Woh Apna Sa 15th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Woh Apna Sa 15th February 2017 Written Update Episode

Scene 1
Jhanvi says to Adi that my circle of relatives is maximum essential to me, you’ll be able to assume anything else however i would go away place of business for my circle of relatives, Adi thinks she is true and ends name.
Nisha says to her mother that Adi needs to divorce me, her Maa says that i havent even were given any gold, Nisha says he’s idiot to take into accounts divorce, we’re sure for nect sevene lives, Adi is mine, i’ve been doing drama of excellent daughter in regulation for 7years, i will be able to make favors on his members of the family, i will be able to debt them such a lot with my favors that nobody will pay attention to him and Adi will sooner or later consider me, Maa says Adi is aware of you smartly, he wont get in lure, Nisha says i will be able to lure him in my shrewd lure, i will be able to confuse him such a lot that he wouldnt know what to do.
Maa says to Jhanvi that Survi isn’t in house, they seek for

her, Jhanvi calls her good friend however Survi isn’t there too, Jhanvi says she didnt take her telephone too, the place is she?
Adi comes house, guard says all are looking ahead to you. Adi thinks what Nisha did this time? Adi is available in house to peer all members of the family seeing previous movies of circle of relatives collecting, Binni says to Nisha that you’re nice to devise circle of relatives film. Adi says to Kaka thatt i need to communicate to you, Chinni says papa come, Mama has performed circle of relatives film. Adi sits with circle of relatives and sees his early life movies play, Chinni says you have been naughty papa. Kaka asks Adi what he sought after to mention? Adi says we will be able to communicate later, Adi thinks that every one are so satisfied however i do know Nisha is faking it, i want she may just lead them to satisfied for actual, i’ve to inform Kaka about divorce quickly however how? he leaves from there, Nisha seems on.
Survi is strolling on my own on street at night time, she recollects how she pissed her pants in school, she recollects how she used to piss her pants in formative years and youngsters used to bully her in class too. Otherside Jhanvi is looking for her, she thinks to visit police station. Survi is strolling on street, Adi’s automotive comes infront of her. One guy from different automotive says to Survi that do you wish to have to die that you’re strolling on street. Adi sees her and recollects how he noticed Survi with Jhanvi at her space, he thinks that she is Jhanvi’s sister, he sees her damaged state.
Jhanvi comes house and says to Maa that shall we pass rapid to police station. Bell rings, Jhanvi opens door and unearths Survi status there, she hugs Survi and scolds her that the place did you move? you don’t have any sense, she cries and stay hugging her. Adi sees this status on door, Jhanvi breaks hug and sees Adi there, she is stunned. Maa comes there and hugs Survi too, maa says why did you allow? you didnt take into accounts us? Jhanvi weeps and thank you Adi, he says its k, he appears at their loving circle of relatives in festination, Survi is going to her room. Adi says i noticed her strolling on street and its now not protected presently so i introduced her house. Maa says i didnt know what would occur in the event you didnt deliver her again, thanks such a lot, please come inside of. Adi comes and sits on settee, he seems to be at Jhanvi however she doesnt say anything else. Maa provides him water and says i will be able to make tea for you, Adi says little need for formality, your daughter needs you, simply care for her, i’m leaving. Adi comes out in their space and thinks that they have got such a lot love and fear for each and every different like they are going to prevent respiring with out each and every different, want Nisha used to be like this.
Maa says to Jhanvi that your sir is so great guy, i pray that he all the time stay satisfied, he did an excellent deed. Jhanvi sees Adi’s telephone on desk and says he forgot his telephone, he may well be out of doors space. Jhanvi brings his telephone out of doors space and sees Adi unfortunately status there taking a look into area, Adi wipes his tears and snifles, Jhanvi sees him silently crying and appears on.
Maa presentations formative years footage to Survi, she says youngsters develop up so rapid, you was afraid of jokers too however later you took elegance of him. Jhanvi comes there. Maa says it confirmed you oevercame your worry, worry makes you vulnerable, lately too you must win over your worry, when you win over it then it’s going to by no means trouble you. Survi says it used to be joker handiest however that is actual lifestyles, folks snicker and comic story on me, their bullying eyes, how am i able to deal with it? let me sleep. Jhanvi sees this and thinks that i wont let my sister and mom to cry, lifestyles teaches you to struggle the whole thing and i will be able to struggle for my circle of relatives.
Adi is available in room and sees Nisha telling tale of fruit proper similar lto Ganesh lord to their daughters. Adi sees Nisha entertaining her daughters, Nisha sees him status at the back of door however acts like she didnt see him. Nisha continues to inform tale to youngsters and the way ethical of tale used to be that youngsters global revolves round their oldsters, Chinni says it method you and papa are mine and our global, Nisha says sure like Kaka and Kaki are our worlds. Adi thinks that Nisha giving just right advices to youngsters? what’s she looking to do? Nisha asks youngsters to visit mattress, she tucks them in mattress and involves door, she says to Adi that permit them sleep, she closes at the back of and says i do know you’re highest father however i’m their mom too and it’s not that i am as dangerous as you assume, shall we have dinner in combination, Adi says it’s not that i am hungry, Nisha says i perceive you will have to have paintings load in workplace, you will have to take relaxation, Adi leaves, Nisha that Adi shall we see what i will be able to do the next day.

Scene 2
Its morning, Nisha is available in corridor of space and appears round, she doesnt see somebody there, Nisha is available in kitchen. Nisha cuts electrical energy cord of blender in kitchen, places it in electrical energy socket and leaves are living cord on slab, she pours water on are living cord so present will float and whoever will put flip button of socket gets present surprise. Kaki is available in kitchen, Nisha hides at the back of refrigerator and sees how Kaki is set to modify on socket which is operating with present, she says recreation is on, come on Kaki simply flip it on.

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