Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th February 2017 Written Update Episode

The Episode begins with Baisa praying to Hanuman. She sees Dadi with facemask and shouts ghost. Everyone come and ask Baisa what came about. Baisa indicators to Dadi. They all see Dadi. Dadi says did you now not see any person with facepack. Baisa says I’ve noticed, however on this age. Dadi says my face will have to glow, its Kartik’s marriage. Baisa says I might have were given center assault. Mishti says I informed this to Lav and Kush to scare them, Dadi is taking a look like Naira appeared in tilak rasam. Baisa says I m now not mendacity, I noticed a spirit, ask Akhilesh. Dadi asks Akhilesh used to be there anyone. He says no, don’t know whom did she see. Surekha says perhaps some group of workers member. Dadi says sleep now, its marriage the next day. She sees Naira.

Its morning, Naira and Kartik get up. They say its marriage lately. Naira dances

fortunately and says its my marriage lately. Kartik additionally dances fortuitously. Goenkas glance on. Manish and everybody giggle. Naira dances round. Singhanias additionally snigger seeing her happiness. Kartik dances with Lav and Kush, and collides with Manish. Naira dances with Naitik and says its my marriage these days. Naitik blesses her. He says I’ve many combined emotions, I’ve happiness and tears too, there’s pleasure and fears too, I m considering why did nowadays come so quickly. Naksh says we made up our minds to not cry lately. Naira says I m scared, you all are considering for yourselves, I m apprehensive if I will be able to regulate in new circle of relatives, there’s burden on center. Naksh says sure, there’s a lot burden of knickknack too. They smile. Naira says we get satisfied in each and every different’s happiness. She hugs Naitik.

Naksh dances with Naira. Aditya comes there and says don’t do any paintings, simply sing and dance. Kirti comes there. Naksh asks is the entirety wonderful. Aditya says what preparations did you do, there is not any scorching water, Kirti needs to mention its our haveli, however it used to be Naksh’s duty to provide rooms, they’re taking revenge, do we simply see the drama, you took tub by way of chilly water, now you are going to fall in poor health, did we come to fall in poor health. She says no. He holds her hand and forestalls her.

Naira says nobody grievance, why simply you. Aditya says perhaps none has issues, Naksh gave me such room deliberately. Naira defends Naksh and asks him to determine drawback. She asks Aditya to not make this a large factor. Aditya says don’t inform me what to do. Naksh says you’ll be able to’t communicate to Naira like this. Aditya misbehaves with them and leaves with Kirti. Naksh will get indignant. Baisa says he’s Goenkas’ son in regulation, he’s going to whinge to Dadi and she is going to hassle us. Naira will get indignant. Gayu stops her.

Kartik holds dhoti and springs. Everyone snicker. Dadi asks him to watch out. Pandit says groom’s oldsters can take a seat. Manish indicators Akhilesh. Akhilesh and Surekha take a seat. Pandit chants mantras. Kartik talks to pandit. Dadi asks him to not disturb pandit. Naira thinks of Aditya’s phrases. Gayu says now fail to remember it, don’t make your temper off, feel free. Naira says I m satisfied, I will be able to now not damage my happiness for unnecessary guy, he’s peculiar. Gayu says some individuals are such, depart it, your floral jewellery didn’t come until now. She asks Naksh to name him once more.

Naksh says I m now not in a position to do anything else effective, I m sorry Naira, I m needless. Naira says chill out. He says Aditya used to be proper, I m now not in a position to try this. She says sufficient now, you’re managing the whole thing on my own, I m positive geyser will have to close seeing Aditya. Gayu says we all know you smartly. Naira says you’ll be able to’t do anything else incorrect for me and circle of relatives, mumma used to mention, why small errors occur in marriage, in order that it turns into memorable and grand. Naksh thank you her and hugs. Gayu and Mishti funny story and hug them.

Bhabhimaa and elders additionally comic story, and hug youngsters. Karishma says I’ve a greater concept than floral jewellery. Kartik sees Mansi and indicators. Mansi indicators not anything. He thinks of her phrases. He sees Akhilesh. Aditya comes and coughs. Dadi asks the place have been you. Aditya complains about geyser now not running, once I informed Naksh, all of them scolded me. Manish will get indignant. Suwarna stops him. Manish says we would possibly harm Aditya whilst please Singhanias, watch out Suwarna. Naira will get in a position. Baisa says this jewellery is extra stunning Rajshri says see those jewellery, its suiting so much. Naira thank you Karishma. She says one imp factor is left. Devyaani provides her a bangle. Naira kisses it and wears. They all get tearful eyes. Naira says mumma’s signal can also be with me all the time.

Kartik says I didn’t know all this needs to be completed in marriage, else… Surekha asks what, gained’t you marry. He says no, I might have completed courtroom marriage. Akhilesh jokes. Devyaani says all rituals will occur, then Naira will pass her space. Gayu says we made up our minds to not get senti. Karishma says nobody will cry. Naksh pacifies Naitik. Naitik says I m making an attempt. Naksh asks him to give an explanation for center. Naitik says how did you get robust. I do know what Naira method to you, are you now not scared that she is leaving. Naksh says sure, I am getting disappointed, but if I bring to mind her happiness, I am getting a grin, that turns into my power. Naitik asks Akshara to peer how their youngsters was smart. Naksh says see mumma, your husband is arbitrary, he cares for Naira and now not me.

Naitik says no want to display your worth, you’re valuable. Naksh asks him to return, there’s a lot paintings. Naira says its my marriage, I want time to get in a position. They all ask her to return for haldi. Kartik does the ritual as pandit says. He takes Bhiksha from everybody. They snicker and tease him. Kartik collects many presents within the fabric. He sees Manish and Suwarna. Pandit says this puja will get whole, now take elder’s blessings. Kartik takes Dadi and Akhilesh’s blessing. Lav and Kush run and fall. Kartik will get a push and falls in Manish’s ft. Kartik’s hand touches his ft. Suwarna fortuitously cries.

Aditya scolds Kirti. Naira sees them and is going. Kartik seems on. Naira says sufficient, come we need to inform his fact. Naira sees somebody.


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