Woh Apna Sa 22nd February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Woh Apna Sa 22nd February 2017 Written Update Episode

Scene 1
Nisha pulls her oldsters and throws them out of space, she smirks at them. Nisha’s mom says pay attention to me, Nisha asks inspector to go away, he leaves. Nisha closes door on her oldsters’ face. She takes Kaka’s turban from flooring, media is staring at her. Nisha sits on Marwari group’s ft and says i’m sorry for the entirety, dont clutch the dignity which kaka merits, he’s easiest for this publish, i ask for forgiveness on my oldsters’ behalf, Kaka is natural guy. Head of society says that we’ve got noticed folks however by no means noticed a daughter in regulation who driven her oldsters away for her inlaws, you’re a actually great woman. Head says to kaka that i’m sorry to misconceive you, shall we get started rite once more and honor you.
Ceremony begins, head makes Kaka put on turban, they honor him and

make him head. Nisha smirks at Adi, Adi glares at her.
Jhanvi is in Adi’s administrative center. she provides meals for peon to consume.
Nisha says sorry to Kaka, kaka says what you probably did for me made me proud, you don’t seem to be my daughter in regulation however my daughter, he takes to the air his turban and says you deserve this turban for saving mine and my space’s recognize, he provides her turban. Nisha says i dont want all this, i simply need to be your daughter, Nisha touches Kaka’s ft, Adi leaves. Nisha thinks that Adi made up our minds to divorce me as a result of his circle of relatives however now his circle of relatives is beneath my favors and cant pass towards me.
Jhanvi says to peon that we’re one staff, peon says Adi sir can scold us, Jhanvi says dont fear, i wont cheat you, my mother says to by no means cheat other folks.
Nisha says to her daughters did they prefer are living film? they says it used to be a laugh, Nisha says now fall asleep.
Nisha is available in room and asks Adi why he’s sitting in darkness? Adi involves her and says inspector got here at proper time, proper when rite used to be about to start out, how come? Nisha says you assume i did all that? i do know i’ve achieved many stuff but if i noticed kaka and kaki in clinic, i noticed how a lot i used to be hurting them, i dont need to harm them, if i sought after to harm them then why would i harm my oldsters? why would i throw them out of space? Adi grabs her and says i do know you smartly, i’m your husband, dont do that appearing of beign loving and being concerned, the way you modified so all at once? kaka and kaki used to like you previous too and also you stated even pets love other folks, what came about now? Nisha says relax, why you’re shouting? kaka and kaki would possibly listen. Adi says you sought after me to develop into guy and communicate to them? shall we communicate loudly now. Nisha says i’m geniunely sorry for the entirety, i feel sorry about my errors, if i used to be at the back of all this then why would i’m going towards my oldsters? Adi says if i am getting to understand that you’re at the back of the entirety that came about these days then you’ll remorseful about it. Nisha says dont be indignant, shall we consume meals, Adi jerks her away and leaves. Nisha says dont consume then.

Scene 2
Jhanvi is leaving place of business. She begins her scooty and isn’t taking a look ahead, she moves with automotive. She shouts that you simply cant see scooty coming? you’re motive force and dont know the way to pressure, if it used to be woman riding automotive then other folks would blame her. She knocks on window, Adi rolls window down, Jhanvi says sir you striked with my scooty? Adi says i’m sorry, are you k? she says i’m completely effective. Jhanvi tries to start out her scooty nevertheless it doesnt get started, adi asks its now not running? Jhanvi says dont fear, it is going to get started. Adi says i feel your scooty brokedown, park it, name mechanic day after today, i will be able to drop you, its past due and now not protected. Jhanvi sits in Adi’s automotive, they depart. Jhanvi seems at Adi and thinks that sir wont be capable of forget about me, that is proper time to remind him of his previous. Jhanvi recollects how Adi used to play guitar. She begins making a song raabta track and asks Adi he recalls lyrics? i dont bring it to mind. Adi glares at her however doesnt anwer. Jhanvi begins radio and raabta is enjoying, Jhanvi says that is my favourite track. Adi recollects flashback, it presentations Adi enjoying and making a song raabta track for Nisha at pav bhaji stall, Nisha is disgusted with position and is ignoring Adi, she throws pav away adn says you’re just right singer however this position is reasonable, mosquitoes are biting me, if you wish to take me to dates then take me 5 superstar inns however now like those puts, i’m leaving, flashback ends. Adi stops radio and says i hate track. Jhanvi says however you and track.. i imply boys like guitars and tools in school days, did you by no means adore it? Adi doesnt solution her. Jhanvi sees pav bhaji stall and asks Adi to prevent, he asks what came about? she says i’m hungry and that i need to consume pav bhaji, he says now? Jhanvi says i’m hungry. Jhanvi comes out of vehicle and orders from stall. She asks Adi to return out of vehicle, its great climate, Adi says i’m nice inside of. Jhanvi thinks that i’ve to convey him out of vehicle however how? Jhanvi will get pav bhaji plates. Jhanvi sits in automotive and says it didnt appear great that i’m consuming best so one plate is for you. Adi says no i’m wonderful, Jhanvi says simply grasp plate. Adi does. Jhanvi says i all the time throw pav bhaji on my get dressed, Adi seems at his automotive seat and says why dont you consume out of doors of vehicle? its great climate, Jhanvi says it wont glance just right that i consume on my own out of doors, Adi says no drawback, i will be able to pop out with you, Jhanvi says best. Adi and Jhanvi comes out of vehicle.


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