YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 2341)

The episode begins with the next day to come morning in Kapoor mansion.Everyone is busy making ready for haldi.Naina involves Karan and sees him teary eyed.
Naina(assists in keeping hand on his shoulder):Karan….
Karan wipes his tears and turns.
Karan:Ya any drawback Naina..
Naina:Ya there’s a very giant drawback.
Naina:The drawback is that my husband is hiding one thing from me which I’m now not liking.Karan Iknow how a lot you’re keen on you doll then why are you hiding your tears from me?

Karan hugs Naina.
Karan:I’m afraid Naina how I will be able to I have the ability to do her bidaai.You know na she is my doll.How can I let my doll move?
Naina:I do know Karan.But assume na your doll goes to an individual who loves her such a lot.Think how satisfied she is going to.(wipes his tears)And what higher happiness can it’s for us than seeing her satisfied all the time?And do you wish to have to do your doll’s bidaai crying like this?Think about your doll.How will she really feel if she sees you crying like this?She is already disenchanted that she have to head leaving after which if she sees you crying then she’ll be extra disappointed.So no tears all proper.Do it on your doll
Karan:I’ll attempt to keep an eye on.But this tears comes out routinely.
Naina:Really?Now the nice businessman Karan Kapoor will cry like nursery small children?What will others assume?

Karan:What do you imply?
NainaWhy don’t you already know that you simply’re referred to as probably the most hardest and roughest businessman in the entire global?
Naina:Of direction.From the place do you assume I evolved the primary impact of you being heartless and boastful?Of direction I heard the rumours.But as I began understanding you I got here to understand that how false all the ones rumours.Leave at the back of toughest you’re in fact the softest individual in the entire global in terms of your circle of relatives.And right here I’m status as your spouse.
Karan(holds her through waist and springs nearer):And do you repent that?
Naina(nods her head in no):Of direction now not.(hugs him tightly)I think the I’m the luckiest woman in the entire global as you’re my husband.
They hug each and every different.

Meanwhile Naina is getting in a position for her haldi.She is dressed in a yellow color saree and hand-made jewelry which she wore in her haldi.
Tanu:Wow sissy you’re taking a look simply superior.If Karthik may just see you na he would have fell in love with you all over the place once more.
Naira(blushes):Stop it Tanu.
Tanu:Okay baba k..Achcha pay attention now I and bhabhi are going to Karthik’s space for his haldi as there aren’t any feminine individuals there.After his haldi we’ll follow the similar haldi to you.Okay.So we’re leaving now and ya bhai is right here.You can communicate to him nonetheless we come again.
Just then Karan enters.
Tanu:See bhai additionally got here.Bhai you stick with Naira.I and bhabhi will depart.

Tanu and Naina reaches Malhotra Mansion.
Ishaan involves them.
Ishaan:Ladies we have been looking ahead to you most effective.Btw I h.ave one request.Before bhai Big B comes down I’ll inform you.
Tanu:Don’t assume we’ll can help you in any making plans towards Naira k.
Ishaan:Oh not unusual Tanu..Why you all the time assume like that about me?
Tanu:Do you assume I’ve to give an explanation for you Ishaan?
Ishaan:Achcha depart all this.My request is that I would like pass with you for making use of haldi to moti.
Tanu and Naina:Why?

Ishaan:Just like that.(they stare him)..Okay effective.See I will be able to’t meet her prior to the marriage proper.And until then I’ll now not have the ability to cross any feedback or struggle together with her and maximum of all its haldi.Its my biggest alternative to make her bandariya by way of smearing her face with haldi..Please perceive na..
Naina(smiles):Okay Ishaan.You can include us.Because I do know you each. Even Naira shall be satisfied.
Tanu:Ya even she used to be telling me additionally that if Ishaan used to be there my halo would were extra a laugh.But don’t assume thatbI’m for your aspect.
Ishaan:Of direction mer maa.You’re on Naira’s aspect handiest.Now shall we get started the haldi.See Big B and bhai additionally got here.
Karthik is dressed in the similar kurta he used to be dressed in in his haldi and he’s taking a look completely cute.

Karthik sits for haldi and everybody follow him haldi.Tanu and Ishaan takes haldi and smears his face with it.
Karthik:Arrey now prevent it guys its sufficient.
Tanu:Okay k Karthik..sorry I imply jiju..Now we’ll depart.Meanwhile you are making arrangements for coming together with your baraat and getting rid of your dulhania alright.
Karthik:As you assert bhabhi…(Guys Rishia and Tanu are already married and Tanu is staying in Kapoor Mansion as a result of Naira’s marriage)Then you’ll be able to additionally make a come again right here.
Ishaan:And I’ll depart this space and move away.(Everyone seems to be at him)Arrey in fact this two chudails and particularly that moti will probably be right here na.So that’s why…
Everyone in combination:Ishaannnnnn….
Then they depart from there with haldi for Naira and Ishaan.

They succeed in Kapoor Mansion and calls down Naira.
Naira comes down with Karan.Ishaan is status at the back of Naina and Tanu so Naira doesn’t see him in the beginning.Naira comes and sits for haldi.
Tanu:Btw Naira we’ve now not handiest introduced Karthik’s haldi for you..
Naina.There is another wonder.
They transfer and Ishaan comes and says:SURPISE….

