Woh Apna Sa 8th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Zee TV Woh Apna Sa 8th March 2017 Written Update Episode

Scene 1
Adi says to Nisha you despatched her from right here since you idea you’ll be uncovered. that day too while you have been eating out she stored baba. Nisha says I will be able to inform everybody so I would like you to stick with me. We used to organize for pooja at first. One remaining time. Adi says it ends right here. I’m positive you’re transparent your dramas gained’t paintings anymore. You have best 24 hours. After that I gained’t tolerate you close to my circle of relatives. She says you’re hurting me. I actually love you. I will be able to fortify you within the divorce. Your circle of relatives will die although,. she giggles and says all of the easiest. Seriously, keep. He leaves. Nisha says do no matter you wish to have however I will be able to come to a decision what occurs these days.

Adi is in workplace. His workers temporary him. Adi says you’re proper. that is just right for our corporate. But this corporate has conventional

values. We need to reconsider. He recollects Jhanvi appearing him areas. She stated the CEO is like head of the circle of relatives. He intercoms Jhanvi.
Jhanvi is available in. Adi says have a seat. Jhanvi says how is uncle? Adi says he’s just right because of you. I wished a prefer. We are designing an advert marketing campaign we’d like your concepts. She says however I by no means made a film sooner than. I simply watch them even though. He says I think like you realize the values of this corporate. You did our interiors with center in the similar method take into consideration the advert. She says sure I will be able to check out. He says like circle of relatives values topic to you and in an effort to me and this corporate. He explains her the whole thing. Jhanvi says are we able to take a tea damage? He says its somewhat past due. We will talk about extra day after today. She says yeah I feel its past due. She is set to go away. The lighting fixtures flip off. She says what came about to the lighting fixtures. Jhanvi says let me test. She hits her foot on one thing. Adi comes and says are you k? She says I’m fantastic. Adi says I will be able to see you off to the gate. Adi and Jhanvi stroll out. She collides him. He says loosen up stroll slowly.
The door doesn’t open. Adi says this door is digital. She says will it keep closed until the electrical energy is again. Adi calls technician. He says what you imply? No don’t take that lengthy. Adi says he stated its a brief circuit in construction. Government technicians will test them. Jhanvi says until then we will be able to keep there? He says You have any tremendous powers? Call your circle of relatives and tell them.
Jhanvi calls survi and tells her she is locked within the administrative center. She says adi sir is right here. Survi says how romantic. Jhanvi says close up. Survi says you will have a laugh. I will be able to care for mama. Jahnvi collides with a desk and falls down. HE says watch out please. adi extends his hand. He extends a material. Jhanvi holds the material and stands up. The track raabta performs in background. He walks. Jhanvi follows him keeping the material piece.

Scene 2
The youngsters are enjoying in the home with baba. Baba runs after them. He holds his center and says what used to be I doing? Neha says you have been enjoying with the youngsters. Baba involves youngsters’ room The youngsters say in finding us dada. He unearths either one of them. They are enjoying. Pini throws a ball and it hits TV. The Tv is set to fall. Baba tries to carry it. A paper falls in his hand. He reads them. They are the divorce papers. He recollects he heard Nisha speaking about divorce and threatened him to not inform any person.

Jhanvi is crying. Adi says I’m sorry. Was I impolite? She says It’s not that i am crying. I’m allergic to candles. I don’t cry a lot. She performs with the shadow of her hand. Adi appears at her. Jhanvi will get awkward. He says in case you are hungry move to pantry. she says of sure I’m so hungry. She is going out and hits her foot once more. He says watch out. He extends the piece of fabric once more. Jahnvi says why didn’ I am getting this concept.
She says why is the entirety locked? AS if somebody would come at night time to scouse borrow.

Nisha involves the room. Baba sa cover. When she leaves he comes out. nisha pats on his again. He is scared.

Precap-Jhanvi says regardless of how a lot darkness there’s. Hope shall all the time be alive. He blows the candle and says now you spot harsh fact? You can’t persuade me that we will be able to are living with darkness in our lives.
Jhanvi says if I settle for your problem you’ll additionally settle for my problem and if I win you’ll have to do what I say.

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