Woh Apna Sa 17th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Woh Apna Sa 17th February 2017 Written Update Episode

Scene 1
Adi asks Survi what you probably did on remaining sunday? Survi says thief stole my mom’s handbag however Jhanvi went to police station and confident that thief were given stuck, Adi recollects how Kaka stated that some woman gave kaki drugs. Jhanvi smiles at Survi and says pass house now, Adi asks Survi when i will be able to come to your home? she says you’ll be able to come at any time, he says i will be able to come for few minutes, she says k and leaves. Jhanvi says to Adi that you simply dont have to return in case you dont need, Adi says i need to come, he smiles at depart, Jhanvi says once in a while he’s indignant guy and every now and then so candy, he’s bizarre.
Kaki presentations gold necklace to Nisha and says i made it for my youngsters however you’re like my daughter so i would like you to take it, Nisha says i dont want a lot of these worldly issues, i dont need any diamonds,

i simply want your blessings and love, Kaki says i do know i’m in protected arms, you are going to all the time care for me, i simply need you to stay it, Nisha says you’re cussed, k i will be able to stay it, she takes necklace however assists in keeping it in Kaki’s locker most effective, and hugs Kaki however rolls her eyes, Kaki smiles and leaves. Nisha’s mother comes there and says why didnt you settle for present? Nisha says its value is not anything infront of this circle of relatives’s wealth, they have got crores of assets and i would like that, those small necklaces are not anything, Adi sought after to throw me out of space however i will be able to make him outsider in his space, i will be able to display him what i will be able to do.
Survi asks Jhanvi why Adi didnt come until now? Jhanvi says we invited him for tea however we wont stay up for him, its his loss that he didnt come, simply prevent ready. She turns and sees Adi status on door, she will get embarrassed and says i will be able to pass to test tea, she leaves. Adi is available in space and greets her circle of relatives. Jhanvi comes there, Jhanvi says to him that you simply got here right here first time so i introduced you present, she presentations him Ganpati idol, Adi says i introduced present too, he presentations Ganpati idol he introduced, Survi says you each have identical selection, superior starting, Adi says sorry what? Maa says she method to mention you might have come right here for first and now relation will develop more potent most effective, Jhanvi stares her, Maa asks the place do you are living? he tells some posh space. Mother provides him tea however he says i drink black espresso, she says i will be able to make it, she is going. Survi and Jhanvi sits with him. Maa brings black espresso for Adi. Adi beverages it and places cup down beside Jhanvi’s tea’s cup, he lifts cup once more however mistakenly takes Jhanvi’s cup and is set to drink however Jhanvi says its mine, he says sorry, he’s about to place cup down however tea falls from his hand. Maa says i will be able to make some other. Maa is available in kitchen and begins making some other espresso for Adi however she mistakenly pours scorching water on her hand, she screams. Jhanvi and Survi runs to her aspect, They convey ice pack, they each take a seat together with her and practice ointment on her hand, they bicker about being careless, they blame each and every different for being careless and bicker like candy circle of relatives, Adi sees all this and recollects how Nisha stated that she hates his circle of relatives, she needs them to go away, how she challenged him to take hold of the entirety. Adi sees Jhanvi’s circle of relatives and thinks that circle of relatives approach love and care however for Nisha circle of relatives is not anything. Jhanvi sees him taking a look unhappy and gloomy, Adi appears away. Survi says to Adi that Jhanvi’s previous boss used to be now not just right however you’re just right and lovable too. Adi says i will have to depart now, Maa says stay coming, he says sure. Jhanvi is going to peer him off, Adi says thanks, he thinks i need to say thanks for saving my mom’s lifestyles however thats now not imaginable, he stares her and leaves. Maa says man is just right however very reserved, Survi says he’s uptight however adorable, Maa says sure very lovable.
Its night time, Survi involves Jhanvi and asks what are you considering? Jhanvi says bear in mind i informed you about folks part satisfied in lifestyles.
Otherside Adi is on street and thinks that want Nisha used to be circle of relatives woman and didnt attempt to break lives.
Jhanvi says to Survi that i need to lend a hand any person however i dont need them to understand that i helped them, Survi says why complicate issues? Jhanvi says i’m speaking about Adi, Jhanvi says to Survi that there’s something extraordinarily mistaken with him, he’s continuously in tension like one thing is shaken inside of him and he needs to mend it, i think like he needs to reduce burden and are living lifestyles once more and i’m going to lend a hand him with that needless to say, i do know he isn’t that dangerous, everybody merits to feel free and he has that proper too and i will be able to lend a hand him in that, Survi smiles.

Scene 2
Its morning, Adi involves Kaki and sees her surroundings breakfast desk. Adi says i knew you could be running, he begins checking her BP and thinks that her BP is top, i cant tension her with divorce communicate. Adi says to Kaki that dont do any paintings, you must take relaxation, when i’m going to place of business, i will be able to ask Chinni and Binni to tell me about it. Neha says if Kaki doesnt pay attention to us then we will be able to name you, Adi says sure deal with her. Kaka comes and asks the place is Nisha? Nisha comes there with song band, band performs track. Adi seems on perplexed, Nisha presentations gold turban, Neha asks what is that this? Nisha says that is honorly image of our society and they have got selected Kaka this time, Raj says Kaka doesnt participate in a majority of these actions, he doesnt like awards and all that, who despatched his identify? Nisha says i despatched his identify, he merits it, its his spot so i despatched his identify for head of Marwari society and all executives agreed, i purchased this turban, this night executives will come to honor you, Kaki says Kaka by no means took praise of his deeds however we’ve got were given such great daughter in regulation who cares about her honor, Nisha says Kaka merits it and if youngsters won’t ensure his happiness then who will? proper Adi? Adi seems to be on
Nisha calls inspector and says are you positive that every one formalities and bureaucracy relating to my home violence case used to be completed? inspector says i feel all used to be completed, Nisha says are you positive one thing used to be now not last?

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