Ishaan(involves her):Moti you were given wonder or surprise ha..
Naira:Of path surprise.Bhabhi Tanu why you introduced this African monkey in my haldi ha…
Ishaan:So that from partial yellow monkey I will be able to make you absolutely yellow monkey..
Naira(beats him):You got here right here to aggravate me or what fool?
Ishaan:What query is that this?Of path to aggravate you.
Naina:Okay k now prevent preventing.If you stay preventing like this I’ll ship Ishaan away.
They each get quiet and Naira’s haldi rite begins.
Everyone follow her haldi and Ishaan smears her face with haldi.
Naira:Ishaan ke bacche.She runs after him to overcome him..
Karan will get emotional seeing Naira.Naira sees him however he temporarily wipes off his tears.But Naira notices him and involves him.
Karan(appearing to grin):Ya doll..

She hugs him tightly.
Naira:Why are you appearing bro.I do know you’re unhappy.
Karan hugs her and will get teary eyed.
Karan:I’m satisfied for you doll.I do know Karthik loves you very a lot and everybody there’ll make excellent care of you.But the considered your leaving me..I will be able to’t care for it..
Naira:Bro in case you handiest say like this and the way will I have the ability to pass..
Ishaan:So whats the will?Stay right here na.I’ll vibe relieved.
Naira seems at him angrily.
Ishaan:Seriously.Bhai is able to develop into ghar jamai.And I’ll be very happy with it.

Naira:You and your bhai has the similar idea procedure na..
Ishaan:Right..Achcha on a major notice.Karan bhai you don’t have to fret.We all will care for her and on every occasion..I imply on every occasion you wish to have to satisfy moti you’ll be able to come.You don’t have to peer time additionally.And you moti you’re loose to head on every occasion you wish to have.Because each time you move it’s going to be merit for me most effective.And the remaining sentence used to be mine however the different that i stated is bhai’s pronouncing which he informed me to inform you.
Everyone smile.
Ishaan;Okay now I’ll take depart.I’ve..
Naira:Arrey don’t waste time in explaining.I’ll be very happy when you get misplaced once imaginable.

Ishaan:I’ll so long moti.
Saying this Ishaan is going.

In the night,Karthik will get in a position as a groom.(Like he’s taking a look within the serial.)Ishaan and Rishi tie the pagdi and provides him the stole.
They then depart with the baraat.Karthik reaches out of doors the marriage venue sitting on his white horse.While Ishaan and Rishi are dancing round him.Just then Tanu and Naina additionally enters and get started dancing with him.Karthik additionally will get down the pony and get started dancing with them.Then Naina does Karthik aarti and pulls his nostril as a part of the custom.
Karthik:Ouch bhabhi..slowly.
Naina:Arrey Karthik don’t you understand the extra purple your nostril turns into the extra darker is your color.

Karthik:If thats the case then(forwards his nostril)pull once more tightly please.
Everyone snort and Karthik enters and is sitted on the mandap.
Pandit begins chanting mantras then after every now and then he asks them to name Naira.
Tanu brings down Naira and she or he is dressed in the similar lehengas and jewelry she is dressed in in serial.
Karthik turns into awestruck seeing her.Naira seems to be at him.And he assists in keeping his hand on his center as he’ll have center assault simply now.
Naira comes and is sitted beside him.
Ishaan once more begins his observation.
Ishaan:Arrey moti really nice process ha really nice.You’re completely taking a look just like the chudail dulhan I noticed the day past on horror information.See I’m were given afraid seeing you..
Naira:And you’re taking a look just like the blood consuming dracula which everybody have heard in fairytales.
Before he can inform anything else extra the pandit seems to be dangerously at them as though he’ll talk another phrase the pandit will chant some mantras and switch him into ashes.Ishaan gulps in worry.Naira giggles seeing it.Ishaan will get away.
Karthik(whispers to Naira):You need to give me center assault or what by way of your killer appears?

Naira(blushes):Btw mendak is actually taking a look prince lately.
Karthik smiles.
Then pandit ji calls Naina and Karan for kanyadan.
Naina and Karan do Naira’s kanyadan and it’s obvious that Naira and Karan are particularly,very emotional.
Karthik sees this and guarantees Karan to all the time stay Naira satisfied and not depart her aspect in any state of affairs.
Then pandit ji name groom’s sister to do gatbandhan.But as Karthik has no sister Naina plays the ritual as she considers Karthik her brother and in addition in her marriage Karthik performed the position of her brother.

Then Naira and Karthik stand for pheras.All bathe plant life on them.In the primary 4 pheras Karthik walks first and within the ultimate 3 Naira walks first.The cling palms and take pheras.And ties their soul with the guarantees with each and every pheras.After pheras are over.Karthik feels Naira’s hairline with sindoor and embellishes her neck with mangalsutra.
The priest then proclaims them as husband and spouse.Karthik and Naira smile taking a look at each and every different and everybody else smiles taking a look at them.The episode ends on their smiling faces.

Recap:Naira’s bidai,publish marriage rituals and probably the most awaited wedding ceremony night time.

Note:Just another bankruptcy to head then there might be Naira’s being pregnant monitor which can transparent the confusion relating to Tanu’s dying and Karan blaming Naira.So keep tuned guys.

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