for Rajay inside of. She hears giggles of a tender woman and involves warn her to not take those laughters to in regulations. The woman informs Rami that Rajay is in point of fact punctual and has already left for aeroplane over the camels.

In the abandoned pathway, some younger women and men teases Mukhi and his partners. Mukhi runs over the camel to chase the automobile of kids. Their tyres puncture

all through the heavy operating. Mukhi victoriously gets rid of the veil off his face. Mukhi is presented as a cussed and obscure individual; in contrast to the heroes in their tales. He involves kids and asks in the event that they got here to damage his village like they have got spoilt their towns. He makes the kids take away all of the dirt from the best way they unfold. He takes his males to lend a hand the adolescence with their jeep, and warns them to not depart anything else in the best way with the exception of the marks in their tyres. He hurries to airport, and need his sister’s lifestyles is non violent.

The bride used to be feeding a goat and speaks to her questioning if Mukhi will have to have discovered her letter through now. She has written to him to abide via her to be able to stay peace within the night serve as. Mukhi reads the letter and wonders how he will have to settle for this call for of hers, recalling her early life. He wipes his tears recalling the playful moments, his fear, her teasings. There, she want he fulfils this call for of hers nowadays.

At the airport, Mukhi brings the visitors alongside. He will get a decision from his sister who blackmails him for pleasant her call for. At house, Mukhi used to be observing his bruise, a woman is available in and says Misti despatched this get dressed for him. A tender guy involves Mukhi insisting on him to put on this get dressed and takes his spouse alongside. Mukhi unearths some other letter folded inside the get dressed.

In the corridor, there used to be dances and celebrations. Mukhi arrives on the serve as. Rami joins him as they watch Mishti coming together with her pals. Mukhi involves convey her to the corridor hand in hand whilst she stares at him and pushes his hand. She silently warns him to mention a sure, else she gained’t put on a hoop. Mukhi pulls her hand against the groom, silently nodding. Rami brings concerning the rings for rituals, however notices an eye fixed touch between Mishti and Mukhi. Mishti used to be watching Mukhi. Mukhi joins his palms to her, she cheers and after all places the engagement ring into groom’s ring, then runs to hug Mukhi. Both cry, Mishti thank you him for Madan, else she would were left with out peace.
At night time, Mishti brings drugs for Mukhi and asks who would take into accounts him the best way he cares for everybody. She declares they’re going to Ahmedabad, the place he had discovered Deep for her. She narrates their dialog about she, looking to make Mukhi up for marriage. She used to be positive he would now not be in a position to marry any woman from the village or the neighboring ones. Mukhi tries to insist no woman from the town would marry him, however she wasn’t in a position to pay attention. She used to be positive no woman would deny marrying Mukhi. Mukhi didn’t need to love someone or convey a woman into his lifestyles.

In the town surroundings, a woman wakes up fearful about getting past due for her wedding ceremony organizing paintings. She will get in a position hurriedly and springs out. Her mom used to be coughing because of smoke within the kitchen, she turns the fan on. She takes a decision from Vineet Kumar and informs her mummy he doesn’t need cabbage for every week. She involves guarantee her mummy it’s a question till her industry get started. Her mummy says she handiest needs her and Dharmi (sister’s) engagement. Dharmi used to be crying and curtly says there Anshu is marrying once more and she or he needs her engagement. Aru tries to persuade Dharmi she has been divorced for 2 years now. She persuade Dharmi to discover a good-looking lad for her and cheers her up. She turns to go away hurrying her mom. She distributes the tiffins and depart for paintings. Aru used to be presented as a woman with goals, she is busy and has no time to like. She unearths an previous woman in the best way and palms her tiffin to her. The woman blesses Aru, Aru want to be an Ambani and asks the previous woman for pray for her.
Mukhi watches the poster in the best way as he is going with Mishti. He sends Mishti inside of to drink water.
Aru calls the receptionist at wedding ceremony.com confirming if their boss has arrived. The receptionist says the boss is coming shortly. Mishti comes for an offer for her brother. She narrates the shape main points, Raidan Raaj Katara; his age as 45-50; his schooling until seventh in class. She insists her brother is actually sensible and Mukhi in their village and presentations a photograph as smartly. The woman assures to take a look at their degree absolute best. Mishti says they have got little lesser time, she needs her brother’s engagement prior to her wedding ceremony. Outside the marriage bearue, Mishri involves Mukhi and asks him to stick in a lodge this night. Mukhi says he would keep at an orphanage. Mishri says she needs to get conversant in the town lifestyles and their homes, as she is marrying into America. Mukhi has the same opinion, pronouncing he’s best helpless in entrance of her.

In the bus, Aru presentations some garments to passengers. Her bus station arrives however she left her pockets at the seat. Mukhi and Mishri rides the bus. Muki tries to search for the landlord however invain.
Mukhi and Mishri arrive on the lodge. The guard stops Mukhi and asks what he wishes from inside of. He wasn’t let inside of. Mishri involves take Mukhi inside of. At the reception, Mukhi used to be surprised to listen to about lodge rents of 7000 rupees. Mishri insists to stick for a unmarried night time. Mukhi makes the cost and asks for the keys. They have been passed a card. Mukhi asks for the keys, the receptionist sends a boy alongside them who presentations Mukhi how the locks paintings thru playing cards right here. He want them to have a pleasant day and asks if he will have to depart now. Mukhi asks if he needs to are living with them right here. Mishri jumps over the mattress excited. Mukhi involves washroom looking to perceive the setup inside of. He walks out of doors and brings a metal bucket for himself. He involves Gandhi Aashram making an allowance for it any other temple.

Aru arrives on the Aashram as a information for foreigners. The foreigners call for to head to wash puts. Aru walks out to verify if there’s any crowd or now not. She unearths some filthy footwear of Mukhi and places them in a bin. Mukhi had pop out. Aru turns to stand him gazing her and asks if he needs a information. Mukhi says he will have to stare at her, as their isn’t a chilli on grape vine. She curtly says if Mukhi ties 4 tyres with him, he would flip to Gujrat teach. Mukhi boasts this get dressed is Gujrati ritual, takes his footwear from the bin and questions why she concealed his footwear within the bin. Aru says she had trashed them, are those value dressed in. Mukhi asks what a rat perceive a few camel experience. They stroll reverse instructions.

PRECAP: At the marriage bearue, Aru asks her boss who would marry a person like this Mukhi. She involves the village, and asks Mukhi to satisfy Mukhi and used to be surprised at his advent.

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